Saturday, August 2, 2014

MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick Review (NEW Fave!)

Ola, my beauty lovers!

It's already August! Holy moly, time really flies. Before we know, it's gonna be Christmas already :O No, my birthday has to come soon. I'll be turning 24 this year. Yikes!! I still feel Forever 21 though. Anyways, my birthday is only in October. So i still have a few months to be 23 and young. Haha. So today, i'm gonna talk about my latest new nude lipstick. Ever since i found out that MAC Cozy Up is limited edition, i had to find a replacement for it. I LOVE MAC Cozy Up. Why must it be limited edition? Like why is all the awesome lipsticks in MAC limited edition? Cozy Up is the pretty pale peachy nude lipstick for my skintone. So, i went to MAC and asked the girl if they had a dupe for this shade. And the salesgirl pulls up the MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick for me. 

MAC Kinda Sexy is similar to the MAC Cozy Up lipstick. Except it is a little bit more pinker or slightly more coral. I love this colour so much but i still wouldn't call it a dupe for MAC Cozy Up. Nevermind, my journey to find a dupe for MAC Cozy Up is still going on. MAC Kinda Sexy is a gorgeous nude for tanned skin girls. It will look like a gorgeous pinky neutral for fair skinned girls too. It's one of my most used lipsticks too. I like wearing this lipstick to work because it not too nude nor it's not too dark or bold. It's a safe colour. 

MAC Kinda Sexy comes in a matte finish. But it feels more like a satin finish because it is not drying on the lips at all. It feels comfortable on the lips. I always use a lip balm underneath my lipstick anyways. I like MAC Kinda Sexy because it is not too pale of a nude. I used to like the concealer-lips-look when i was in university. But now, i don't like that look at all. I prefer a nude with some colour on the lips. I don't like the pale lips. I don't think it's attractive anymore. Unless you have a heavy smokey eye look going on. This is the swatch of MAC Kinda Sexy on my hand.

MAC Kinda Sexy is such a gorgeous nude-peach with a slight hint of pink. Therefore, you can wear it when you have a nice smokey eye look going on or even a simple eye makeup with some eyeliner effect going on. Pairing a gorgeous peachy blush with make this lipstick colour pop. I like to match this lipstick with my MAC Gingerly blush. MAC Gingerly is an amazing peachy blush. This is the perfect blush to match with the MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick in my opinion. Anyways, i get at least 6 hours of wear from this lipstick. The colour is opaque and the pigmentation is wonderful. No shocker there as all MAC lipsticks have good pigmentation. This is the closeup picture of MAC Kinda Sexy on my lips. 

Isn't the colour so pretty? Below is a picture of me rockin' MAC Kinda Sexy on my lips. Yay or Nay? 

Baju Kurung swag! ;) 

Thank you for reading. 

Take care and till the next post then :)