Sunday, August 10, 2014

Urban Decay NAKED Palette Review & Swatches! :)

Ola girls!

Most of you would have already known that i have the NAKED 3 palette from Urban Decay. Ever since i purchased that palette, i've been wanting to get my hands on the NAKED original palette only because these 2 palettes are so different! I admit, the Naked original and the Naked 2 looks the same to me. Only thing, the Naked 2 palette is more of cool tone shadows compared to the Naked original which is mostly warm tone shadows. So anyways, i did purchase the NAKED original a few months back. And i LOVE it. Urban Decay never disappoints you whenever it comes to their eyeshadows. I would say that they have one of the best eyeshadows out there.

The Naked original palette is retailed at RM 188. All the Naked palettes are priced at that standard price. I particularly prefer this packaging compared to the NAKED 3 packaging which comes in a steel pencil-box-like packaging. The original NAKED palette comes in a velvet packaging with a magnet closure. I think this packaging is more classy and exclusive-looking compared to the Naked 2 and Naked 3. However, because it is made out of velvet, it can get dirty. And then you'll have to try and wipe it clean with a cloth every now or so.

I like the mirror that the Naked palettes come with. I think it comes in a nice size and it definitely comes in handy when you need a mirror to do your makeup. I remember back in my college days when i want to do my makeup, i always used my Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette's mirror because i didn't have a proper mirror at my hostel. Obviously now i have a nice dressing table to do my makeup. So yeah. But it's always nice to have a big mirror just in case you're travelling and your sisters keep hogging the hotel mirrors when you're about to get ready! 

As usual, all the eyeshadow formulas are amazing. They are soft and finely-milled. They almost feel buttery soft and applies so smoothly on the eyelids. I love UD eyeshadow formulas! Again, they are one of the best out there. I'm thinking of using this palette to do my makeup for my cousin sister's engagement party. Coz i want a neutral, natural kinda look. Nothing overboard as it is an engagement party. Not a wedding reception! So anyways, below are the swatches of all the eyeshadows on my arm. Isn't all the shadows just gorgeous?

Below are the close up swatches of these eyeshadows! 

(L to R : Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar)
(L to R : Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse)
(L to R : Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal)
I have to say, my favourite eyeshadow in the Naked Original palette is Smog. I think it's a gorgeous shimmery bronzey colour which looks amazing on the lids alone! Let's say you're lazy or you simply don't have the time to do your makeup, just applying this eyeshadow all over your lids makes you look stunning. Like as though you've done a lot of work on your eyes, when in reality, you actually haven't. The sheen it gives is absolutely pretty and glamorous. On the other hand, the shadow that i least like is the Sidecar only because of it's formula. I find that it has a lot of fallout whenever i apply it to my lids. Like what in the world? It always makes my makeup messy whenever i use sidecar.

Anyways, Naked original palette also comes with a nice eyeshadow brush. All the Naked palette comes with such an amazing brush that you can actually use. Unlike most eyeshadow palettes which don't have a brush or even worse - when they comes with those tiny sponge applicator. Like ever use those? O.o I also always use my Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original whenever i use any of my Naked palettes. This is just to enhanced the colours of my eyeshadows as well as to make it last longer on the lids without it creasing or fading throughout the day.

Below is a picture of me rockin' an eye look done using only the NAKED Original palette. I'll upload another post solely for how i got this day-time smokey eye look. What do you girls think about this palette? It is worth all that hype it gets? :) Let me know down below.

Thank you for reading. I really appreciate every one of you!




  1. aww you look gorgeous! i absolutely love your makeup <3

  2. I like the naked 1 palette but not love. I feel that UD shadows are over pigmented and thus hard to blend. What do you think? I also theink they they're too shimmery for office wear. This is an awesome palette for parties though.

    1. Well i like the fact that it is very pigmented! :) But yes, there are many shimmery eyeshadows in this palette that might be a lil too shimmery for office makeup. I would have loved it even more if there were more matte/satin shadows as well. Can't deny that. But nevertheless, i still really love the Naked palette! :D

  3. I have the Naked 2 palette and adore it. It's great and is also kind of memorable for me. I would really like to try the Naked 3 palette and the original Naked palette, but I'm curious what Urban Decay would want to release after the success of these. =)

    1. True! Probably NAKED 4 will be coming out soon :D

  4. This is really pigmented. Anw I love ur eyes make up. You look so pretty :D