Thursday, March 6, 2014

Topshop Lipstick Review ~ Straight Ace (Bright Purple Lipstick)

Ola babes!

Don't you ever feel like trying something outside your comfort zone? I have. And it's not bungee jumping or anything of that sort. It's just simply wanting to be adventurous with my makeup! Haha. This time, I'm going to show you guys my weirdest lipstick shade from my entire lipstick collection. It's a lipstick from Topshop. It's called Straight Ace. Straight Ace is a bright purple coloured lipstick. It's straight up PURPLE. It is a one of a kind colour.

Straight Ace came in a limited edition collection from Topshop cosmetics a year back. However, now they do have it in their permanent line. So you can get it from Topshop any time you want it. It is retailed at RM 47 (when i bought it, coz that time it was limited edition). However, no you can get it for RM 46. And if you have the Fashion Fast Forward card, you can get the lipstick for 10% off. Topshop cosmetics are ALWAYS on some kind of sale, anyways. So you'll probably get some good discount on it. I almost never buy any Topshop cosmetics in full price.

The limited edition Straight Ace comes in a plastic tube that shows the lipstick colour inside. You can see it in the picture below. The colour is a very vibrant bright purple colour. I would classify this lipstick as a satin lipstick if i were to compare it to the MAC lipstick finishes (lol, why do i always compare ALL lipsticks to the MAC lipsticks?) I get around 4 hours of this lipstick before i need to touch it up. To be honest, i have only used this lipstick like twice in my life. And now 3 times since i used it to take pictures for this post.

It's definitely meant for girls that are adventurous when it comes to makeup. Not so suitable for girls who love their natural, neutral makeup and nude lipsticks. But you can always mix this lipstick with any other lip colour. For example, you can use this lipstick and put on a bright pink lip gloss in order to get a berry colour lip colour. f you're a bold babe, feel free to rock the Topshop Straight Ace by itself. Maybe try using it the next time you're going to the club or even a fun girls night out with your babes! 

Below is a hand swatch of the Topshop Straight Ace. This lipstick will look gorgeous on every skin tone especially darker skin tone. This will look pretty on your. For fairer girls, this lipstick might make you look a lil goth-like? If that's not how you roll, then skip this lipstick.

Anyways, this is how i look with the Topshop Straight Ace lipstick. In all honesty, how do you think i look? Is it a yay or a nay? 

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  1. How much is this ,babe ? and available in all TopShop outlets ?

    1. It's RM 46 but if you're using the fashion fast forward card, you can get it for 10% off. Or if you buy 2 makeup items from Topshop, you can get 20% off (even if you don't have the Fashion Fast Forward card) and it id available at any Topshop outlets with cosmetics. The Topshop in sunway pyramid also have it babe :)

    2. okays . Still remember i said i wanted the Whimsical lippy from TopShop ? still havent check it out .Will go soon :)

    3. Whimsical is quite light babe. Check out Innocent lipstick from Topshop. Very sweet colour! :)

  2. Shade looks amazing on you! :)
    Lovely FOTD!