Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review : Benefit Gimme Brow Gel

Hello everyone!

Only in the beginning of this year, I've started to do my brows. Usually i just couldn't be bothered since my brows are already thick and quite dark. So i usually just get them threaded and then I'm good to go. But watch all these makeup tutorials in YouTube has just made me so curious about them brows! So i tried to fill in my brows one day and i do like how it looks. So yeah. Now i do my brows whenever I'm doing a full face makeup. So, if you want to check out how i fill in my eyebrows, click here. I've actually just started using another eyebrow pencil. Review on that will be coming up next month. Hopefully. 

So first of all, i used to use the Essence Clear Eyebrow Gel to set my eyebrows. But i do find them a lil too 'wet'. The formula of this brow gel dries kinda slow. And it also kind of wipes of the eyeshadow when i fill in my brows. I don't mind that too much because it does give my eyebrows a more natural finish. BUT, i was already on a hunt for another brow gel. And in Malaysia, we don't have any brow gels from the drugstore. Our makeup selection here sucks time. So what can i do? I walk into Benefit Cosmetics store and bought the Gimme Brow Gel.

The Benefit Gimme Brow Gel is a tinted brow gel. I got it in the shade Medium Deep which is the darkest shade available. I think there are only like 2 colour options here in Malaysia. It's basically a dark brown shade. I would like it if its just a tiny bit more darker. But this will do. It was retailed at RM 85. It's pricey, i know. But i was so desperate for an eyebrow gel. It comes in a cute, small brown packaging. Picture is as above.

The packaging of the Benefit Gimme Brow Gel looks like a tiny mascara. Or a bottom lash mascara. The wand is so tiny. This does makes it easy to comb through your eyebrow hair well. Your eyebrows will be neat and well-kept. It's fool-proof to use it. I think it's also waterproof if I'm not mistaken. Eventhough, obviously I'm not going to use this brow gel when i go to the theme park. You probably shouldn't be wearing that much makeup to a theme park anyways. 

The Benefit Gimme Brow Gel does it's job. But I'm not too impressed with the colour. I feel that my eyebrows look lighter when i use it. And i don't want my eyebrows to look wayyyy lighter than my hair shade. That's just weird. So yeah. Otherwise, this is a good product. If you're looking for a BROWN tinted brow gel, this is definitely meant for you. Anyways, i personally give this product a 8/10 rating.

And that's a wrap. That's all that I've got to rant about the Benefit Gimme Brow gel. On another note, I can't wait to for this weekend. Daddy's birthday celebration at the resort! Woohoo.

Thank you for reading :)

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review : Nivea Pure & Natural Olive & Lemon Lip Balm

Guess what, girlies!!!

This weekend is going to be out-of-this-world for me. My mum is planning to celebrate my daddy's 53rd birthday in this super awesome resort! I swear, she is like the sweetest wife ever. I'm so excited for a number of reasons actually. Firstly, obviously it's because we are celebrating my favourite man's birthday in style (yeah, yeah, I know I'm daddy's little girl). My daddy is turning 53. He still looks young though. And he is forever young at heart too. Secondly, the party is going to be at a resort! How awesome sauce is that? I wish i could celebrate my birthday in a fancy ass resort. But that will have to wait. Hehe. Thirdly, it's because i get to hangout with my fam bam. Like all of us properly together. Usually when i go home to JB for the weekend, everybody is so busy doing their own stuff. And my sister would sometimes be in her university. She couldn't come back for the weekend. So I'm so happy that finally all of us are gonna be having a mini vacation cum birthday party celebration thingy. So yeah. 

I'll definitely be bringing my camera as well as my cam-recorder to the resort. So that i can take all the pictures in the world and share it with you guys. So make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Google+. And also i will, of course, be doing a Get Ready With Me post for my outfit and makeup for my daddy's birthday. That is a must. Coz i am going to dress to kill this time. Haha. Be sure to check that out, kays! And now without further rambling, let's get on to the post!

I'm doing a review on my favourite new lip balm, the Nivea Pure & Natural Olive & Lemon.This is (so far) the best lip balm that i've ever used after the MAC Lip Conditioner. But i only use the MAC Lip Conditioner before i wear my lipstick. I never use it by itself coz it's expensive and i can't just waste it. That small tub has lasted me for 4 years now. So it's actually worth the price. It has already touch the pan though. So it's probably going to finish by the end of this year.

Anyways, i needed a lip balm for at night when i go to sleep. Using a lip balm before you go to bed will make your lips soft and supple. It won't be dry or flaky. Having dry lips can be unflattering. Especially when you want to wear a lipstick. What i always do is to put on a lip balm generously on my lips before i go to bed at night. The moment i wake up in the morning the next day, my lips feel so good. It's not dry at all. It's not flaky. It's just really moisturized. And this is all thanks to my Nivea Pure & Natural Olive & Lemon lip balm. It's amazing.

Firstly, this lip balm is only RM 9.90. It's available in all drugstores. I got mine at Watsons. Isn't that cheap? I'm pretty sure that it's cheaper in Guardian. Guardian is always more cost savvy than Watsons. Yet, i still shop at Watsons. What's wrong with me? Sheesh. Note to self : SHOP at Guardian NOT Watsons. Lol. This lip balm is one-of-a-kind because it's green in colour! But not to worry it comes off as colourless when you apply it on your lips. Plus, i really like the scent of this lip balm. It's so refreshing. It doesn't actually smell like Lemon or Olive. It smells like wheatgrass. But in a non-nasty way. If that makes sense.

You know how some lip balm comes off very 'wet' on your lips? This lip balm does not do that at all. Before this, i was using the Lip Pure. And that Lip Pure gives the look of very wet lips. And it's not a good look. At least for me. Even though the Lip Pure is like so oily and 'wet', i don't find my lips as moisturized as i do when i use the Nivea Pure & Natural Olive & Lemon. The Nivea Olive & Lemon applies smoothly on your lips without making it look 'wet' whatsoever. Which is what i like. The fact that it doesn't apply too 'wet' on my lips makes it wearable to use underneath a lipstick too. That means, when i run out of my MAC Lip Conditioner, I can actually just use the Nivea one.

The Nivea Pure & Natural Olive & Lemon Lip balm also has Hydra IQ. This is why i love Nivea products. Most of their moisturizers have these  Hydra IQ which promotes a non-stop moisture supply from within the skin. The formula supports the skin's own water channels to enhance your natural moisturisation. So they say. This lip balm also provides a long lasting feel of well-moisturized lips. Your lips don't get flaky even though you're using a MAC Retro Matte lipsticks. That is the reason why my lips is seldom dry. I only get dry lips when I'm not feeling well. Like 2 weeks ago, i had chapped lips thanks to my cold.

So that's all for this review. If you girls are looking for a cheap and inexpensive lip balm, make sure you check this out. It's amaze-balls and they will be your best RM 9.90 spent! Thank you for reading.

Lots of love from me <3


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Makeup Look #11 Emerald Eyes (Using New Makeup Products)

Good morning happy unicorns!

Today, i was in the mood to experiment with some of my new makeup products such as the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light makeup, MAC Hibiscus Kiss, Urban Decay NAKED palette and a few other stuff. So i came up with an Emerald eye makeup look just coz i really wanted to use the Maybelline Colour Tattoo which I absolutely love! I hope that you, girls liked the look that i came out with. It's a pretty easy look. I kinda really highlighted my face in this makeup look. I wanted to look super highlighted. That's why i used a liquid highlighter to highlight my nose, cheekbones and forehead.

So first, i moisturized my face with my favourite moisturizer by Clinique. You girls know how much i love Clinique products! They are my holy grail brand when it comes to skin care. And remember girls, taking care of your skin is very vital. I didn't use a sunscreen today because i wasn't going out during the day. So i just stick to my moisturizer. After that i applied my foundation as per usual. I used a new bronzer, MAC Hibiscus Kiss. I didn't use the pink blush part though.

I concealed under my eyes with the MAC Pro LongWear concealer. This concealer is amazing, however, it does oxides a lot. I've used this once with my powder foundation and man, this concealer became like 4 shades darker. And imagine using something 4 shades darker under your eyes? I hope it doesn't oxide today. Anyways, after that I set my under eye are with the Essence Mattifying Powder. I also use that same powder all over my face. For my blush, i used the MAC Gingerly. This is a sheertone blush and it is awesome. I personally like sheertone blushes best.

Then i fill in my brows to make them look more define and neater. And finally now, the eye look! I first primed my entire eyelid with Urban Decay Primer Potion. And what can i say? This primer is the bomb.com. Like for real. I always thought that the NARS pro primer was the best. But this Urban Decay one seems better. Then i apply a thin even layer of the Maybelline Color Tattoo onto my eyelids. After that, i take an emerald green shadow from the BH Party Girl palette and placed it all over the Color Tattoo to intensify the colour. I take a darker, shimmery green (it looks almost black) and place it at the V-shape of the outer corners of the eyes. I also take it up to my crease.

As a transition colour of my eyelids to the green shadows, i use the shadow Buck from my NAKED palette. Then i blend all the eyeshadows with a clean blending brush. To highlight my browbone, i used the shadow Virgin. I usually don't use white-ish eyeshadows to highlight my browbone but today i felt like being different. Finally, i take an eyeliner brush and dip it into the Maybelline Color Tattoo pot and lined my lower eyelid. I took a light green eyeshadow from the BH Party girl palette again and then placed it on top of the lined Color Tattoo. For my inner corners, i used Sin which is a shimmery champagne shadow that will brighten up the eyes.

As usual, i have to lined my top lash line with my trusty Maybelline Gel liner. And then i applied 2 coats of mascaras. On my lower lash line, i did line it with the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on eyeliner at the outer corners. I didn't go for a winged out look this time. I did apply some mascara on my lower lash to create a doll-like effect but nothing too dramatic.

For my lips, I used my new favourite L'Oreal Color Riche Moisture Matte lipstick in Peachy Brown. But then i thought the orange colour was a lil too intense. So i toned it down by applying Wet & Wild Pink Suga lipstick on top of that to give it a more softer pale peachy orange lip colour. And that's all, girlies!

This is the final look. What do you girls think? Btw, i got this funky headgear from Diva last year. Totes forgot how much it cost, though. 

Products That I Used To Get This Look :-

Clinique Even Better Brightening Moisture Gel Cream
Benefit POREfessional 
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Stay-In-Place Makeup in 4.5
Essence Mattifying Compact Powder in #09 Soft Tan
MAC Pro LongWear Concealer in NW35
Bobbi Brown Sheer Loose Powder in #06 Warm Natural
MAC Hibiscus Kiss Blush/Bronzer duo (Limited Edition)
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
Maybelline Colour Tattoo in #50 Edgy Emerald
BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette
Bobbi Brown Chocolate Eye Palette (To fill in my eyebrows -CHOCOLATE)
Benefit Gimme Brow gel in Medium Deep
Essence Eyebrow Designer in #02 Brown
Urban Decay NAKED Palette
Estee Lauder Ideal Light Brush-On Illuminator in #03 Medium
MAC Gingerly Blush
Loreal Voluminious Mascara in Black Noir (Top Lashes)
L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black (Bottom lashes)
Maybelline Hypersharp Liner in Black
Gal Lip Balm Collection in Red Currant 
Topshop Lip Pencil in Ceramic 
L'Oreal Color Riche Moisture Matte Lipstick in Peachy Brown
Wet & Wild Pink Suga

Thank you for reading! :) Make sure you girls check out my Daytime Smokey Eye Look too!

Love all of you, awesome people <3


Saturday, May 17, 2014

NEW L'Oreal Color Riche Lipsticks!

YAY! It's the weekend :)

Nothing better than a lazy Sunday morning. Anyways, this weekend i'll be in KL. Not going back home to JB. Last weekend i couldn't blog because i was terribly ill with fever and flu. So, obviously the last thing you wanna do when you're not feeling well is putting on makeup and take pictures for your blog. That's why i took a lil break but now i'm back! And i'm no longer ill. Thanks to all that panadols and wintermelon teas! Hehe.

So, while i was back in JB (like 2 weeks ago), I went to the Watsons near my house. And boy, was I surprised! I can't believe that L'Oreal has some new Color Riche Moisture Matte lipsticks! Can you imagine L'Oreal with MATTE lipsticks??? I always thought that Revlon and Maybelline only had matte lipsticks. But even Revlon and Maybelline's matte lipsticks are very limited. They each have like around 4 matte shades. So imagine how excited i was to see the new matte lipsticks for L'Oreal. And mind you, they have so many shades! Around 7 or 8 shades. They are retailed at RM 39.90 at Watsons. But they are only RM 35.90 at Guardians. So buy it from Guardian, girls. It's like almost RM 5 cheaper!  

For my girls that don't like matte lipsticks, don't worry because these new L'Oreal Color Riche lipsticks comes in 2 type; a moisturizing matte formula and also another moisturizing creamy formula. I loved them both so much! Okay, I've never really compared ANY lipsticks to the MAC lipsticks because MAC lipsticks are awesome and they will always be my number 1 when it comes to lipsticks for me. But i can safely say that these L'Oreal Color Riche lipsticks comes second. It's THAT good! It's nothing like the Revlon matte lipsticks whatsoever. These Color Riche lipsticks are the best DRUGSTORE lipsticks out there. And i'm serious. I love this collection. You guys know that I vowed not to buy any more lipsticks. But i had to. These lipsticks are too fabulous for me to turn them down.

So let's start with the L'Oreal Color Riche Moisture Matte Lipsticks. The formula of these lipsticks are amazing. Eventhough they are matte, it's not drying at all because this lipsticks actually contains jojoba oil and they lipsticks are made from a matte-gel technology and all that good stuff. So when i apply this lipstick on my lips, it doesn't feel dry at all. Not like the MAC Retro matte or even their normal matte lipsticks. The texture of the L'Oreal Color Riche Moisture Matte is one of a kind. It's wayyyy better than any drugstore lipsticks. Now, L'Oreal is my new favourite brand. The L'Oreal Color Riche Creamy Lipsticks are super creamy and very pigmented too. I personally love both the matte and creamy formula. 

L'Oreal Color Riche Moisture Matte lipsticks comes in a beautiful rose gold packaging. Whereas, the L'Oreal Color Riche Creamy lipsticks comes in a gorgeous gold packaging. It's quite flashy but i like it. I think it's sleek and expensive-looking. Kinda like those YSL lipsticks. For sure, it looks better than the old L'Oreal packaging. Plus, i like how the lipstick colour can be seen from outside the packaging itself. It makes it so much easier for me to look for the specific colour that i want in the morning when i do my makeup. The lipsticks does not have any scent to it which is good. I rather have no scent than a scent which i hate like citrus or something fruity. So i got 2 moisture matte lipsticks; Peachy Brown and Lincoln Rose and i got 1 creamy lipstick which is Think Pink.

These lipsticks are opaque and super pigmented. Their pigmentation is comparable to MAC lipsticks standard. Below is a swatch of all the lipsticks on my hand. 

Peachy Brown is a gorgeous peachy orange. When i first swatched it at Watsons, i thought that it would be a darker nude colour. But it's not. Think Pink is a blue toned Barbie pink lipstick. it reminded me of MAC Pink Nouveau a little. Lincoln Rose is a red lipstick with a slight deep pink tone. I really really want to get Glamour Fuchsia but I know my limits. Even buying these 3 lipsticks was already a hard decision for me. And plus, i think these lipsticks are permanent. I don't think that they are limited edition. I hope not. So, there is always another time. 

 L'Oreal Color Riche Peachy Brown 

L'Oreal Color Riche Lincoln Rose

L'Oreal Color Riche Think Pink

Conclusion, i rate these lipsticks a 10/10. Yup, it's that awesome. You girls need to have this in your lives. Trust me. I am even going to buy one for my mum. Since she likes matte lipsticks too. And that's all for today, you guys. Have a great weekend :)



Thursday, May 15, 2014

10 Products Under RM 20 That I LOVE!

Ola Girls!

So guess what? Today i'm gonna be talking my about my top 10 best beauty/makeup products that are below RM 20! Is that even possible? Yes, it certainly is. Most of the best makeup products are from the drugstore. For example, liquid liners and mascara. Anyways, let's jump right into it. These are not arranged in any particular order. I love all these 10 products equally. Okay, maybe i do love the SilkyGirl Liquid Liner a little bit more than the rest!

1) Silky Girl Precision Liquid Liner - RM 18.90

This is by far the best liquid liner of all time. Like for real. This liquid liner is the reason why people keep complimenting me on my winged eyeliner look. This is my secret. The Silky Girl Precision Liquid Liner practically TEACHES you how to use a liquid liner and also how to achieve that perfect looking wings. I used to suck at using gel or liquid liners. But after using this fantastic liquid liner, i literally became a pro at doing winged out eye makeup. And this is the blackest of the black eyeliner that I've ever used. And trust me, i've used a lot of eyeliner in my life. This is by far the best. It dries to a matte finish, which i love. I'm not about those shiny liquid liners. Plus it costs only RM 18.90! 

2) Nivea Pure & Natural Olive & Lemon Lip Balm - RM 9.90

This is one of my newest purchase compared to all the other products mentioned in this post. But omg, this lip balm is really good. It's only RM 9.90 which is really inexpensive. Plus, it make your lips so soft and smooth. I really like the scent of it too. Surprisingly it doesn't smell of lemon or olive. It's more of a refreshing scent. So don't think sweet! I know, you girls might automatically assume that it's sweet-smelling since i love anything vanilla/coconut. But this lip balm is a refreshing change from my usual likings. And the colour of it is gorgeous too! It's GREEN! Individual review on this lip balm will be up soon. 

3) Essence Mattifying Powder in #09 Soft Tan - RM 10.90

Basically, this is the only powder that actually keeps my face matte for a few hours. I have very oily skin. And no mattifying powders have ever worked on me. Not because they aren't good. But it's because my face just gets oily fast. I don't know why. So for me, if a powder actually mattifies my face for a few hours, that powder is awesome. Like whoa. So for you girls out there with normal to slightly oily skin, this powder is a blessing in disguise. It's cheap and it works wonders! :) 

4) Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo - RM 19.90

These cream eyeshadows are the bomb.com. it's amazeballs! The colours are so vibrant and creamy. The texture is just perfect and the application of it is super smooth. This colour tattoos does not crease on me if i apply a powder eyeshadow on top of it. I always do that anyways, whenever I'm using a cream eyeshadow. I got 2 of these Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoos. I got the Tenacious Teal and the Edgy Emerald. I'm planning on getting some of the more natural colours too. Like the gold one and also the taupe one! Those colours will be more wearable for everyday natural look.

5) Essence Brow Gel - RM 10.90

So you guys know that i love Essence Cosmetics. It's a brand that can only be found in Watsons and Parkson. It should be quite available as I've seen it everywhere. I love their brow gel. It's colourless, lightweight and just handy for the eyebrows. It comes in a colourless tube so you can easily see if you're running out of the product. Plus it's pretty cheap. And it's so darn hard to find a colourless brow gel in Malaysia. To be honest, I've never seen any. I've only seen all the tinted ones only. 

6) Maybelline Crayon Liner - RM 12.90

This Maybelline Crayon Liner is very convenient for everyday use. Whenever I'm back at my hometown, i usually don't really bother with makeup whatsoever. Mostly, it's because I'm too darn lazy and also it's like I'm at home. Why would i wanna look super glam up? However, sometimes, i do want look cute without piling on too many stuff on my face. So i like to just grab this crayon liner and line my eyes. And then voila! You already look put-together :) But be warn, this eyeliner smudges like crazy. So it's very panda-eyes prone! Doesn't really bother me though. I like the sexy, smudged out eye look.

7) Essence EyeBrow Designer in Brown - RM 4.90

Another fave product from Essence is their Eyebrow Designer. And boy, isn't that such a fancy name? Lol. It's actually just an eyebrow pencil. Essence's eyebrow pencils are very soft. It's very easy to blend. Hence, making your eyebrows look natural. But be careful and use a light hand for application. Coz it can be a lil too intense. I use it only to fill in the sparse area of my eyebrow. I don't fill my entire eyebrow with this pencil. I prefer using using an eyeshadow for that.

8) Red Cherry Lashes - RM 10

Okay, girls, if you're looking for a good quality fake lashes which is inexpensive and last for a relatively long period of time, GET the Red Cherry lashes! They are superb. Firstly there is such a huge range of lashes type to choose from. There are the natural looking ones and also the I-wanna-look-like-a-drag-queen-for-a-day ones! I tell you, they are amazing. And plus, they are only RM 10! These are the exact lashes that i wore for my cousin bro's wedding and also the reception dinner. It is also very easy to use. I'm pretty sure it's fool proof. Anyways, you can always get them from the Colour Cosmetics Malaysia website. Yup, that's right. You gotta buy it online. 

9) Wet & Wild Lipsticks - RM 16

You girls know that i'm a lipstick junkie. I am a hoarder of lipsticks. I just love finding new lipsticks especially if they are on the cheaper range. I've bought so many MAC lipsticks and for a change, i wanna try using more drugstore lipsticks. Since drusgtore lippies will be more cheaper. That means i can buy more. So imagine my joy when i found the Wet & Wild lipsticks! They are a USA drugstore makeup brand. The lipsticks comes in a plastic packaging which (okay, i admit) looks cheap. But who cares, when the lipsticks are of good quality! I love these lipsticks because they are so pigmented and not drying on the lips. Plus, they have such a huge range of colour. Very seldom you find drugstore lipsticks with a huge colour range. I get them from the Colour Cosmetics Malaysia website too. 

10) NYX Lip Pencils - RM 19

These are another awesome-sauce product. NYX makes such amazing lip liners. During my university days, i only used the Double Wear Lip Pencils from Estee Lauder. If I'm not mistaken, i used the shade Rose and also Spice. they were my fave lip pencils. But each of them were like RM 68 or even more (i can't really remember). So I'm so happy to have found these amazing NYX lip liners. They can be found in any Sephora Stores in Malaysia. They are of such good quality and the colours are amazing.

So that is my top 10 products which i love under RM 20. See, we can actually find awesome products for less. Who said that beauty has to be expensive? ;)

Lots of love from me <3


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Favourite Lip Combo (Mix & Match Lipsticks!)

Hello my fellow beauty lovers,

So today, i wanna show all of you my all time favourite lip combinations. I mean, come on, a girl's gotta be creative when it comes to her lip colours. And besides, by mixing lip colours, we get more shades to wear on our lips. How long are we supposed to keep buying lipsticks anyways? Okay, i should be the last person to advice you girls about this as i have over 50 lipsticks already. But i'm gonna make a vow not to buy any more makeup after this. At least for a month or so because I just have too many darn cosmetics already. That day, i brought some of my makeup to my college to do a few of the student's makeup for a Batik Fashion Show. 

Just by looking at that bag of makeup that i brought, my colleagues were gushing about how much of cosmetics i have not knowing that all of that products weren't even 1/3 of all the makeup that i have at home.  So yeah, i need serious help. I just gotta stop being such a shopaholic. So today, i wanna show you girls some of the lip combinations that i'm currently loving. This way, you can have more variation when it comes to your lip colours. Without further ado, let's get into it!

MAC Please Me + MAC Faux

MAC Diva + Bella Bloom

MAC Cherish + L'Oreal Peachy Brown

Sephora Honey + MAC Siss

MAC Flat Out Fabulous + Sleek Mystic

MAC Pink Nouveau + MAC Steady Going

Wet & Wild Sugar Plum Fairy + MAC Diva

Revlon Mauve It Over + Topshop Whimsical

And that's it you, girls! :) I'll definitely be doing another mix and match post soon. I think it's such a fun way of creating new colours without actually buying tonnes of new lipsticks.

Till the next post then :)

I love you all <3


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Johor Premium Outlets Makeup Haul ~ (Estee Lauder & MAC)

Hi gurrrrrrls!

So last Friday, i was back at my hometown in Johor Bahru for the Labour Day weekend. It was so good to be back home and to be able to spend time with my family. I miss them so much. Sometimes working in KL just makes me so homesick. But i just gotta suck it up! Everyone has to work. So anyways, my dad took me and my big brother to the Johor Premium Outlets. This is one of the many things that i love about Johor! The Premium Outlets there is AWE-to the-SOME! I love that place. They have all the high end brands like Zegna, Michael Kors, Coach, Burberry, Armani Exchange and many more. At the same time, they also still have the normal brands like Padini, Victoria's Secret, La Senza, Charles & Keith, The Body Shop and many more. I would like to say : They have the balance of both worlds. 

Today, i wanted to do a small Johor Premium Outlets makeup haul. I actually just got pretty much 3 makeup items only. I got them from the store which is called the Cosmetics Company Store. This Cosmetics Company Store is owned by Estee Lauder. And for your information, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and MAC are actually under Estee Lauder. Man, the owner of Estee Lauder must be freaking rich. That's besides the point. So basically, you can find makeup from Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and MAC in that store. There are a few limited edition products from MAC and that really got me excited. I got 2 Estee Lauder products and one from MAC.

As all of you would have guessed by now, i got a limited edition item from MAC. And it's the MAC Riri Loves MAC Collection. I got the bronzer/blush in MAC Hibiscus Kiss. When this bronzer/blush duo came out last year from 2 of the Riri Loves MAC Collection, i didn't get a chance to purchase it because it got sold out pretty fast. I remember feeling dejected and convincing myself that 'that blush isn't THAT great'. Imagine how excited i was when i saw it there. I was like practically jumping up and down in that store. The salesgirl was laughing the whole time. The original price of the bronzer/blush duo is probably around RM 140? But i got it for only RM 90! Omg, such a steal. I finally found a limited edition item that i really wanted and for a CHEAPER price! I'm a happy kid now. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. When i do, i'll do a review on it kays?

The second purchase was from Estee Lauder and it's the Aeromatte Ultralucent Pressed Powder. I got it in the shade 4W Deep Warm. I didn't swatch it in the store before as they didn't have any tester. But it certainly looked like it was my shade. I don't know for sure. I guess i will find out later when i use it. This Aeromatte Ultralucent Pressed Powder was retailed at RM 102. The original price was around RM 160. I'm not sure about the exact amount but it's around there (note to self : Please check the original price of the products next time). So YAY! Again, i got a good discount. This is why i love the Premium Outlets. You get awesome products for such a good discount. Btw, the Aeromatte Pressed Powder comes in a relatively large compact. Even i was surprised at the size of these powders. It's bigger than all the MAC powders. Big plus points right there. Reviews will be put somewhere next month or later this month.

The third and final product that i got from the Cosmetics Company Store is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Makeup. I got this for RM 109. It was originally priced at around RM 165++. I think it's a foundation. However, it does come in a tube which is shaped for BB creams. So I'm actually not too sure if this is a foundation. Plus the word 'light' makes me assume that this MIGHT be a BB cream. But so far, i have no clue. I'll try it on and maybe do some research online to see if this is actually a foundation or BB cream or even maybe a CC cream. Haha. I got it in the shade 4.5 intensity. This is also a very peculiar thing. The shades go by the word 'Intensity'. It feels very nice and light on skin when i swatched it on my hand. I can't say for sure that it's a good product as this is just a haul post. I haven't actually used any of this product.

So make sure you guys stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to check out updates on this products, kay! Hehee. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Love ya, lovelies! <3