Friday, August 22, 2014

Top 5 Non-Cosmetics Essentials That Every Girl Must Have ~

Hey gurlssssssssss :)

Today I wanna share with you a few essential non-makeup items that all girls should have in their daily lives. I personally use these items on a daily basis and i can't imagine what i'll be without them. So here goes the top 5 non-cosmetic products that every girl should have!

1) Blotting Papers

This is something that i use almost everyday when i go out. Not necessarily when i'm wearing makeup, even on days here i'm makeup-less, i need to use em' blotting papers. As you all know, i have very oily skin. No mattifying powder ever worked on my skin. So if the powder is able to mattify my face for like around 5 hours, it is considered very good. And then after that 5 hours, i'll simply use my OXY Oil Control Film to get rid of the oil slick on my face. And the OXY blotting papers are my favourite one because it does not remove or smudge any of my makeup and it leaves my face matte for another few hours! Plus, it's really cheap (RM 9.90). Personally, i think that this is a must-have for any girl with an oily skin. You need this in your life.

2) Lip Balm

I don't know how some girls can sleep in an air conditioned room without apply a lip balm on your lips. Like Don't they get all dry and nasty? To me, lip balm is very very important because i hate dry lips. That's why i always exfoliate my lips as well as moisturized it all the time. I think it's good habit to apply use a lip balm before you go to bed. When you wake up the next day, you'll find a difference on how good your lips look! Plus, wearing lipsticks will be soo much better on a soft, smooth lips. I almost never have dry lips coz even when i'm wearing a lipstick, i actually apply a thin layer of the MAC Lip Conditioner first before i apply the actual lipstick onto my lips. Whereas, before i go to sleep, I use either my Nivea Soft Rose lip balm or my Nivea Pure & Natural Olive & Lemon Lip balm.

3) Sunscreen

This is super important for girls of every skin types, oily or dry skin! Actually both guys and girls need this too. Sunscreen. It's important for us peeps, living in Malaysia. In Malaysia, we practically have summer all year long. So we gotta protect our skin from the harsh sunlight. Please, please wear a sunscreen or sunblock whatsoever you call it whenever you step out of your house. Okay, let's say you're gonna go do your grocery shopping very quickly and it's in a mall, then maybe you don't need to use such a heavy duty sunscreen. But for those of you that will be outdoor for more than 30 mins, please use a sunscreen or risk getting yourself burnt. Or worse, have all kinds of skin problems that will make your face look not nice. So remember girls, take care of your skin. Use at least SPF 50. I always use the Lancome Sunscreen in SPF 50. Ain't nobody got time for sun burn.

4) Cosmetic Sharpener

Cosmetic Sharpener. I know some of you girls will be all 'Huh?' What the hell is that? Chill, it looks just like any other sharpener. But obviously it's to sharpened eyeliners and lip liners. This is only a must-have for my girls out there that love makeup. Most probably if you're reading this post, then you love makeup too. Because my blog is after all a fashion and makeup blog. So high 5, babe! :) Haha. Imagine, wanting to use a specific eyeliner but too bad it's too blunt for you to use it. That sucks isn't it? Even when i'm travelling, i always make sure that my Dior sharpener is being packed. Anyways, people said that the Inglot Sharpener is really good. I just use the Christian Dior Sharpener because my mum gave me this sharpener ages ago. I don't know if they still sell these sharpeners though... Oh well, any cosmetic sharpeners will do. You can even opt for cheaper ones like the ones in Sinma or even Shins. As long as they can sharpened the liners, you're good to go.

5) Body Moisturizers 

I don't know you girls, but even though i have an oily face, the skin on the rest of my body is so dry. I know, the worst of both worlds. It gets soo dry. Especially since i work in a cold office. And also since i was on Roaccutane a few years ago. That caused my skin to be dry. Ever since then, I've been using the awesome The Body Shop Shea Body Butter. This moisturizer is the best in the world. It's absolutely my favourite body moisturizers of all time. I don't know how i'll survive without this body butter. It is the reason why my skin is not THAT dry. I think that all girls should have that one good moisturizer that will moisturized their skin well. It can be either be from the drugstores like Watsons or Guardians or it can also be from Yves Rocher, L'occitane or The Body Shop! :)

So that's all the Top 5 non-cosmetics products that i think every girl must have. it's important you know to take care of yourself. Especially girls. We're meant to be pampered and loved! <3 Hahaa.

Thank you for reading! 



  1. Great post! I have every single one, I'm prepared haha x