Thursday, May 1, 2014

Style Files #5 Summertime Yellow Dress

Happy Day Coz It's Labour DAY!

Woohoo! Who doesn't like holidays? And i happened to have a slightly long labour day weekend because i was working last Saturday and I got one replacement leave to take. So obviously i HAD to use my replacement leave on the 2nd May just so i could go back to my hometown! Which is the good ol' Johor Bahru. Sheesh, whenever i have a holiday, i always run back home. Nothing feels better than going home and being with your family. And also Johor Bahru. I like KL but Johor Bahru will always feel like HOME! 

Okay, enough ranting. Today, i felt like doing a Style Files post. Since, it's summer now in USA, all the stores like Forever 21, Cotton On, Dorothy Perkins and so on are having all the "summer time" clothes like crop tops, shorts, bikinis, maxi dresses, floral prints and many more. So recently i bought this yellow floral dress from Kitschen in One Utama. I got this dress off the clearance corner for a discount price - RM 39.90. The dress is gorgeous. Most of the time i tend to stay away from colours like yellow, orange and peach. I don't know why, but it think they would be too bright for me. And it would make it look weird and will not flatter my skintone.

Boy, was I wrong! I decided to try on this dress that the shop and it looks gorgeous! Like omg. I totally fell in love with this dress. It's definitely a more summer time dress though with the prints on it. It also looks a lil boho too. This dress' hemline is irregular as the front part is a lil shorter. Whereas the hemline at the back is longer. Kinda creating the effect of a traill. Except it's not as long as an actual wedding gown trail. The dress is more laid back compared to most of the dresses that i have. i usually go for dresses that look very classy and dainty. As compared to dresses that are bohemian and laid back.

I don't know how to explain it. But that's it, actually. Maybe it's because I always want everything to be prim and proper and my hair is always neat (well not all the time, but you know what i mean). I'm not into the whole just-got-out-of-bed hair kinda girl. Anyhow, i really like this dress. It was unexpected, but i really liked it. To be honest, the only reason i tried it on Kitschen the other day, was because it was priced at RM 39.90. That's why. I didn't know that it will actually turn out so nice. So yay!

And i'm so sorry if the pictures are unclear. I was home alone that day and no one was there to help me take a picture of my whole dress. So i had to use my cupboard mirror which happens to be freaking small. So yeah. My apologies! I'll see if i can try taking another proper picture to replace this picture in the future. But for now, it's this that i got.

That's a wrap! I'll be heading out with my girlfriends later today. Maybe i'll do an OOTD post on that. Oh and i might get a haircut. Nothing drastic as usual. I'll probably just get some layers in my hair as it is so long now. I'm such a coward when it comes to changing my hairstyle or haircut for that matter. But we shall see.

Thank you for reading, lovelies!

I love you, all <3