Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review : Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Deep Peach

Hello my fellow beautiful readers,

You know those days when you stayed up late to party with your friends, or even when you stay up late the whole night to study for an exam or getting a presentation done. These things happens. So most of the time, the next day, we get em' dark circles under our eyes. And I have dark circles ever since i started working. But recently i got this amazing undereye cream which is very good and the dark circles have already lighten so much. It's not completely gone, but it's definitely better. So what i use to cover up my dark circles in the mean time is the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Deep Peach. I have done a whole post on how i cover up my undereye circles here.

Today, i'm gonna do a review on the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Deep Peach. This colour corrector is amazing. It actually covers up my dark circles so well. I use a colour corrector first to cancel out the darkness around my eyes so that it won't look ashy or gray. If you just use a lighter concealer to cover up the dark circles, your undereye area isn't gonna look brighter. it's just gonna look ashy and weird. You don't want that, girl! Ain't nobody got time for ashy undereye. So what i like to do first is to cancel out the darkness under the eye area and then use my normal concealer on top of that.

I'm in the shade Deep Peach for the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector. It's basically the perfect peach shade to cancel out the darkness under my eye. Sometimes, when i'm not using foundation, i'll just use this color corrector on it's own around my eye area. The texture of the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector is very creamy and kinda thick. It covers the darkness excellently and it does not crease of you set it which a powder properly. It goes on very smoothly on the skin and it doesn't break me out. Plus, it doesn't fade during the day. 

I also use the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector to cover up any skin discolouration. For an example, if you have a pimple scar and it is really dark, you can always use the colour corrector to cover it up. That's why i love it so much. It is retailed at RM 98 when i bought it. I've already finished up one whole corrector already. I'm currently on to the second one. It can last up to 4 to 5 months, depending on much often you use it. I basically use it alot since i wear makeup to work. To me, this corrector is a must-have. I can't imagine doing my makeup without the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector.

And those are my thoughts on the Bobbi Brown Color Corrector in Deep Peach. Have any of you girls tried it before? Do let me know your thoughts on it too :)

I love you all <3




    i think RM98 is not that bad for a corrector. Might give it a try when i had the chance soon :D

    1. Why is that so shocking?

      And yes, you certainly should try it if you have any dark undereye circles :)

  2. I love Bobbi Brown's natural and long lasting formulas! Their concealer stick has been a favourite of mine since I was 15 and had to cover up my cysts. It did the job! ^^

    I've yet to use an under-eye concealer though, so I don't have much to say on that, unfortunately. But I'll definitely be recommending this to my friends who do!

    xoxo Rin
    Fuurin Diary

    1. Yeah, I've seen their concealer stick. It looks pretty impressive :) I want to try them some day! xoxo