Monday, October 27, 2014

Review : Benefit POREfessional (Current Fave Primer)

Hi girls! :)

So i know that it has literally been ages since i last posted a blog post. I'm sorry I've just been so busy with life and enjoying my birthday week and yeah, pretty much everything nice is happening this month. Diwali has just ended. Which means i have to get my Diwali GRWM posts ready. I even have a house warming ceremony to attend in early November which means (AGAIN!) i have to get my saree all ready! Not to worry as i will be doing a GRWM posts for all of them. First, starting with my Birthday outfit because i did wear something cute on my birthday! :D Too bad i had no time to snap close up pics of my makeup. I might be recreating that look if i'm hardworking enough. Or else it's just gonna be a Style Files post. Kays, my lovelies? 

Anyways, enough blabbering, Priya! Let's get down to the review. Today i'll be reviewing my all-time favourite face primer which is the one and only Benefit POREfessional. Sorry, i don't think i should use the word favourite coz i've never really tried many face primers at all in the first place. So far, i've only used the revlon PhotoReady face primer, MAC Prep + Prime, Benefit IT Gal primer and the NYX Shine Killer primer. Hands down, the Benefit POREfessional is better than both of these primers. So yeah.

The Benefit POREfessional comes in a standard size of 22ml. However, it also comes in a large size which is 44ml. Sorry, i totally forgot how much i bought this for. Personally, i think Benefit POREfessional is amazing just cause it covers up my pores so perfectly! And mind you, i have pretty large pores near my nose area. This primer covers them up perfectly! I can actually see the great difference on my face when i use the POREfessional and when i don't use it. I also thinks that it makes your foundation glide on so much nicer! That is to be expected because it is a silicone based primer.

 Initially, before trying out the Benefit POREfessional, I was actually afraid that it will cause me to breakout since it is actually going to "fill in your pores". But it didn't. So, i'm a happy kid. I've been using this primer for about a year now. And it has never caused any breakouts on my face. So that's a plus point. This primer is also oil-free. However, i do find that this primer doesn't do anything to mattify my face. That means my face does get oily as per usual. And since the Benefit POREfessional did not claim to mattify your face, i'm okay with that.

The texture of the Benefit POREfessional is very balm-y. It feels like a very smooth and light balm. It also comes it a pale nude beige shade. However, it becomes colourless when rubbed onto your skin. So that's nice. Below is a picture of the product.

I give the Benefit POREfessional a rating of 8/10. Have you girls tried this product yet? If yes, let me know your thoughts on them. Thank you for reading! 



  1. Hie im new to ur blog..n i love al ur post..wonderful reviews n honest too which i like the most..was kind of waiting for ur post since eyeing ths primer too..thnks for the reviews..btw u look gorgeous!!

    1. Hi Ester! I love reading comments like yours. It means the world to me that people actually read my blog posts and all :) So sorry about the lack of blog posts during the month of October. I was really busy with Deepavali and my birthday and just a bunch of other stuff. I'll definitely make it up for next month.

      And yes, you will love this primer. It's the best that i've ever tried :) Thank you, sweetie!