Sunday, November 30, 2014

Style Files #10 Casual, Fun & Formal? ;) [3 Outfit Looks]

Good morning, girls!

Isn't this such a wonderful day to share with you girls my 3 outfit looks? I think it is. Haha. Recently, i've bought quite a few items of clothing for myself. I needed to get some t-shirts and there was the year-end sale so naturally, a girl's gotta do what she gotta do. And that means shopping! Yay! Lol. Okay, stop rambling. I have 3 looks to show you - casual, fun and formal! I basically rock these 3 looks all the time. Casual for when i'm out with my parents on the weekend, fun is when i'm hanging out with the girls and formal is for work, of course. Below is the 3 looks. 

Casual Look

T-Shirt : F.O.S (3 t-shirts for RM 50)
Shoes : H&M
Slingbag : MNG
Watch : Michael Kors Rose Gold Blair watch

Can we take a minute to admire the t-shirt? Haters Gonna Hate. I think this t-shirt is so funny. And plus, it's white. I love pairing white t-shirt with skinny jeans. It just looks so effortlessly put together. And then pair it with my grey shoes! Perfecto! I like this look alot. It will be something i wear when i'm with my parents coz it's modest. If i'm going to KL City for shopping and i'll have to take the train with my friends, i'll also wear this just coz it's so comfortable. 

Fun & Flirty Look

Cropped Top : Forever 21 (RM 59.00)
Maxi Skirt : Dorothy Perkins (RM 209.00 discount 50% off)
Sandals : Cotton On
Handbag : MNG 

This look is usually what i wear when i'm hanging out with my girls! This is usually what i'll wear if we were going to hangout at some fancy little cafe at Bangsar or having brunch at Hartamas coz it looks so fun and flirty at the same time. I really like the cropped top and the maxi skirt. Since the maxi skirt is quite long and high-waisted, i decided to pair it with a lacy cropped top. It just shows off the right amount of skin and it makes the whole outfit look so fun and flirty. Plus, the maxi skirt is sooo comfortable. You can always choose a different footwear to go with the outfit, but i always prefer to wear sandals when i'm wearing a maxi skirt or dress for that matter. 

Formal & Sophisticated 

Heels : Charles & Keith
Clutch : (It was a gift. So i don't know where it was from)
Watch : Michael Kors Rose Gold Blair watch

This is the newest dress that I've got. I have yet to use it for work. Hehee. The length of the dress is somewhat modest because it's right above the knees so it's not too short. This dress is very versatile because you can also use it for a nice dinner with your significant other. Or you can use it for any occasion really. Even on a girls night out if you're not into being too sexy whatsoever. I love the colour of this dress and also the fact that it is lacy. As usual, if the dress is monotone, i'll always use a bold lip to match it. 

And that's all that I have to share with you, girls! Can't believe it's already the end of the year 2014. Personally for me, the whole 2014 was really good and i was happy and everything was just fine. Except for the month of November and i guess, now. Things are a bit down for me now BUT i know it's gonna get better next year. Hopefully, the year 2015 will be way way wayyy more happier for me. After all, that's what everybody wants right? To be happy and healthy! 

Till the next post then :)



  1. SO random, but I have that exact same grey shoes from H&M, and the DP lace dress, lol! :)
    Great minds think alike!

    1. Oh really? Wow, what a coincidence :) Indeed, great minds think alike! xoxo

  2. hey babe, what size are you in DP dresses usually and the FOS tee? u look tall :)

    1. For DP, i'm always a size UK 8. For FOS t-shirts, i wear size S. And i'm 164cm :)

  3. i love your lace dress! its so beautiful on you :)

    1. Thank you, Innanie :) You're too sweet xoxo