Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review : MAC Mineralize Blush Love Thing

Hey girls!

Omg, i feel like it's been ages since I last did a blog post. Although it's actually only been 11 days since i last posted on my blog. Anyways, today i'm gonna be reviewing about the MAC Mineralize Blush in Love Thing. This is actually the first blush that i got from MAC. It is retailed at RM 100. The mineralize blushes are more expensive than the usual regular MAC blushes which are only retailed at RM 85. 

I can say for sure that the MAC Mineralize blush has more product than the regular MAC blushes. The MAC Love Thing blush is a pinky plum-coloured with some soft gold shimmer swirls. The MAC Love Thing blush is super pigmented. That's why i always use this blush as an eyeshadow rather than a blush. I used this blush as an eyeshadow in this look and this look. Since it's a mineralize blush, the texture of the blush is finely milled with some soft shimmers in it. The gold shimmers does not look harsh at all when it is applied on your skin. It doesn't make you look like a glitter ball. So don't worry, it won't make you look gaudy whatsoever.

The MAC Love Thing blends on to the skin like a dream. I find that all MAC blushes blends very well especially the sheertone blushes and the mineralize blushes. I don't really fancy the matte blushes because i think they usually tend to look a lil chalky on the face. Besides, the MAC Mineralize blushes are supposed to be good for the skin. Maybe it doesn't breakout the skin or something like that. This is the swatch of the MAC Love Thing on my hand. See how bright and pigmented that colour is? Girls that love that very pink-cheeked-look will really love this blush. 

Personally, since this blush is very pigmented and has a super good colour payoff, i think it would flatter darker skintones much better. On fairer skin girls, this blush might just make you look a lil too drag-ish? Since the colour is so intense! Trust me, girls. Less is more when it comes to makeup. Or you could always just use a very light hand when you're applying this blush. That's what i do when i want to use this blush on my cheeks. It happens very seldom though. What can i say? I just don't fancy super pigmented blushes at all. I prefer all my blushes to be sheer. That is why my favourite MAC blushes are the MAC Sheertone blushes. They are like absolute perfection. Especially MAC Gingerly

Below is a picture of me using this MAC Love Thing as a blush. YAY or NAY? Let me know under below if you have tried the MAC mineralize blushes. What are your thoughts on them. 

And that's a wrap! Thank you for reading, girlies! <3 

Much love from me :)


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