Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bershka Heels Haul! (2 Shoes)

Hello Gorgeous people!

You guys are so sweet to take the time to read my blog. I really appreciate all of you. So with that said, i have another mini haul for you today. And it's from Bershka. Bershka is the sister company of Zara. I really like Bershka coz i find the prices there good and the clothings are actually really nice. But what i LOVE MOST about them is their shoes and heels! the footwear there is amazing. Even though the choices aren't that many like forever 21. I like Forever 21 heels too but they are just too darn high! Like it's 5 inches high. As it is, i'm already so tall (i'm about 165cm). i don't want to look like a giant. 

I have no problems wearing heels. I just don't like wearing heels that are too high. Like i'm okay with the usual Bershka height and the ones from Charles and Keith too. Anyways, i got 2 heels from Bershka. One is a faux-snake skin heels in beige and the other one is just a classic red pumps. I like the fact that it kinda looks like a Mary Jane. Below is a picture of the heels. Aren't they just gorgeous?

So the Beige heels were retailed at RM 119.90. That was the price after the discount. The original price is RM 149.90. YAY. Who doesn't like a sale? I love the whole snake skin effect on the heels. It gives the shoes such an expensive and elegant look. Not that i would ever support the usage of REAL snake skin to make shoes. I don't approve or support that! That's just bad. You should never kill animals to make shoes. EVER. Anyways, don't you think it's such a plus point that these shoe designers can create a faux snake skin effect? I think it's gorgeous. And the whole pink colour effect just makes the heels look more 'younger' and not so 'boring'. Even the height of the heel is perfect for me to wear it for work and family occasion.

The second heels that i got is the gorgeous and sexy-looking red pumps. I mean, come on. Which red pumps isn't sexy? I personally feel that ALL red heels are sexy. Especially this gorgeous ones from Bershka. It was like love at first sight for me when i laid eyes on this pair. The colour is on point. It's the perfect red. It looks classy and sexy at the same time. And i also happened to need a pair of red pumps. Because i don't own one. Yup, i know, SHOCKING. I only have one Valentino red heels which is pretty old. But anyways, this red Bershka pumps were retailed at RM 149.90. It's still pricey but just look at it. Who can say no to this beautiful pumps? No one. And i'm serious. (Okay, i have a shopping problem but that besides the point). LOL. I can't wait to rock them when i'm having a Girls Night Out with my babes or even to a really nice dinner date :)

Personally out of the 2 heels, i can't decide which heels i like more. I love them both equally. They are so comfortable and easy to wear that it's worth every ringgit that i've spend on it. And they are both nice in their very own special way. But let me know down below which heels is your favourite pair.

Thank you for reading and have an awesome Hari Raya break.


Love you all <3


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