Friday, March 7, 2014

MAC Please Me Lipstick Review

Hey girls!

Today's post will be on one of my oldest lipsticks ever. Some of you will probably know that during my university days, I pretty much had only 3 lipsticks. Those lipsticks are MAC Siss, MAC Freckletone (but then it finished so i replaced it with MAC Siss), a red lipstick from Bloom Cosmetics which is called Bella and finally my MAC Please Me lipstick Technically, that's like 4 lipsticks. But when i had ran out of MAC Freckletone, i didn't want to buy it again. Instead i bought MAC Siss which is way more amazing than MAC Freckletone. MAC Freckletone is too sheer for my liking!

The point is, I pretty much just used MAC Siss throughout my university days. And on the days where i wanted that 'sweet, girly, feminine pinky lips look', MAC Please Me will be my choice. MAC Please Me is a gorgeous dusty warm pale pink. I like the fact that MAC Please Me has warm undertones. This means that it will look pretty on people with warm undertones too. So girls that are tanned will also be able to pull off this lipstick nicely. Most pale pink lipsticks are cool tone. So MAC Please Me is my holy grail when it comes to pale pink lipsticks for tanned girls.

MAC Please Me has a matte finish. It has a slightly more drier texture compared to other MAC lipsticks. But it's still not as drying as the retro matte finish. And this lipstick does not dry your lips too much. If you're still confused about the types of MAC Lipsticks Finishes check out my previous blog post on that. It is also retailed at RM 68 which is the standard price of any normal MAC lipstick.

MAC Please Me also has the signature vanilla scent as other MAC lipsticks too. MAC Please Me is very pigmented and is opaque. The application is smooth after putting a thin layer of lip balm before applying this lipstick. And it lasts around 4 to 5 hours without touch up. You can always put a lip gloss on if you're not into matte lipsticks just coz this colour is too gorgeous, to not have it. This is the swatch of it on my hand. See how pretty that is?

I usually use this lipstick with my NYX Nude Pink lip pencil to give it a more defined look. MAC Please Me will look gorgeous on fair to tanned skinned girls. However, if you are slightly on the darker skintone, then this lipstick MAY wash you out a little. I personally think anybody can pull this lip colour off only if it is done the right way.

Since this is a relatively pale pink lipstick, you can certainly use it with a smokey eye look or even with a simple eyeliner look or you can always just swipe on some mascara and you're good to go. Below is a picture of me using the MAC Please Me lipstick. See how sweet the lipstick colour looks? Let me know your thoughts on the MAC Please Me lipstick.

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Lots of love from me <3



  1. This is gorgeous, one of my favourite mac colours!

    Sarah xx

    1. It's one of my favourite pinks too :)