Saturday, March 22, 2014

Daiso Haul (Cheap Beauty Stuff You Can Get For ONLY RM 5!)

Hey ya'll!!

Today's post is going to be a little bit different compared to my usual makeup/fashion related posts. I wanna talk about a recent store that i'm recently lovin'. It's a cheap Japanese cash & carry store called Daiso. Basically, everything in that store is RM 5. Isn't that awesome? I have many friends that love this store. So far, all the things that I've gotten are of reasonably good quality. These are the few stuff that i picked up from Daiso. 

First, I got a pair of fluffy, rainbow-coloured socks. It's by far, the most comfortable socks on planet earth! It's fluffy, it keeps me warm at night, and it also looks cute! Hey, a girl can always make do with a cute socks. I also got another pair of fluffy ankle socks just to wear at home whenever the house is a lil messy and i don't want me feet to get dirty. I'll usually use this ankle sock when my maid is busy and couldn't make it this week to clean my house. Below are the pictures of the rainbow coloured fluffy socks and the ankle socks. Both socks are comfortable and seem to be in good condition even after using it multiple times.

My second purchase is fake eyelashes. Okay, this product is only 50% good because the fake lashes are gorgeous. However, the tiny glue tube that it comes with totally sucks big time. The glue is usually too dry to be used. Hence, do not rely on the given glue to stick your fake lashes. It's not going to stick. Always invest in your own eyelash glue. So far, the best eyelash glue that I've ever tried (not that I've tried any other glue though) is the DUO eyelash glue (and nope, it's not from Daiso). I got my DUO glue from a beauty supply shop in Malacca and it only cost me RM 15 for a small tube. Back to the Daiso fake lashes, I really like it because for the price that i'm paying, the eyelashes actually looks very nice and natural. So yeah. I like it :)

Next is a decorative plastic cup. This cup looks like it's made from glass but it's not. Haha. it's actually plastic but it looks really pretty and expensive. So i got it. I use to store the accessories that i use for work. I keep the earrings, necklaces, bracelet and my lucky rings there. Basically, all the jewelries that i wear only a daily basis. The cup is quite big. So it's very convenient for me to reach out for my favourite jewelries compared to when I keep it in a jewelry box. I keep the rest of my jewelries in a box with small compartments.

I also got some hair necessities such as bobbi pins and hair clips. To me, this kind of hair accessories need not be fancy or expensive. I mean, all bobbi pins are gonna look alike. The ones that cost RM 20 is still gonna look similar to those that cost RM 5. So i might as well the RM 5 ones and save the rest of my RM 15 for something else. I got a few standard black clips. 10 Clips to be exact. That means 5 pairs. This is mainly for those days when my fringe doesn't want to cooperate with me. We all have had those days when your fringe just looks off, right? Or is that just me? LOL.

Believe it or not, I also bought a loofah from Daiso. I've used it a few times now. So far, it has been good. It feels soft against my skin. It's still intact (aka it's not tearing off etc). There are plenty of colours for you to choose from. I don't really see any difference between the loofah in The Body Shop and the one that i got from Daiso. Obviously, the Body Shop loofah is just slightly thicker and fuller than the Daiso one. But that doesn't bother me as i'm okay with it's size and fluff-ness! Haha. Is that even a word?

My final purchase is comfy house slippers. Since my KL house is no under renovation, the whole house is so dusty and the floors are covered the dust and some particles. So I bought these really comfortable house slippers so wear so that my feet stays clean and nice! I can't stand it whenever my feet is dirty. I always like my feet to be clean because I always like to randomly hop onto my bed to read a novel or paint my nails. I can't do that if my feet is dirty. I'm too much of a germaphobe to ever put dirty, dusty feet on my precious bed. The Daiso house slippers keeps my feet nice and clean. And plus it's only RM 5, you guys! It's cheap and CUTE!

Anyways, that's all that i got from the Japanese store, Daiso. It's a really good store to get your random beauty products! Of course i'm not telling you to start using Daiso facial wash or skincare. Coz your skincare products should always be of high quality. You must never compromise when it comes to your skin. But other random things like house slippers and loofah may not necessarily be so expensive because it's the same. Wearing cheap house slippers is the same as wearing an expensive slippers. It's on your feet. It doesn't make a big difference.

Then again, it's your own preference. Till the next post then! :)

I love you all <3



  1. Cool stuffs! Love those ankle fluffy socks! :)

    1. Me too! It's so cute and comfy :)

  2. I was just about to do a review/haul of Daiso myself, lol ! I agree, Daiso is great, everything is cheap, and the quality of the products is quite good as well :) I really need to thank my other half for introducing me to the magic of Daiso!
    Those lashes actually look pretty good btw!

    1. For real? What did you get from Daiso? I know, Daiso has a lot of good stuff! And yes, the lashes are pretty. I wanna get some scented candles from Daiso next! hehe :D

  3. Those are such cozy socks!!! =) I love them!

    1. It is :) Super comfy to wear at night when your room is freezing cold!