Sunday, July 27, 2014

Style Files #6 Miss Selfridge Dresses

Good Morning Girls.

How's everyone doing? I hope you guys are having such a nice long Raya break! For me, i'm just chilling with my family in KL. They decided to come visit me here. So i took advantage of my baby sister being here and i asked her to help me take pictures of myself to do a LookBook sort of thing for you girls! It's been a while since I've done a style files in my post. And i have been buying quite a few items in these past few months. Therefore, today i'm going to show you girls my Miss Selfridge dresses. I'll be doing another post on my Forever 21 clothing too. Stay tuned for that. Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin' to keep up with my posts. 

So the first look is the Navy blue and neon orange dress. This dress is so bright and colourful that people always comment on it whenever i wear it. It's very eye-catching. This dress is definitely makes a statement. It looks classy and fun at the same time. It's not too short and it looks elegant. Since it's neon, it looks gorgeous against my tanned skin. The colour stands out a lot more. I usually paired this dress with my dark blue wedges from Forever 21 to add that touch of playfulness to it. I also wear my orange statement necklace to glam up the look a little. And on my hand, I wear my Michael Kors Rosegold Blair watch. 

The second dress is the grey and coral with 'animal' prints motifs. This dress is slightly on the sexier side because it is a lil short. And tight. Lol. But i like it. I like how the sleeves are not short. Most dresses have normal short sleeves (like the blue dress above) but not this dress. This dress has slightly longer sleeves which flatters my arms more. Plus, this dress just makes my body look nicer. I feel that it compliments all body shape. And it is so comfortable! I usually wear this dress with my new Bershka Beige Faux Snake Skin heels. It is almost the perfect match for this dress. Don't you, guys think so too? This dress is so versatile that you can wear it for work and also to a party! 

The third and final dress is the pink dress with peach coloured flowers. This dress is such a pretty modest looking dress when compared to the rest. It has a flared out skirt effect so your bootay can't been seen! Lol. It's modest enough to be worn when you're out with family and so on. And the length is also not short. It is of medium length. To be honest, i always wear this dress to work. I think it's comfortable and it looks rather formal too. And i work in a college. My clothes doesn't need to be super serious like wearing shirts and pantsuits. So yeah. With this dress, i like to wear my one and only berry coloured pumps from Charles & Keith. Mind you, all these dresses were on discount and most of them were below RM 200 after discount. This is why i love shopping at Miss Selfridge whenever they have a sale.

I hope you guys liked my Style Files for the Miss Selfridge dresses. Let me know which one you guys liked best. Till my next post then :)

Be positive, people! <3



  1. All dresses are beautiful ! You've lost weight babe ??

    1. Thank you, babe! :) nah, i'm still the same ol' me :P HEHE

  2. Hi...i need ur suggestions in hips are wide i am looking for a dress below knee length n with sleeve..can u suggest me any shops?

    1. Well, any shops will have those kind of dresses. Try Dorothy Perkins? :)