Monday, July 21, 2014

Review : MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick (Perfect Barbie Pink Lipstick For Tan Girls)

Hey Lovelies! :)

Today i wanna talk about my relatively new barbie pink lipstick! As some of you may know, i love wearing pink lipsticks. I know some tanned girls wouldn't even dare to think of wearing a pink lipstick. They don't think that it will suit them. And boy, are they wrong! All girls can wear pink lipsticks! You just have to find the perfect shade of pink to go with your skintone. And I'm glad to inform you that i've found the perfect barbie pink lipstick for us, tanned girls! The one and only MAC Pink Nouveau. 

MAC Pink Nouveau is a gorgeous barbie pink shade with neutral undertones. It's not too warm as well as not too cool tone too. I feel like it's the perfect neutral bright pink shade. It comes in a satin finish. You girls know how much i love satin finishes. I think it's the best finish among all the other MAC lipstick finishes. It's opaque and have such an awesome pigmentation. Usually satin finishes are not so hydrating. However, MAC Pink Nouveau is very hydrating. It almost feels like an Amplified finish.

MAC Pink Nouveau is retailed at RM 68 (the standard MAC Lipstick price in Malaysia). I personally think that MAC Pink Nouveau is the perfect barbie shade for tanned girls. Not MAC Candy Yum Yum. I think MAC Candy Yum Yum is just too bright and neon for brown girls. And that kind of neon shade will not flatter tanned skin. This is the swatch of MAC Pink Nouveau on my hand. See how gorgeous the colour looks? I'm so obsessed with this lipstick now. Like i want to wear it everyday. Haha.

I sometimes like to use MAC Pink Nouveau over MAC Please Me too. Just to achieve that slightly paler lips on days when i'm not feeling too... 'barbie'! Hehee. I usually pair it with a neutral eye and a thick eyeliner look. MAC Pink Nouveau is suitable for any occasion. First date, clubbing, rave party, shopping date with the girls or even to the office (if you work at a fun place!). I usually get 6 hours of wear with this MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick. I don't really need to touch it up unless i ate something oily. I always touch up my lipstick after eating anyways. Coz i absolutely hate the look of faded lipstick on your lips.

Anyways, below is a picture of me wearing this MAC Pink Nouveau. Isn't it such a fun colour to wear on the weekends when you're relaxing at the park or out in the malls with your friends? Come on, girls. Occasionally we all need that dose of colour! ;)

Thank you for reading! 

I heart you all <3 



  1. I'm an NC42 (lighter than 42 actually) and as a pink lipstick I love MAC's All Fired Up (Retro Matte), try it if you don't have it already ! This one, the Pink Nouveau though I don't think it'll suit me.

    1. Yes, i've seen All Fired Up. But it's in a retro matte formula right? I don't really fancy Retro matte coz they dry out my lips like nobody's business :( Pink Nouveau will look gorgeous on you girl! Give it a right one day when you're at MAC Store.

  2. Love your lipstick posts, all shades look stunning on you x

  3. It looks lovely on you and it seems similar to candy yum yum. Is it? I tried candy yum in the store and it didn't look good lol. I'm an nw37

    1. I find Candy Yum Yum too neon. This can be a slightly toned down version of CYY :D Thanks xoxo