Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Victoria's Secret Body Mist in Coconut Passion

Good morning, my fellow beauty lovers!

Today i wanna show you, girls my all-time favourite body mist. I have a tonne of different perfumes. But during my university days, i should to only use the Britney Spears' Fantasy perfume. That was like my signature scent. Along the way, in my second year, my dad got me the Marc Jacobs Lola perfume as a gift. He got me the super huge one. I think it was the biggest size of bottle that they had. So that pretty much took me ages to finish. After that, i went back to my Britney Spears' one coz that was the perfume that i truly loved. Now, i have started experimenting with Victoria's Secret perfumes, Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck and also Miss Dior Cherie (this is my latest buy). But one thing never changed. And that is my body mist. I absolutely LOVE my Victoria's Secret Body Mist in Coconut Passion! It's official the most yummiest scent I've ever sniffed on.

As you can see in the picture above, I've finished pretty much a whole bottle. I've gone through like 3 of this body mist. And if you've been to Victoria's Secret store (obvie, you've been),  you'll know that they have a huge range of Body Mist with all sorts of different fragrances and scent. And me being me, i had to choose the one with the strong vanilla scent. And that is obviously Coconut Passion. This body mist is a fusion between coconut scent and also vanilla. That's why it's my favourite. You girls know how much i love sweet scented stuff! Plus, vanilla and coconut are my top 2 favourite scents! So this is like a gift from God to me! Haha, way to go in being a drama queen, Priya :P 


So let's get into the details. This body mist comes in a huge bottle of 250ml. This bottle will usually last me around 6 months. And mind you, i use this everyday! Like every single day. Plus, sometimes i spray it on my pillow at night, so that my pillow will be sweet-smelling and that way i can get a good night sleep. Hehe. I'm pretty generous with the amount that i use because this body mist is so yummy! My baby sister always say that i literally smell like cake whenever i use this (which is everyday, that is). 

It is retailed at RM 53 per bottle. Personally, no matter how much this body mists cost, i will still buy it. Coz i love the Coconut Passion THAT much! But for my girls that wanna be a lil cost-conscious,  Victoria's Secret is constantly having this promotion on their body mists. If you buy 3 bottles, you'll get them all for RM 129. That's an awesome deal if you ask me. After all, they do have a wide variety of scents to choose from. Apparently the salesgirl told me that "Pure Seduction" is the best-seller. Pure Seduction has a very sexy scent. So for my sexy girls out there, you girls will like that one. But not me. I'm more of the kind of girl that wanna smell like cake. Not a sex bomb.

Since it's a body mist, it doesn't last a long time. But FOR A BODY MIST, it does last relatively long. I would get a good 4 hours out of this body mist. I usually use my body mist together with my perfume. I don't use it alone. Coz body mist is supposed to enhance your perfume. That's what i think, at least. So yeah. I'll usually spray on my Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume and then spritz this body mist all over myself. I even spray some on my hair. Just because scents usually last longer whenever you spray them to your hair. But be reminded that spraying perfume or body mist in your hair can make your hair dry. Coz perfumes and body mist contains alcohol. And alcohol will dry the heck out of your fine locks! But i always conditioned my hair so well that i don't mind a lil body mist in my hair. What can i say? I like my hair to be vanilla scented too. It's my secret guilty pleasure ;)

And that's all for now! I am planing on getting the 3 tiny bottle set which consists of the Amber Romance, Coconut Passion and Vanilla Lace. I can't believe they discontinued Vanilla Lace. Like what were they thinking? That's probably the second most nicest body mist scent that they have. But oh well. At least they still have it in the smaller bottle size. So I'll be sure to do a blog post on that once I've got them. Also check out my new Body Mist in Mango Temptations here

I can't believe that it's already the last day of April. Tomorrow is Labour Day. So yay! I'm going back to my hometown. I'll post another blog post on Labour Day. It's a Style Flies post. So be sure to check it out. Thank you for reading, ya'll! :)

Lots of Love from me <3 



  1. I absolutely LOVE this scent, our perfume taste is pretty much the exact same haha :) Wish I had a VS near me though.

    1. Hahaa :D Yeah, you told me that you love the Taylor Swift one so much too! :) Yay, that way we can always recommend perfumes to each other xoxo