Saturday, March 1, 2014

Review : L'Oreal Smooth-Intense Anti Frizz Leave In Serum

Hello girls!

Let's talk about hair care. I have very long hair. My hair is already touching my waist. Yup, it's THAT long. Though, i do trim it once in every 6 months at the salon. I usually just ask the hairstylist to trim an inch off my hair. But sometimes, for hairstylists, an inch means 5 inches. So yeah. be careful when you're explaining how you want your hair cut to be like. I know some people like to read magazines and use their phones etc when their getting their hair cut. I personally think that it's not advisable to be so oblivious and be totally engrossed in your phone game or magazine that you're reading. Even though, i do tend to text my friends while getting a hair cut, my eyes are primarily fixed on the mirror's reflection to see how the hairstylist is cutting my hair.

Trust me, one hairstylist has chopped my hair off before. It wasn't super short, but it was still short for my standards. You guys know how much I like long hair. So i was really upset and i started throwing a tantrum and obviously my daddy being the super awesome dad, that he is, was trying to pacify me. He even said 'Don't worry. You still have the best hair in the house.' To which, both my sisters cringed. All my siblings have nice hair, to be honest. None of us, have that frizzy, unruly, bushy, curly hair. So yeah, always make sure you know what the hairstylist is doing at all time.

Anyways, today I wanna do a review on my favourite hair serum. I recently bought this (okay, i got it a few months ago) and omg, I LOVE this product! I bought this product after my friend recommended it to me. Thank you, Soobrinah! You're such a doll for introducing this awesome hair serum to me. The L'Oreal Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Leave In Serum is retailed at RM 45.90. This is totally worth it because this serum is off-the-hook!

The L'Oreal Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Leave In Serum contains argon oil which is supposedly very good for your hair. I've tried my mum's Redken Argon Oil and it was relatively good. But still not as good as this L'Oreal one. I find that the L'Oreal serum controls the frizziness of the hair better than the Redken Argon Oil. The Redken oil just makes your hair more shinier and healthy-looking (which is good but the L'Oreal serum has an extra benefit). But the L'Oreal one actually tames your hair's frizz as well.

It comes with a nice pump! 

The L'Oreal Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Leave In serum claims to control hair frizziness for 48 hours. And that is absolutely true. On days where i don't want to blow dry my hair, I'll usually just apply this on my freshly washed hair. And trust me, it will make your hair soft, and frizz-free even without blowing it. After all, blowdrying your hair daily can be very damaging to your hair. So on days where I don't want to blowdry my hair, I'll just slap on some of  this serum onto my hair and leave it to air dry. Most people always assume that i curl my hair whenever i don't blowdry my hair coz usually when I don't, my hair will look super curly and twirly. If that's even a word! lol.

However, don't use this on your hair if you're going to blowdry it. I've tried that, and omg. It was a disaster. My hair became frizzy and it didn't look nice. So, don't use this serum to blowdry your hair. You can obviously apply it to your hair after you have blown your hair. By the way, this serum can be applied to damp or even dry hair. I like to apply it after i have towel-dried my hair.

So that's all about this serum awesome serum! I rate this serum a 10/10 because it is absolutely amazing and it actually does what it claims to do, you know, with the whole 48 hours anti-frizz thing.

I love you all <3

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