Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lovisa Haul ~ 2 Statement Necklaces + A lil Something EXTRA :)

Hello Girls

Today i have another haul for you. I just posted a Sephora Haul a few days ago. And now i have a Lovisa haul. Yikes, I've been shopping too much again. But let's not think of that. Let's think of all the awesome necklaces that i got. Not that many actually (thank god). I only got 2 statement necklaces and it was from the SALE section of the store. The deal was a buy 2 items for RM 56. I personally thought that was a good buy. Especially since all the items in that sale section was really really gorgeous. Even more gorgeous than any Diva Accessories that i own. No offences to Diva though. Diva was awesome as it lasted. Before they decided to shut close down in Malaysia. 

So i got 2 statement necklaces. One has a teal blue theme going on, the other one has a pastel coloured theme. I like both of them equally. I also like the fact that Lovisa gave me the items in a cute paper bag that can definitely be reused coz the quality of it is awesome.

The first necklace is a blue and teal coloured necklace. This necklace comes in a silver chain. I like this necklace coz it's chunky and it's blue. I don't know why, but lately I've been liking the colour blue a lot. I can imagine myself wearing an all-black outfit with this necklace. It's going to be that gorgeous statement glam necklace.

The next necklace that i got is a dainty looking pastel necklace with some lilac, baby pink and soft green shade. I usually use this necklace if i need a 'pop of colour' for a specific outfit. Isn't this necklace just so pretty?

Below are the pictures of me wearing those statement necklaces. What do you girls think of them? Are they Vogue magazine worthy? Hehe. Lemme know your thoughts in the comment section below.

NOW.... on to the 'lil something extra'. I got an over-sized sunglasses from Aldo. And it was on discount. So it was like only RM 18. Yay! It's in a gorgeous pastel peach colour which i LOVE! And it's a really good shades with a very good UV protection for your eyes. I know sometimes, when i buy shades from Forever 21, they totally do not protect my eyes at all. Even with the F21 shades on, i'll still feel the sun glaring in my eyes. So yeah. F21 sunglasses are a big no no for me. But imma be a slave for their beautiful clothes! ;)

VOILA! I kinda look like a Paris Hilton wannabe don't i? At least that's what my dad always says whenever i use this type of shades.

That's all for my review today. I didn't want the review to be so long and boring. So i kept it short. Hope you girls enjoyed reading it. Until next time! :)



  1. hi is my first time here reading your blog and just like you I love makeup and shopping a lot.. But to be honest I sucks big time at doing eyeshadow and I admire all your picture on how effortlessly you do your eyeshadow, maybe you can do some video for beginners like me and also how to use white eyeliner for the eyes..thanks! x

    1. Hi Shanya! That's my dream too. To one day start doing Youtube makeup videos for you, girls. Keeping my fingers crossed that the day will come soon! :) I'll definitely do a post on white eyeliner soon k. Not to worry! xoxo