Friday, November 28, 2014

Review : Bloom Cosmetics - Bella Lipstick

Ola peeps!

I can't believe November is almost over. Christmas is just around the corner. I can't wait for the holidays. I seriously need the break from work. I've been dealing with certain issues and i just want some relax time. But don't worry. Relax time does not mean less blog post. I promise you i'll post a lot of blog posts during my holiday. Anyways, today i'm reviewing one of my longest favourite lipsticks of all time - the Bloom Cosmetics Bella Lipstick. It's a gorgeous red lipstick. As many of you would have known by now, i used to only have like 3 lipstick throughout my university life. This lipstick is one of them.

Bloom cosmetics can be found in any Shins stores in Malaysia. Bella lipstick is retailed at RM 50 (at the time i used to buy it. Now it's RM 55 if i'm not mistaken). It comes in a cute grey packaging. I love the fact that there is a sweet message on the metal part of the lipstick which says "Sealed with a kiss". How cute is that kissy symbol there? I almost love the illustration on the body of the lipstick packaging. It's so different compared to the higher end lipsticks cute as Bobbi Brown, MAC and Clinique. 

Bella lipstick is not the perfect bright red lipstick though. If compared to MAC Riri Woo, Bella lipstick does not have any blue base. It is more of a warm red lipstick with a slight hint of orange-brown in it. I used to think this lipstick is the perfect red until i tried MAC Riri Woo. It is still a gorgeous red lipstick. However, it's not the perfect signature red lipstick. Bella lipstick comes in a matte finish. But the formula is very moisturizing. It does not dry out the lips at all. 

Bella lipstick has great pigmentation. It is fairly opaque and last a good amount of time. It does fade off within like 4 hours which is quite normal for any lipsticks actually. Plus, Bella lipstick looks great on all skintones. I personally like to wear red lipstick with a thin line of eyeliner on my top eyelids and bronzer on my cheeks. I like to keep it simple yet classy. You can never go wrong with a classic eyeliner look. This is the swatch of Bella lipstick on my hands. Isn't the colour just so pretty? 

This is a picture of me rockin' the Bella lipstick. What do you guys think? Is it a yay or nay? :D Lemme know in the comment section kays! 

Till the next post then! :)

I love you all <3 


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