Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Statement Necklaces ~ The New In Thing :)

Hello sugarpies!

How is everybody doing lately? I've been so busy this pass week with work related stuff. But I'm here with a post today. This is going to be a fashion related haul on STATEMENT NECKLACES! Who doesn't like having some bling bling around your neck? All girls love that. I have a few statement necklaces that I've recently purchase over March and April. That is only because i just got into the trend of wearing these necklaces. Usually I'm more of a simple girl when it comes to accessorizing. But lately, I've been experimenting with being more adventurous when it comes to my accessories. And what can i say? I'm officially hooked on statement necklaces.

Okay, here's the dig. All my statement necklaces are not branded per se. They are all priced at RM 18 and below. I consider that such a huge steal because usually these necklaces are so freaking expensive. Like for example at Diva Accessories, these statement necklaces can cost up to RM 85. And that is just to darn expensive for a necklace! Forever 21 isn't as expensive as Diva Accessories but it is still expensive. The prices are around RM 35 to RM 65. That's still too pricey for a piece of ACCESSORY. 

Therefore, i always get my statement necklaces at The Curve during the weekend when they have that stalls outside. Sorry, i don't know the shop's exact name. But it's very near Sakae Sushi. So make sure you girls it out during the weekends. Be reminded that they are only open during the weekends. The store at the Curve sells these statement necklaces for RM 20 per piece. But i got like 3 necklaces at one go so she kinda gave me a discount. I got mine at RM 18. Besides the Curve, i also do get my statement necklaces from Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. It's a small mall near my house and workplace. There they sell statement necklaces for only RM 10! And all of them are so beautiful. They also sell matching earrings too. 

So, I'll be showing you the necklaces that i got from the store at the Curve first. First is this gorgeous pastel coloured necklace. Isn't this the sweetest looking necklace that you've ever seen? It's so pretty and girly! It will look so gorgeous when paired with a soft pink dress, or even a white t-shirt. I really liked the particular necklace alot. It was retailed at RM 20 but i got it for RM 18. SCORE! :)

The next statement necklace is the 3 black flower necklace. To me, when i first saw this, i thought of one word - Elegant! It looks so classy and yet simple. I find myself wearing this one a lot because it's so easy to match it with any outfit. Hello, it's black? :) So yeah. It's definitely my most worn statement necklace. Like the pastel coloured one, this black necklace was retailed at RM 20 but i got it for RM 18. 

The next necklace is a gold necklace with some off white stone. My mum liked this one the most. It's simple in the sense that it's not to grand-looking or anything. Plus it doesn't have much of a bling bling to it. I would think that this necklace can be worn together with my bohemian maxi dresses coz it looks versatile to me. It can look classy as well as bohemian. Prices are the same as the other 2 necklaces above.

Okay, so above are all the statement necklaces that i got from the Curve. Now time for the ones that i got from Centrepoint. The statement necklaces from Centrepoint is also gorgeous but i can somehow see that their quality isn't as good as the ones that i got from The Curve. Don't get me wrong. I like all of them but it's just that the ones from Curve looks like it is of better quality. The first necklace that i got from Centrepoint is the green stone statement necklace. This is official my 'pop-of-colour' necklace. I use this whenever I'm wearing an all-black outfit or whenever I'm wearing my jade green shoes. This necklace is retailed at RM 10. YAY to cheap accessories! :)

The second necklace that i got from Centrepoint is a multi coloured gold statement necklace. It has a huge red stone, and then a blue, a green and not forgetting the white stones too. This necklace is more of a bolder look. I'll definitely use this necklace if i want to jazz up an outfit and make it look even more "dressed up". Every girls gotta have that one bold statement necklace! Here's mine! :)

Last but not least, is a statement necklace given by my awesome colleague. She is such a doll for given me this very beautiful brown statement necklace. It's more towards a bohemian looking necklace. So i can definitely wear it whenever i want that boho-glam look. Hehee.

And that's a wrap, girls! Those are the statement necklaces that i currently own. I'll definitely be buying more in the future but definitely not for now. I've been shopping too much already. Haha

Till the next post then, girlies! :)


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