Monday, September 15, 2014

Get Ready With Me #6 Cousin Sister's Engagement Party

Hello everyone.

Today is gonna be a Get Ready With Me post on what i wore and the makeup look that i did for my cousin sister's engagement party. It was about 2 weeks ago. And omg, the engagement ceremony was so beautiful and just perfect. I'm a hopeless romantic. So i LOVE to attend weddings or engagements and basically any of those marriage related events. It's just so beautiful to see the faces of the bride and groom. How they look at each other with those lovesick expression on their faces. Gosh, it's like watching a movie all over again. When will my time come? Lol. I can't wait :P

My precious baby sister and I :) We look like twins, don't we? ;)
Anyways, enough ranting. I wore a simple geometrical print saree with some purples, blues and beige. It's basically a multi coloured saree. It is rather a very simple saree because the saree that i had intended to wear, was not ready. The blouse wasn't done yet and it had a lot of problem. So i just told my mum that i'll just wear this saree. After all, i have not worn this saree yet. So i wore it and many people complimented the saree. I guess less is more after all. 

Even in the accessories department, i didn't go crazy. i just wore my Jimki (chandelier-looking earrings) and a simple necklace. i wore my bangles on my right wrist only and then on my left wrist, i wore my Michael Kors Blair watch. Thank you, daddy! :) As for my hair, again, i just blow dried it to keep it neat. 

As for the makeup, it was very simple. I just used the NAKED palette to do my eyeshadow look. I only used like 3 colours - Half-Baked, Darkhorse & Virgin. For my lipstick, I decided to go for a nude colour so i opted for MAC Cozy Up which is unfortunately limited edition. Again, i am so sorry that i don't have any close up pictures of my eye makeup look coz i'm always in such a hurry whenever i get dressed for an occasion. Anyways, I glammed up my whole face look by spotting a relatively big bindi in the colour maroon. Usually my mum would never allow me to wear a maroon coloured bindi coz it symbolises being married etc but this time she let me do what i want. I guess the bindi did look nice. Hehee.

As for my footwear, i just wore my Cotton On black sandals. Sarees always look nice with sandals. Or even gladiator sandals. They go well together. So keep that in mind. Lastly, i just spritz some Euphoria by Calvin Klein and i was ready to go :) I just wanna congratulate my gorgeous cousin sister on her engagement. She looks soo pretty and her sarees were amazeballs! I can't wait for her wedding. It's gonna be epic. 

Lots of love from me <3 


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