Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Drugstore Foundation ~ Revlon Colorstay Foundation in #370 Toast

Hello girls!

So it's back to business for most of us since Raya Break are officially over. Except maybe some of those women of leisure who just drink Starbucks while getting their manicures and pedicures done after a Pilates session and is waiting for her friends to go shopping at Pavillion later on with her rich husband's credit card! LOL. Oh well. One can dream. Not that i want to go to Pilates class or even have a rich husband for that matter. I just want a manicure. My nails need help! Plus, I'm the kind of girl that wants a job and earn her own money. That's besides the point anyways. Today, i'm gonna be ranting about the one and only Revlon Colorstay Foundation in #370 Toast. 

I got this foundation when i was in university. That means during my pre-Roaccutane days. That means when i used to have pimples. And this foundation really covers up em' blemishes oh-so-well! :) It's a full coverage foundation. It retails at RM 55.90 at Watsons. It's meant for combination to oily skin. That's awesome because i do have oily skin. Since i had blemishes in university, i did like this foundation then. It covered up any imperfections well and it gave me a satin finish. However, if you do powder your face with a mattifying powder, it will give you a matte finish. So that's nice.

The Revlon Colorstay foundation comes in a glass bottle without a pump. Kinda like the MAC Studio Fix Fluid. In fact, this foundation actually reminds me of the MAC Studio Fix Fluid. They are both full coverage, they don't come with a pump, they both have chemical-scented smell etc. But for the price, i guess it okay. I can live with it. I'm in the shade #370 which is a perfect match to my skintone. SO yay! It's usually damn difficult to find the wrong shade of foundation for yourself. However, bare in mind that this foundation only has around 5 different shades. And i'm using the darkest one. Therefore, girls darker than me might not be able to find their shade for this foundation. 

To be honest, i almost don't use this foundation anymore. It's because i just don't like full coverage foundations anymore. My skin is in a good place right now (thank you, Roaccutane) so i always use a light to medium coverage foundations like the Clinique Pore Refining Solutions makeup or the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Light Makeup. Those 2 are my favourite ones currently. But of course, if you're a fan of that flawlessly gorgeous face effect, then go for this Revlon Colorstay Foundation. Even though it's a full coverage foundation, it does not breakout your skin at all nor does it feel heavy on your skin. It's awesome that way.

I usually use this foundation when i have a nice event to attend like weddings or if i was going to take a picture in a studio. I wouldn't even use this for like a girls night out or to parties. Only to places where i'm going to have to look flawless and perfect while i'm having my pictures taken. So yeah. Plus, this Revlon Colorstay Foundation is really long wearing as well. It doesn't fade whatsoever. It's best to apply this foundation with a stippling brush. I dunno how the beauty blender applies this product since i don't own a beauty blender. Yup, i know. Shocking! 

The Revlon Colorstay Foundation sets nicely on your face so you don't really need to set it with a powder if you don't want to. As for me, i never like to set my foundation with a powder because i feel that it will make the foundation look cakey or it will cause the foundation to oxides. So there you go! If you're afraid that your face is going to get shiny after a few hours, make sure to bring some blotting papers with you to blot em oils away from your face. Ain't nobody got time for greasy face! :)

Anyways, that's all i got to rant about the Revlon Colorstay Foundation in #370 Toast. Below is a picture of me using the foundation. Look how flawless my face looks! 

Closeup picture! 

Thank you for reading! I love you all <3 



  1. your face is seriously flawless hahaha oh and i don't like wearing powder after foundation too. it makes my face waaay to cakey. just put the icing and i'm a perfect cake hahaha

    1. Awww thank you! You're soo sweet. True. Powdering your face after foundation is a no no for me. Eventhough i have oily skin!