Thursday, May 15, 2014

10 Products Under RM 20 That I LOVE!

Ola Girls!

So guess what? Today i'm gonna be talking my about my top 10 best beauty/makeup products that are below RM 20! Is that even possible? Yes, it certainly is. Most of the best makeup products are from the drugstore. For example, liquid liners and mascara. Anyways, let's jump right into it. These are not arranged in any particular order. I love all these 10 products equally. Okay, maybe i do love the SilkyGirl Liquid Liner a little bit more than the rest!

1) Silky Girl Precision Liquid Liner - RM 18.90

This is by far the best liquid liner of all time. Like for real. This liquid liner is the reason why people keep complimenting me on my winged eyeliner look. This is my secret. The Silky Girl Precision Liquid Liner practically TEACHES you how to use a liquid liner and also how to achieve that perfect looking wings. I used to suck at using gel or liquid liners. But after using this fantastic liquid liner, i literally became a pro at doing winged out eye makeup. And this is the blackest of the black eyeliner that I've ever used. And trust me, i've used a lot of eyeliner in my life. This is by far the best. It dries to a matte finish, which i love. I'm not about those shiny liquid liners. Plus it costs only RM 18.90! 

2) Nivea Pure & Natural Olive & Lemon Lip Balm - RM 9.90

This is one of my newest purchase compared to all the other products mentioned in this post. But omg, this lip balm is really good. It's only RM 9.90 which is really inexpensive. Plus, it make your lips so soft and smooth. I really like the scent of it too. Surprisingly it doesn't smell of lemon or olive. It's more of a refreshing scent. So don't think sweet! I know, you girls might automatically assume that it's sweet-smelling since i love anything vanilla/coconut. But this lip balm is a refreshing change from my usual likings. And the colour of it is gorgeous too! It's GREEN! Individual review on this lip balm will be up soon. 

3) Essence Mattifying Powder in #09 Soft Tan - RM 10.90

Basically, this is the only powder that actually keeps my face matte for a few hours. I have very oily skin. And no mattifying powders have ever worked on me. Not because they aren't good. But it's because my face just gets oily fast. I don't know why. So for me, if a powder actually mattifies my face for a few hours, that powder is awesome. Like whoa. So for you girls out there with normal to slightly oily skin, this powder is a blessing in disguise. It's cheap and it works wonders! :) 

4) Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoo - RM 19.90

These cream eyeshadows are the it's amazeballs! The colours are so vibrant and creamy. The texture is just perfect and the application of it is super smooth. This colour tattoos does not crease on me if i apply a powder eyeshadow on top of it. I always do that anyways, whenever I'm using a cream eyeshadow. I got 2 of these Maybelline Eye Studio Colour Tattoos. I got the Tenacious Teal and the Edgy Emerald. I'm planning on getting some of the more natural colours too. Like the gold one and also the taupe one! Those colours will be more wearable for everyday natural look.

5) Essence Brow Gel - RM 10.90

So you guys know that i love Essence Cosmetics. It's a brand that can only be found in Watsons and Parkson. It should be quite available as I've seen it everywhere. I love their brow gel. It's colourless, lightweight and just handy for the eyebrows. It comes in a colourless tube so you can easily see if you're running out of the product. Plus it's pretty cheap. And it's so darn hard to find a colourless brow gel in Malaysia. To be honest, I've never seen any. I've only seen all the tinted ones only. 

6) Maybelline Crayon Liner - RM 12.90

This Maybelline Crayon Liner is very convenient for everyday use. Whenever I'm back at my hometown, i usually don't really bother with makeup whatsoever. Mostly, it's because I'm too darn lazy and also it's like I'm at home. Why would i wanna look super glam up? However, sometimes, i do want look cute without piling on too many stuff on my face. So i like to just grab this crayon liner and line my eyes. And then voila! You already look put-together :) But be warn, this eyeliner smudges like crazy. So it's very panda-eyes prone! Doesn't really bother me though. I like the sexy, smudged out eye look.

7) Essence EyeBrow Designer in Brown - RM 4.90

Another fave product from Essence is their Eyebrow Designer. And boy, isn't that such a fancy name? Lol. It's actually just an eyebrow pencil. Essence's eyebrow pencils are very soft. It's very easy to blend. Hence, making your eyebrows look natural. But be careful and use a light hand for application. Coz it can be a lil too intense. I use it only to fill in the sparse area of my eyebrow. I don't fill my entire eyebrow with this pencil. I prefer using using an eyeshadow for that.

8) Red Cherry Lashes - RM 10

Okay, girls, if you're looking for a good quality fake lashes which is inexpensive and last for a relatively long period of time, GET the Red Cherry lashes! They are superb. Firstly there is such a huge range of lashes type to choose from. There are the natural looking ones and also the I-wanna-look-like-a-drag-queen-for-a-day ones! I tell you, they are amazing. And plus, they are only RM 10! These are the exact lashes that i wore for my cousin bro's wedding and also the reception dinner. It is also very easy to use. I'm pretty sure it's fool proof. Anyways, you can always get them from the Colour Cosmetics Malaysia website. Yup, that's right. You gotta buy it online. 

9) Wet & Wild Lipsticks - RM 16

You girls know that i'm a lipstick junkie. I am a hoarder of lipsticks. I just love finding new lipsticks especially if they are on the cheaper range. I've bought so many MAC lipsticks and for a change, i wanna try using more drugstore lipsticks. Since drusgtore lippies will be more cheaper. That means i can buy more. So imagine my joy when i found the Wet & Wild lipsticks! They are a USA drugstore makeup brand. The lipsticks comes in a plastic packaging which (okay, i admit) looks cheap. But who cares, when the lipsticks are of good quality! I love these lipsticks because they are so pigmented and not drying on the lips. Plus, they have such a huge range of colour. Very seldom you find drugstore lipsticks with a huge colour range. I get them from the Colour Cosmetics Malaysia website too. 

10) NYX Lip Pencils - RM 19

These are another awesome-sauce product. NYX makes such amazing lip liners. During my university days, i only used the Double Wear Lip Pencils from Estee Lauder. If I'm not mistaken, i used the shade Rose and also Spice. they were my fave lip pencils. But each of them were like RM 68 or even more (i can't really remember). So I'm so happy to have found these amazing NYX lip liners. They can be found in any Sephora Stores in Malaysia. They are of such good quality and the colours are amazing.

So that is my top 10 products which i love under RM 20. See, we can actually find awesome products for less. Who said that beauty has to be expensive? ;)

Lots of love from me <3



  1. Great list! I recently started purchasing NYX lip liners, they're such a good quality of lip liners and they're so pigmented!

    1. I know right? They are like even better than the MAC lip pencils :)