Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review : MAC Gingerly Blush (Best Blush for Tan Skinned Girls)

Hi everyone!

I'm not really a blush girl, but sometimes I do like to have the flush of colour on my cheeks. The latest blush in my makeup collection is the MAC Gingerly. I just got it like 3 weeks ago. It's the sheertone blush from MAC cosmetics. This blush was retailed at RM 80. It is slightly expensive as it is a high end brand. So yeah. Anyways, I am lovin' it so far. Below is the picture of the blush.

MAC Gingerly comes in the usual black casing for all MAC products. All MAC blushes comes in a rather huge size. So they last a lifetime. At least to me because I'm not exactly an avid blush-user. MAC Gingerly is a pretty soft, muted, peach colour. It also has slight brown-ish tone to it. It's definitely a warm coloured peachy, brown blush. I like the fact that it is sheertone because i hate blushes that are super pigmented. MAC Sheertone blushes are usually of moderate pigmentation (obviously) and it does not contain any sort of shimmer whatsoever.

MAC Gingerly does not come off chalky like so many other drugstore blushes. It is finely milled and feels so smooth to apply on the cheeks. It's quite sheer (which i like) but it can definitely build able if you want a more intense look. I personally prefer my blush to look more natural with just a slight hint or colour on the cheeks. I'm always paranoid that blushes will make me look like a clown. So that's why I'm not a fan or blushes in general. I can safely say that i only have like around 5 blushes only. That and my BH Glamorous Blush palette. Now that I'm mentioning it like that, to some people, that might seem like a lot. But trust me, it's not. This is the swatch of MAC Gingerly on my hand. See how beautiful the colour is? 

As for how long it stayed on my cheeks, i would say a good 9 hours. I used it to work and it stayed on the whole day. Of course, i did set my whole face with the awesome MAC Fix Plus setting spray. I tell you, that spray is amazeballs! It's expensive but it keeps your makeup looking put together and it makes your makeup last for the entire day. But on it's own, this blush is also amazing. It's gives you the most natural flush of peachy brown colour on your cheeks.  

The best part about MAC Gingerly is that it looks gorgeous on all skintone. From fair to dark, this blush will compliment any skintone. The colour is just so perfect for everyone. I feel that if you're a blush girl, you seriously need to have this blush in your life. Like maybe you don't really want to get many blushes from MAC because maybe you find them just to darn expensive. I suggest just getting only one from them and it will definitely be MAC Gingerly. That will be an investment. This is because this blush can be a 'casual look' blush as well as a 'I wanna look sexy for dinner tonight look' blush too. It's so versatile that way.

Anyways, below is a picture of me using the MAC Gingerly on my cheeks. Do let me know if this blush is a Yay or a Nay for you.

That's all for now. If you're interested in checking out more blush reviews from me, be sure to check out my Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in Pink Kiss post and the NYX Mosaic Powder Blush review. Thank you for reading! 

Lots of Love from me <3 



  1. Wow looks really nice. Have you tried mac mocha? It's lovely as well!

    1. I want to try it! Since, I don't really have THAT many blushes. So i guess i can splurge a lil bit :P