Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Johor Premium Outlets Makeup Haul ~ (Estee Lauder & MAC)

Hi gurrrrrrls!

So last Friday, i was back at my hometown in Johor Bahru for the Labour Day weekend. It was so good to be back home and to be able to spend time with my family. I miss them so much. Sometimes working in KL just makes me so homesick. But i just gotta suck it up! Everyone has to work. So anyways, my dad took me and my big brother to the Johor Premium Outlets. This is one of the many things that i love about Johor! The Premium Outlets there is AWE-to the-SOME! I love that place. They have all the high end brands like Zegna, Michael Kors, Coach, Burberry, Armani Exchange and many more. At the same time, they also still have the normal brands like Padini, Victoria's Secret, La Senza, Charles & Keith, The Body Shop and many more. I would like to say : They have the balance of both worlds. 

Today, i wanted to do a small Johor Premium Outlets makeup haul. I actually just got pretty much 3 makeup items only. I got them from the store which is called the Cosmetics Company Store. This Cosmetics Company Store is owned by Estee Lauder. And for your information, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and MAC are actually under Estee Lauder. Man, the owner of Estee Lauder must be freaking rich. That's besides the point. So basically, you can find makeup from Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Clinique and MAC in that store. There are a few limited edition products from MAC and that really got me excited. I got 2 Estee Lauder products and one from MAC.

As all of you would have guessed by now, i got a limited edition item from MAC. And it's the MAC Riri Loves MAC Collection. I got the bronzer/blush in MAC Hibiscus Kiss. When this bronzer/blush duo came out last year from 2 of the Riri Loves MAC Collection, i didn't get a chance to purchase it because it got sold out pretty fast. I remember feeling dejected and convincing myself that 'that blush isn't THAT great'. Imagine how excited i was when i saw it there. I was like practically jumping up and down in that store. The salesgirl was laughing the whole time. The original price of the bronzer/blush duo is probably around RM 140? But i got it for only RM 90! Omg, such a steal. I finally found a limited edition item that i really wanted and for a CHEAPER price! I'm a happy kid now. I haven't had a chance to use it yet. When i do, i'll do a review on it kays?

The second purchase was from Estee Lauder and it's the Aeromatte Ultralucent Pressed Powder. I got it in the shade 4W Deep Warm. I didn't swatch it in the store before as they didn't have any tester. But it certainly looked like it was my shade. I don't know for sure. I guess i will find out later when i use it. This Aeromatte Ultralucent Pressed Powder was retailed at RM 102. The original price was around RM 160. I'm not sure about the exact amount but it's around there (note to self : Please check the original price of the products next time). So YAY! Again, i got a good discount. This is why i love the Premium Outlets. You get awesome products for such a good discount. Btw, the Aeromatte Pressed Powder comes in a relatively large compact. Even i was surprised at the size of these powders. It's bigger than all the MAC powders. Big plus points right there. Reviews will be put somewhere next month or later this month.

The third and final product that i got from the Cosmetics Company Store is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Makeup. I got this for RM 109. It was originally priced at around RM 165++. I think it's a foundation. However, it does come in a tube which is shaped for BB creams. So I'm actually not too sure if this is a foundation. Plus the word 'light' makes me assume that this MIGHT be a BB cream. But so far, i have no clue. I'll try it on and maybe do some research online to see if this is actually a foundation or BB cream or even maybe a CC cream. Haha. I got it in the shade 4.5 intensity. This is also a very peculiar thing. The shades go by the word 'Intensity'. It feels very nice and light on skin when i swatched it on my hand. I can't say for sure that it's a good product as this is just a haul post. I haven't actually used any of this product.

So make sure you guys stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to check out updates on this products, kay! Hehee. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Love ya, lovelies! <3



  1. Great haul! I didn't know the CCO opened up there! Now I need to make a trip. I only popped in when it first opened.

    1. Ohhh i lot of stores have opened there now, babe! :) You should really make a trip down here. And besides, JB is awesome :D