Friday, August 1, 2014

Style Files #7 : Forever 21 Clothing Haul! (4 Looks)

How's my beauties doing? :)

I'm sure you've seen my Miss Selfridge Style Files that i have posted earlier this week, i think. If you haven't, please make sure you check it out for some outfit inspirations. Today, i'm gonna show you the few outfits that i picked up from Forever 21. Forever 21 is my second favourite clothing store after Dorothy Perkins. Dorothy Perkins is the bomb. It will always be my number 1 store. The style is just so dainty and preppy and elegant and (sometimes) vintage. Exactly my kind of style. But there are days, when i wanna be fun and careless and also be colourful. That's when i walk into Forever 21. 

During my University days, I practically lived inside Forever 21. I even had more outfits from F21 than DP at that time. Not now though. Anyways, I wanna show you a total of 4 outfits that i got from Forever 21 in the past one month or so. 

Look #1 Green Maxi Skirt and Knitwear Top

So the first outfit that i got is from the discount rack at Forever 21. I kid you not! I got this long green maxi dress with 2 side slits for only RM 20. And i got this nice thin knitwear charcoal coloured long sleeves top for only RM 50. So as a total, my outfit only costed about RM 70. How cheap is that? This is why Forever 21 is awesome. When they have discount, it's REALLY good and worth it. The sizes maybe slightly off though. Like this skirt is in the size Medium. I usually wear size Small in Forever 21. But for RM 20, I can deal with a slightly loose skirt. So yeah. This outfit will be nice for a morning brunch with your girlfriends or even breakfast with your parents at a nice little cafe. The red handbag that i'm carrying is from Victoria's Secret and the red pumps are from Bershka

Look #2 Baby Pink Long Dress

The second outfit is my long dress. I fell in LOVE with this dress the moment i saw it on the rack. I quickly tired it on and the bought it. It's too gorgeous for me to turn it down. i mean look at it? It's so pretty! The colour is so feminine and girly. I can wear it on an elegant date or even to a party. The back of the dress is kinda sexy because it is backless and it has 2 slits up my leg. I didn't show it here for obvious reasons. Lol. it's just so nice. it's comfy because it is not tight. it is made from chiffon material. It is like a very relaxed dress. It will actually make a cute bohemian dress if it had prints on them. Thank god it doesn't have though. I prefer it plain and simple. I usually glam up the look with accessories and a nice pair of heels. Done! If i'm not mistaken, this dress retailed at around RM 149.

Look #3 Purple & White 

This is my second favourite outfit in the post after the baby pink long dress. I got this single high slit white about a month ago. it was retailed at RM 79. I'm so glad that i picked it up coz i can't seem to find them any more at Forever 21. And i think this skirt is unique because of the slit. How often do you see this kinda skirts in the stores in Malaysia? I'm talking about the high single slit in front of my left thigh. It's so pretty and comfortable. This is also a high-waisted skirt. it's made from cotton i think? I feel like super good quality cotton. And isn't the flowers on this skirt so pretty? I don't know what's wrong with me, but lately i've been liking a lot of floral clothing. Maybe it's because it's the summer time in USA. So all the clothes in Forever 21 is so summer-y. If that's even a word. Anyways, as for my tank top, i just got it from F21 as well for only RM 15. I always get my tanks from F21 because it cheap and comfy and it also comes in so many different colours! 

Look #4 Sweet & Feminine Criss Cross Rose Dress

Among, all the 4 outfit, i've worn this dress the most. It's just so versatile and easy to wear when you're in a hurry to go somewhere. You don't need to think much. You don't need to go through the hassle of looking for jewelries to match whatsoever. I like wearing this dress and then just adding a berry coloured lipstick with it. Plus, the back of this dress is so pretty and unique. I had to take a picture of it to show you guys. The cutout details at the back is kind of the "in" thing now. Many dresses at Forever 21 has this design. I like it so much coz it shows off the right amount of skin to maintain the dress' modestness. Plus, the price is good too. If i'm not mistaken, this dress is only around RM 129. 

And that's a wrap! Lemme know which outfit is your favourite one! I can't believe it's already August. Oh well. Let's just hope that August will be a better month for us all. And also for Malaysia.

I love you all, sooo much! <3



  1. Beautiful haul! all the pieces are so lovely!

    1. Thank you so much, Shivi :D You're too sweet!

  2. White skirt with slit is awesome (:

  3. Look #4 is nice - like the back!

    1. Haha :D I like it too. Thanks! xxx

  4. great haul priya! i especially love the floral maxi skirt <3 hope you'll check out my blog too! xx

    juli @

    1. Hi Juli! :) You have an awesome blog. Just checked it out :D Thanks again! xoxo