Saturday, June 28, 2014

Get Ready With Me #5 Daddy's Resort Birthday Celebration

Hello girls!

OKAY! I know. I'm posting this post up so LATE. Yes, I've been busy. I've been busy in a good way actually. So yeah. Sometimes you get distracted with loving life so much that you forget all about your blog and beauty products and everything like that. Bonkers-alert! Okay, I'm probably not making any sense here but I'm just be pre-occupied and that now i will STILL try to post up all my posts that have been stalled. First, obviously has to be my daddy's birthday celebration! Let's get into it!

So I wore my new maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins. It's a gorgeous oriental-looking dress. It's a bright red coloured dress. However, the red isn't too red. It looks something like the shade of OPI's Red Apple. There are white flower prints on the dress which, in my opinion, gives the dress more fresh and fun look without making the dress look "too old". The neckline of this dress is kinda high so i decided not to wear any necklaces but to jazz the whole look up with some gold coloured Indian inspired earrings. I decided to keep my accessories to the minimal as I wanted the dress to be the center of attention for the day.

I also wore my Michael Kors Blair watch in rose gold just coz it's new and my daddy got it for me. I also paired that with my pink bracelet with a heart shaped pendant. i got this from Forever 21 for only RM 10. Such a good steal right?! Hehe. As for my hair, I washed it and let it air dry as i did not bring my trusty hairdryer to the resort. It's such a hassle you know to lug that heavy hairdryer everywhere. For my footwear, I wore my black flip flops from Fipper and matched it with my beige sling bag. I just couldn't be bother about my footwear that day. Ain't nobody got time to wear 5 inch heels in the resort.

As for my makeup, I decided to go with a simple look too. I applied my foundation as usual. I wanted a neutral look for today so I used my Naked palette. I took the colour Buck and placed it all over my eyelids. And then for my crease colour, i applied the colour Darkhorse. I really tried to intensify the colour Darkhorse as much as i could. Then i take the colour Virgin and applied it on my browbone as a highlight. I used the eyeshadow Sin to highlight the inner corners of my eyes too. Then I lined my eyes as usual with my eyeliners. Then i applied 2 coats of my Tarte Lights, Action, Lashes Mascara. After that, I smudged the eyeshadow Smog on my lower lash line. 

Done with the eyes and now onto the face makeup. I applied my MAC Hibiscus Kiss bronzer lightly over my cheeks to give it a slight contoured effect. Then I swiped my Tarte Exposed blush on my cheeks for that healthy-glow. I am seriously lovin' this blush so much. It lasts like forever (12 hours) on your cheeks. Individual review will be up soon! :) After applying my blush, i fill in my brows are per usual. I have a blog post on that. If you want to check it out, click here. For lipstick, I'm used my new MAC lipstick called MAC Kinda Sexy. It's a close dupe for MAC Cozy Up which i love but sadly, it is limited edition. I had no idea that it was limited edition. I only found out that it was limited edition after almost finishing the whole lipstick :( But oh well. Life goes on. And plus, I'm really lovin' MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick now.

And for my perfume and fragrances, i used the Body Shop Vanilla perfume with my Victoria's Secret Body Mist in Mango Temptation. Shocking but true. I've finally ventured outside the sweet, vanilla and coconut fragrances by purchasing the VS Body Mist in Mango Temptation. The scent is so yummy and sweet in a fruity kinda way. and mind you, i hate mangoes. I hate mango fruit and the taste of it. But the scent is so refreshing. I loved it so i had to use it. And that's all about my OOTN that night.

My whole family had a blast that weekend. Daddy was happy with the celebration and it was just the perfect little getaway ever! After all family time is precious time! :D

Till the next post then <3



  1. hi babe, just found your blog. would you have a post on your foundation routine? And what shade are you in MAC foundation? thanks!

    1. Hello Sheneitha! :) Thank you for reading my blog. I don't have an individual post on my foundation routine yet. But since you mentioned it, i'll try to post one up soon kays? In MAC i'm usually NC 45 :D xoxo