Sunday, November 30, 2014

Style Files #10 Casual, Fun & Formal? ;) [3 Outfit Looks]

Good morning, girls!

Isn't this such a wonderful day to share with you girls my 3 outfit looks? I think it is. Haha. Recently, i've bought quite a few items of clothing for myself. I needed to get some t-shirts and there was the year-end sale so naturally, a girl's gotta do what she gotta do. And that means shopping! Yay! Lol. Okay, stop rambling. I have 3 looks to show you - casual, fun and formal! I basically rock these 3 looks all the time. Casual for when i'm out with my parents on the weekend, fun is when i'm hanging out with the girls and formal is for work, of course. Below is the 3 looks. 

Casual Look

T-Shirt : F.O.S (3 t-shirts for RM 50)
Shoes : H&M
Slingbag : MNG
Watch : Michael Kors Rose Gold Blair watch

Can we take a minute to admire the t-shirt? Haters Gonna Hate. I think this t-shirt is so funny. And plus, it's white. I love pairing white t-shirt with skinny jeans. It just looks so effortlessly put together. And then pair it with my grey shoes! Perfecto! I like this look alot. It will be something i wear when i'm with my parents coz it's modest. If i'm going to KL City for shopping and i'll have to take the train with my friends, i'll also wear this just coz it's so comfortable. 

Fun & Flirty Look

Cropped Top : Forever 21 (RM 59.00)
Maxi Skirt : Dorothy Perkins (RM 209.00 discount 50% off)
Sandals : Cotton On
Handbag : MNG 

This look is usually what i wear when i'm hanging out with my girls! This is usually what i'll wear if we were going to hangout at some fancy little cafe at Bangsar or having brunch at Hartamas coz it looks so fun and flirty at the same time. I really like the cropped top and the maxi skirt. Since the maxi skirt is quite long and high-waisted, i decided to pair it with a lacy cropped top. It just shows off the right amount of skin and it makes the whole outfit look so fun and flirty. Plus, the maxi skirt is sooo comfortable. You can always choose a different footwear to go with the outfit, but i always prefer to wear sandals when i'm wearing a maxi skirt or dress for that matter. 

Formal & Sophisticated 

Heels : Charles & Keith
Clutch : (It was a gift. So i don't know where it was from)
Watch : Michael Kors Rose Gold Blair watch

This is the newest dress that I've got. I have yet to use it for work. Hehee. The length of the dress is somewhat modest because it's right above the knees so it's not too short. This dress is very versatile because you can also use it for a nice dinner with your significant other. Or you can use it for any occasion really. Even on a girls night out if you're not into being too sexy whatsoever. I love the colour of this dress and also the fact that it is lacy. As usual, if the dress is monotone, i'll always use a bold lip to match it. 

And that's all that I have to share with you, girls! Can't believe it's already the end of the year 2014. Personally for me, the whole 2014 was really good and i was happy and everything was just fine. Except for the month of November and i guess, now. Things are a bit down for me now BUT i know it's gonna get better next year. Hopefully, the year 2015 will be way way wayyy more happier for me. After all, that's what everybody wants right? To be happy and healthy! 

Till the next post then :)


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Makeup Look #16 Cool Tone Shimmery Grey Eye Makeup

Hey Gurrrrls :)

How's all my readers doing? Today i have a new very simple makeup look to share with you all. It's super easy so i won't be showing a step-by-step review. I literally used like one eyeshadow only. I actually wore this makeup look for work. So it is work-appropriate. But of course, you can always use this for any occasion. 

I started off by applying sunscreen on my face since i live in Malaysia and it is really hot and sunny here. If you don't wear sunscreen and you go out for lunch, you will get sunburn Call me vain, but i ain't got no time for no sunburn. So i always ALWAYS wear sunscreen before i step out of the house especially when i'm going out in the morning or afternoon. I don't wear sunscreen at night. Anyways, after that, i primed my face with the Benefit POREfessional. And then i applied my foundation with my new Sephora Pro Finish Flawless Foundation brush in #56. 

Then i conceal any dark circles under my eyes. My undereye concealer routine is here. After that i applied my MAC MSF in Medium Deep all over my entire eye as a base. And then i used my BH Party Girl palette from BH Cosmetics for the grey eyeshadow. I chose a soft, shimmery grey eyeshadow  from that palette to be applied onto my eyelids. The reason why i did not apply an eyeshadow base first is because i wanted the eyeshadow to look like a 'wash of colour' on my eyelids. Since i am just wearing this look for work. 

Then i lined my top eyelids with my gel liner and created the wings with my liquid liner. I skipped the mascara because i wanted a more simple look. But i did curl my lashes. Then i filled in my eyebrows as per usual. I skipped on the blush as well but i swiped some bronzer on my cheeks just to define my cheekbones better.

Lastly, for my lips, i used the MAC Cherish lipstick first. I applied a very thin layer. Then i took my Sephora Cream Lip stain in #02 Classic Beige and apply it over my lips to deepen the colour of the MAC Cherish Lipstick. 

And voila! That's it. See how simple it is to create this look? Below shows the full picture of the whole look. I wore this makeup with my black-and-white maxi skirt and a grey t-shirt. Lemme know your thoughts on this makeup look! :)

Contact Lens : Freshlook in Turquoise

Lots of love from me <3


Style Files #9 Lazy Weekend Outfit

Hey babes! :)

Don't you just love the weekends? Heck is that even a question? Everybody loves the weekend! After a hard week of working, you just wanna unwind and relax with your loved ones. So last weekend i had a short gateway with my family. And it was so wonderful. I wanted to share with you girl my lazy weekend outfit! It's simple and comfy and easy to put together. 

Below is the OOTD picture! :)

Cardigan : MNG
Tank Top : Thailand Street Market
Pants : Giordano
Slippers : Fipper
Handbag : Victoria's Secret

My favourite item of this whole look is of course my Beatles tank top. I think it's so cool. And who doesn't like The Beatles? It look so vintage and rock & roll at the same time. Like omg :) Plus, it's super comfy. And not to mention cheap! I got this top while i was holidaying in Thailand last year. So yay! 

Lipstick : MAC Relentlessly Red
Since, i was feeling a lil fun and adventurous, i decided to go for a bright red-pink lipstick called MAC Relentlessly Red. This lipstick is amazing but it is super drying on the lips. So prepping your lips with a lip balm beforehand should do the trick! :) Plus, it does go well with the whole outfit. It kinds of acts like the perfect 'Pop of Colour'. Btw, excuse the messy hair. I didn't have a hairdryer with me that day. So i had to air dry my hair. 

Make sure to check out my previous style files of my 24th Birthday Outfit, Forever 21 dresses and my Miss Selfridge dresses haul! :)

Till the next post then! 

Love you all so much <3 


Friday, November 28, 2014

Review : Bloom Cosmetics - Bella Lipstick

Ola peeps!

I can't believe November is almost over. Christmas is just around the corner. I can't wait for the holidays. I seriously need the break from work. I've been dealing with certain issues and i just want some relax time. But don't worry. Relax time does not mean less blog post. I promise you i'll post a lot of blog posts during my holiday. Anyways, today i'm reviewing one of my longest favourite lipsticks of all time - the Bloom Cosmetics Bella Lipstick. It's a gorgeous red lipstick. As many of you would have known by now, i used to only have like 3 lipstick throughout my university life. This lipstick is one of them.

Bloom cosmetics can be found in any Shins stores in Malaysia. Bella lipstick is retailed at RM 50 (at the time i used to buy it. Now it's RM 55 if i'm not mistaken). It comes in a cute grey packaging. I love the fact that there is a sweet message on the metal part of the lipstick which says "Sealed with a kiss". How cute is that kissy symbol there? I almost love the illustration on the body of the lipstick packaging. It's so different compared to the higher end lipsticks cute as Bobbi Brown, MAC and Clinique. 

Bella lipstick is not the perfect bright red lipstick though. If compared to MAC Riri Woo, Bella lipstick does not have any blue base. It is more of a warm red lipstick with a slight hint of orange-brown in it. I used to think this lipstick is the perfect red until i tried MAC Riri Woo. It is still a gorgeous red lipstick. However, it's not the perfect signature red lipstick. Bella lipstick comes in a matte finish. But the formula is very moisturizing. It does not dry out the lips at all. 

Bella lipstick has great pigmentation. It is fairly opaque and last a good amount of time. It does fade off within like 4 hours which is quite normal for any lipsticks actually. Plus, Bella lipstick looks great on all skintones. I personally like to wear red lipstick with a thin line of eyeliner on my top eyelids and bronzer on my cheeks. I like to keep it simple yet classy. You can never go wrong with a classic eyeliner look. This is the swatch of Bella lipstick on my hands. Isn't the colour just so pretty? 

This is a picture of me rockin' the Bella lipstick. What do you guys think? Is it a yay or nay? :D Lemme know in the comment section kays! 

Till the next post then! :)

I love you all <3 


Style Files #8 My 24th Birthday Outfit! :)

Hello my beloved readers!

Finally i have my 24th Birthday outfit Style Files post up. I know, it's about time. After all, my birthday is on October. Hehee. But better late than never right? So here is the breakdown of my outfit. Since my friends and i are going out at night, i decided to wear my long pale pink maxi dress from Forever 21. I have actually featured this dress before in another post here. Anyways, here is a picture of me on my birthday looking happy as a fat kid in a candy store.

I matched the dress with a multi colored heels from Charles & Keith. The heels is slightly platform and is has such gorgeous soft colours like pale pink, soft grey, black and faux beige crocodile skin. I like this heels because it's comfortable and it's not super high. So i don't look like so giant walking around everybody else. Good thing my other friends were wearing their heels too. So yeah. 

On my wrist is my Michael Kors Blair watch in rose gold (thank you, daddy! you're the best). As for my necklace, i kept it simple with 2 layered gold necklaces from H&M. These necklaces are really cheap yet the look amazing. One of my friends actually thought that the pendant was real diamond. Obviously it's not though. It only costed me like RM 10.90 for the simple short necklace. The longer one was around RM 14.90. Isn't that amazeballs? Nice accessories for affordable prices! That's a steal girlfriend! :)

On to the outfit. Since my dress is kinda backless, i had to wear the stick on bra or sometimes it's even called a freedom bra. I got mine from Topshop for RM 89.90. I would say that it's very worth the price coz you get to use it a lot of time and the tacky size of the bra actually last a long time. So i highly recommend this bra for girls that like to wear backless dress or tops. I mean, after all, it is the in thing now right?

As for my makeup, I actually used a combination of pink and black eyeshadow. Yes i used black eyeshadow even though my dress is pastel pink. I just wanted to make the look a lil more 'night appropriate' since i am going to be wearing a nude pink lipstick to go with the dress. I kept my cheeks free from blusher and i only used bronzer to bronzed em' cheeks! Lol, and that is pretty much it.

And that's all that i have to show you about my birthday outfit. Hope you girls liked it. Till the next post then :)

Lots of love from me!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

MAC Mocha Lipstick Review! :)

Hello everyone!

So, i know I've been MIA for some time now. But not to worry! I have loads of upcoming posts coming along this weekend. Today, i'm here to review the MAC lipstick that i've been obsessed with for the longest time. The one and only MAC Mocha lipstick. MAC Mocha lipstick is retailed at the usual RM 68 (now RM 70!). I don't why MAC Cosmetics increased the prices of their lipsticks. Like whoa. That was fast! Anyways, back to the review.

MAC Mocha comes in a satin formula. As you all know, that is my favourite MAC lipstick formula. MAC Mocha doesn't dry out my lips at all. It is super pigmented and opaque. I love lipsticks that are pigmented and opaque. I am one person that does not like all those "sheer" coloured lipsticks. Like why would someone even want to waste their money buying a so-called sheer lipstick? It's not at all going to give you any colour pay-off. You're better off using a lip gloss or a lip balm. To me, lipstick should be about pigmentation.

This lipstick is also very long lasting. it lasts on my lips for a good 6 hours before i need to reapply it. Of course, if you're going to be eating em' greasy food, then it is going to fade off just like any other lipsticks. MAC Mocha also has that signature vanilla scent as all MAC lipsticks do. Now on to the colour. 

MAC Mocha is a gorgeous warm brown shade. It is definitely not a nude lipstick but it's a nice neutral colour lipsticks. For those girls that don't like the look of super light nude lips, this colour is perfect for you. Many indian girls love this lipstick because the colour is just oh-so-gorgeous! It's the most perfect in-between-nude-and-a-bright lipstick shade for my skintone. And in MAC foundation i'm an NC 45. Girls darker than me, can totally make this a perfect nude lipstick. Girls fairer than me, this will be an amazing warm brown lipstick which will look great during the fall time. However, in Malaysia we only have Summer time. So that ain't gonna matter. This is the swatch of MAC Mocha on my hand.

I always get compliments when i'm using MAC Mocha. I guess most people tends to prefer using a neutral coloured lipstick compared to a very nude or bright lipstick. It totally flatters my skin tone. Sometimes, when i'm not feeling like wearing a lot of eye makeup, i just put on this lipstick and i'll look put together. Nude lipsticks can make a person look too pale of if you're not using any eye makeup at all. So i prefer using the MAC Mocha. MAC Mocha goes so well, even with a dramatic eye makeup! That's why i love it. It's so versatile. And it's so warm tone. It compliments peach, orange and red blushes fantastically!

Below is a picture of me rockin' em' MAC Mocha lipstick. So what are your thoughts on this lipstick? Let me know if you want to try it :)

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