Sunday, April 13, 2014

Style Files #4 Floral Fever (Forever 21 Dresses!)

Good day, everyone! :)

I was shopping with my mum a few weeks ago and we were at One Utama checking out the stores there. Obviously i had to check out Forever 21 (it's my favourite clothing outlet after Dorothy Perkins, of course). And you guys know we too well. When i enter Forever 21, i can't NOT buy anything. So I came out with 2 new dresses! I seem to be attracted towards floral theme dresses now because both the dresses that i got, has a floral theme.

I decided to do a Style Files for you, girls. It's literally been months since i last did a Style Files post in my blog. If you haven't seen my previous Style Files, be sure to check them out at Style Files #1, Style Files #2 and Style Files #3. Anyways, i hope that you all like the dresses that i got. OOTDs are down below.

The first dress is a pale pink floral printed dress. It is a relatively short dress with short sleeves. The neckline of the dress is quite low and wide. It definitely looks sexy if you were to wear a pretty necklace or even a chunky statement necklace. I'm wearing the dress with my new pastel coloured statement necklace. Obviously, I had to wear my gorgeous pink lipstick, MAC Please Me with this dress. It compliments the dress so well. This dress is very comfortable as the material is not tacky. I love the bustier-like detailing on the bust area of the dress. It gives the dress a nice twist to it so that it doesn't look like the same ol' skater dress type with the usual round neckline.

Sorry for the bad lighting picture though. That's why i included another picture below so that you can see the bustier detailing better and also the colour of the dress better.

The pink roses on the dress, gives the dress a very girly and feminine look. So if you're the kind of girl that loves pink and anything floral, you gotta pick this baby up. I would think that it's definitely a nice summer dress for those of you that actually experience all the 4 seasons. For we, Malaysians, it's summer throughout the year. So yay! I can wear this dress anytime of the year. I wouldn't say that this dress is formal though. I certainly wouldn't wear it to work because i find the neckline too low (for an office wear) and at work, i wanna appear smart. Not show off my cleavage. But this dress will be prefect when hanging out with your girls or boyfriend.

The next dress is a black bohemian style dress. It's super comfortable because it's loose. It is also made from cotton material so it's very comfy. It's made from good quality cotton. Not the cheap ones that actually look cheap. This black dress is also on the shorter length side. But i still think it's modest enough to be worn when you're with your parents. This dress seems to be popular as their size S ran out so fast. That's why i had to get a size M. Which i don't really care because the dress is meant to be loose anyways.

I love the detailing in front of my chest area. The embroidery of the tiny red roses looks gorgeous against the black material of the dress. And the tassle on the ribbons look so cute! Below is a close up picture of how the tassle looks like with the rose embroidery. I think it's the prettiest thing ever. Anyways, this dress is quite expensive for a Forever 21 dress, as it is retailed RM 169. I didn't noticed the price till i was about to pay it. So opps! A lil too pricey for my liking. But it's still a pretty dress. So for you girls out there that likes to splurge, this is the right dress for you. I'm wearing my Forever 21 LOVE bracelet which you can see in the picture and also my hair scrunchie (but i call it my hair spring, coz it looks like a spring!) on the other hand. My handbag is from MNG. It's just a beige coloured sling bag. As for my shoes, I'm wearing my black ballet flats from Cotton On.

I'll be doing a shoe haul soon. So subscribe to my blog to keep up with my posts if you like my blog :) And that's all that I got from Forever 21 that day. That's a wrap! Hope all my readers are well and happy! Thank you for reading :)

I love you, all <3



  1. Love the black boho dress babe! I always have a thing for those kinds of dresses <3
    Looking forward to your shoe haul! :)

    1. Haha :D I prefer the pink floral one though :P Yup yup, shoe haul will be up soon, babe :) xoxo