Thursday, December 18, 2014

Best Concealer Ever? MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer!

Hello, everyone!

Today i wanna show you girls my all-time favourite undereye concealer. Okay, before this i was using the Revlon ColorStay concealer that comes in a lipgloss-like packaging. That concealer was good but it wasn't spectacular. In fact, it did creased slightly under my eyes throughout the day. I used the Revlon Concealer for my house-warming ceremony last weekend. And all these indian ceremony usually involves some sort of fire being lit for the prayers. And guess what happened? My concealer actually started melting off my face. Imagine how weird i would have looked like? That was an embarrassing experience.The reason why that happened was because i was sweating so much and the fire from the prayers made the place so humid. So yeah. The Revlon concealer is definitely not long lasting at all! 

Anyways, today i wanna show you girls the best concealer that i've ever tried. It isn't a new concealer to me. I've always had it but i never really used it much. Since i ran out of my Revlon concealer, i decided to just finish up whatever concealer that i had instead of buying a brand new one. So i saw my MAC Pro Long Wear concealer just sitting inside my makeup kit and i thought "Okay, lemme try using this concealer again". To be honest, i actually forgot how amazing this concealer was! This is the only concealer that does not crease under my eye. Almost all concealers crease under my eyes, so imagine how happy i was to discover it.

MAC Pro Long Wear concealer retails for RM 80 in Malaysia. To me, the price of the concealer is affordable considering how good the concealer is. It comes in a relatively small glass bottle but it lasts a long time. You do need to be careful with this concealer's packaging. You can't accidentally drop it on the ground because it will break. So that's one con of the product. They must be handled with care. The shade range of these concealer in Malaysia are pretty limited. I don't know why they only have NW shades here. They don't have any NC shades. So i bought NW 35 which is kinda dark for the undereye area but i'm making it work. I always set my undereye concealer with the Inglot Mattifying Powder in Banana.

The MAC Pro Long wear is full coverage. It covers up anything! You don't even need a colour corrector if you're using this concealer. It covers up the most darkest undereye circles. Trust me on this. MAC Pro Long Wear is a liquid concealer that sets quite fast. So you kinda need to work fast. I usually just apply 3 dots under each eyes and then just blend it with my Real Techniques Setting Brush. Even if you don't set this concealer, it wouldn't crease. So that's great! :) I like to also use this MAC Pro Long Wear concealer as an eyeshadow primer. I find that eyeshadows really pop when i layer them over this concealer. So it can doubles up as an eyeshadow primer.

This is the pump that it comes with :)

And below is a before and after picture of my eye. In the before picture, my undereye circles can be seen. But in the after picture, my eyes are free from any darkness underneath it. It looked as if i had gotten so much of beauty sleep! Hehee. Man, i really love this concealer soooo much!


Sorry for the blurry picture. My camera wasn't focusing :(


Bye bye undereye circles! :)

Also make sure you keep your MAC products after they have finished so that you can Back-To-MAC those items. Exchange 6 empty products for 1 lipstick or eyeshadow of your choice. One of the many reasons why i love MAC. Hehee :D

That's all for my review today! So girls, i guess we can all finally say "Bye Bye Undereye Circles!" Check out my review of the Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex cream to reduce the undereye circles. 

Till the next review then! 

Woohoo! Christmas is coming :) 


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