Sunday, March 30, 2014

Accessories Haul From FOREVER 21 (Again!)

Hi lovelies!

As you all know by now, I'm currently in an accessories-buying-spree ever since i lost almost all of my favourite jewelries. I know, the tragedy right! I can't believe all my nice pretty earrings are all gone. You can read about the misfortunate event here. Today, i shall not dwell in the past. I went to Forever 21 sometime around last week and i got me some jewelry. I bought a bracelet, a necklace and many earrings. 

The first accessory is a peach coloured, flower shaped pendant with a simple gold chain. The chain is relatively thin. There is a huge stone on the middle of the flower. I really like this necklace because it so peachy and it's the kind of necklace that i would wear. Besides that, it kinda looks pink sometimes which is good as i have a lot of pinks and peach coloured clothing. I can actually wear it with my new Forever 21 dresses too. Hehe. This necklace was very cheap. It was retailed at RM 9 only! Such a steal! That's why i love Forever 21 jewelries. They are so cheap and yet, they look amazing.

The second jewelry that i got is the mint green earrings. Lately, i realized that I'm into the colour mint green. I think it's the in colour right now. I don't know for sure if it is. But to me, it totally is! Plus, this colour looks gorgeous on everybody. So it's like a win-win situation with everyone. This earrings are to die for. It's soooo pretty. I just love earrings like this. It's a dangling earring but it's not the annoying hook-kind of earrings. I'm not sure if you know what i meant. But it's not like those bohemian looking dangling earrings. I like classy looking earrings like this. This is the most expensive earrings out of all the accessories that i got that day as it was retailed at RM 25. I don't mind one bit though. 

The next purchase is my LOVE bracelet. This is one of my favourite items out of all the accessories that i got. I wear it almost everyday coz it looks so cute on my wrist. I'm a kind of person that don't wear a watch (only because i still haven't gotten my Micheal Kors Blair watch YET. Or else, I'll be wearing it everyday). So my wrist usually looks bare. But with this delicate looking bracelet, my wrist looks nice and dainty. And who doesn't want to look all dainty and ladylike? :) This bracelet was retailed at RM 9. Again, Forever 21 you are amazeballs! I love you. Thank you for making awesome looking jewelries that are cheap. Seriously you guys, stop shopping at Diva and get your ass in your nearest Forever 21 store.

The next earrings that i got looks similar to another black earrings that i used to have. But obviously i lost it. The previous ones were much smaller and it certainly looked better. But these are the only ones which looked smiliar to the ones that i lost that's why i got them. It's kinda huge. So my ears does hurt after wearing them for more than 8 hours. I do wear these earrings to work as it does look classy. Except it is heavy. So definitely it is not the kind of earrings that i'll be wearing on a daily basis. I'm more of a studs girl anyways. These earrings were retailed at RM 10. Again, that's super cheap! Argh, I love Forever 21 :)

Last but not least, the pearl studs that i got. It came in 4 pairs. The first one is just the classic white pearls. The second one is a gorgeous pale pink pearls. I love this one the best! Pink pearls are just so pretty and feminine! The next one is a soft green pearls and another bronze-coloured pearls. These 2 studs are really unique! I've never seen pearls in this colours before. Especially the soft green. Since i'm more of a stud-wearer, i'm sure i'll get more use out of these studs than any of the dangling earrings that i've bought. Plus these were retailed at only RM 9. STEAL! :D

So that's all that i got from Forever 21 the other day. I did get 2 other floral dresses too. The Style Files for that will be up soon. I haven't done that in ages. Most probably I'll post that on April coz tomorrow i have plans. I'll be doing some shopping at Ikea. My house is under renovation right now. I need to get some makeup organizers to organize my numerous makeup products.

Lots of love, beauties! :)



  1. I read about your accessories, gosh cant imagine how it would feel to loose all of mine :(

    But positive thinking, now you have a good reason to shop!

    BTW, H&M is a good place to look out for cheap accessories too, when they have sales, you can get accessories for RM5 each !

    1. I know. It was such a tragedy! But yeah. There is nothing i can do now but to shop for more accessories! hehe. Yes, i do get some accessories from H&M. They are alright :)

  2. wow lovely stuffs u got for urself! I loved all!!!! :)

  3. Love the pastel mint's earrings! Such a sweet color! <3

    1. I know, right? It's one of my favourite earrings right now :)

  4. wow nice accessories !