Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hair Talk ~ How I Wear A Wired Headband (3 Styles!)

Good day, girls! :D

You know, during my university days, i love wearing a headband. Especially the headbands which are on the thicker side. This is because i was so obsessed with the character Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. She is my idol and style icon when it comes to fashion and also behaviour-wise. Blair is the epitome of classiness, in my opinion. So that's why i got into the idea of wearing a headband. I think it's feminine and classy at the same time. So yeah. I have like so many headbands from my university days. But i don't wear them anymore. I prefer to wear wired headbands. 

For those of you that don't know what a wired headband is, it's actually a thin piece of cloth with a relatively flexible, soft metal wire sewn inside the cloth. This makes using a wired headband so much more easier than a cloth-headband. Anyways, i have 3 wired headband (all of which i got it from Sinma). Each headband was retailed at RM 5. I think that's cheap as compared to Forever 21's wired headband which is retailed at RM 25. I got the blue and beige stripes, a baby pink headband and also a mint green with white polka dots. My favourite one is of course the mint green one as i have a mint green pants with white polka dots all over it.

So whenever i wear the green headband with my mint green pants, it's an exact match. Of course i'll pair all that with a black long sleeves top. I'll do an OOTD of that outfit soon. Haha. Anyways, i have 3 ways of using the wired headbands. All of the ways are stated below. 

1. The Usual Tie At the Back

This hairstyle looks like the retro era hairstyles. I'm a fan of all the retro looks. This way of using the headband keeps your hair out of your face. Usually whenever I want to keep my hair away from my face, i'll use my headband this way. It's so easy to do the hairstyle that it barely takes 3 minutes. All you have to do is gather all your hair in a bun and tie it. This is for temporary so the bun doesn't need to be neat. After that, take your wired headband and place it on top of your head and pull it to the back of your head, near the nape of your neck. Then tie the wired headband as how you would of a normal cloth. Fix your fringe if you have to and voila! Your hair look is done! 

2. The Funky Feisty Look

The second look is meant for girls that are confident in pulling off funky and quirky hairstyles. Or you could always rock this kind of outrageous hairstyles in the clubs. Since everybody knows that in the clubs, nobody cares if your hair is styled in a funky or peculiar way. Anyways, this headband style is again, very easy. Firstly, tie up your hair into a bun. And then place the middle part of your wired headband at the back of your head under your bun. Then take the sides of the headband and twist it on top of your head at the side for added cuteness! Twist the ends of the headband however you want. And then it's DONE! 

3. The Bohemian Side Twist 

The third look is a very bohemian look. It's a refreshing change from all that vintage-retro look. And it's easy as well. I just take my headband and place it around my head. I'll then twist it at the side of my head. Before doing all that, you'll want to comb your hair so that it's free from any tangle. And that's basically it. Simple as ABC right? :) 

Hope you girls got some inspiration on how to do your hair from this post. There is actually a million ways on how you can wear a wired headband. So just go with whatever that makes you comfortable. After all, you can't go wrong with a wired headband! Till the next post then :)

I love you all <3


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