Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Review : SimplySiti Absolute Matte Lipstick in Cindai

Hey gurlies!

Since Christmas is around the corner, let's talk about all the awesome Christmas parties that we will be attending! And with that said, girls, you need to have that perfect red lipstick to go with the Christmas-y mood. I personally feel that every girl should at least own one sexy red lipstick that you can wear whenever you want to feel sexy and confident. You totally do not need to own 60 over lipsticks like me. One will do. And I know, some of you college girls, might not have the biggest budget for makeup and cosmetics.

But not to worry. Recently i discovered an awesome drugstore brand at Watsons and Guardian pharmacy. It's the one and only SimplySiti. And yes, it is Dato' Siti Nurhaliza's very own cosmetics brand. I must say, her makeup line has impressed me so much. SimplySiti has almost everything you can ask for from a makeup brand - foundations to blushes to matte lipsticks to buttery smooth eyeshadows to amazing mascaras! Let's support our local brand, peeps! So far, i've been impressed with her matte lipsticks and her eyeshadow quad. Her eyeshadow quad is by far the best when compared to the other drugstore brands like L'Oreal, Revlon or Silky Girl. I'll elaborated on that in another post.

Right now let's talk about her Absolute Matte Lipsticks. There are around 5 or 6 colours of the SimplySiti Absolute Matte lipsticks. I bought the Cindai lipstick. And it is officially the most prettiest red lipstick i own! SimplySiti matte lipsticks are retailed at RM 27. These lipsticks are really value for money because the quality of these lipsticks are amazing. They do not feel chunky on your lips at all. Even though they have a matte finish, they do not dry your lips at all. In fact your lips will be so moisturized and comfortable throughout the day. You how sometimes when you wear MAC Ruby Woo lipstick and your lips gets dry and you just feel like your lips have a thick layer of product on? You don't get that with this lipstick.

In fact, the formulation of these SimplySiti almost feels like the Clinique Long Last Soft Matte lipsticks except these SimplySiti lipsticks are soo much cheaper! They have a thin consistency so that your lips doesn't feel chunky or dry. The Cindai lipstick goes on very lightly on the lips but the pigmentation of it is awesome. It's so pigmented and long lasting. I wore this lipstick the whole day at work and it did not fade. I only had to reapply it after i had my lunch. Coz i ate something oily (nasi lemak, to be exact :P).

SimplySiti's Cindai lipstick is the most gorgeous brown-red lipstick. It's not a blue based red lipstick. It is a more warmer tone brown - red lipstick. I hope you girls understand what i'm saying. Here is a swatch of the Cindai lipstick. Isn't the colour just perfect for any Christmas party or new Years party that you'll be attending? :) As you can see here, even though it's a matte lipstick, the lipstick does have some kind of moisture in it. This is due to the shea butter that is in the lipstick. In that case, it kinda reminds me of the L'Oreal Moisture Matte lipsticks as well. Except the L'Oreal lipsticks are quite on the thicker side too. It goes on the lips quite heavy.

The packaging of these SimplySiti Matte Lipsticks is so nice. They come in a sort of rose gold packaging. They don't feel cheap at all unlike the Wet & Wild lipstick's packaging. I like the packaging. So yeah. The lipstick as a slight mint scent to it but nothing too strong. In fact, i'm pretty sure most people would even notice the slight mint scent. It's that faint. I really don't care about the scent of a lipstick. As long as they don't smell citrusy or fruity, i'm good! :)

This Cindai lipstick will look good on every skintone ranging from fair to dark. It is also a very versatile colour. I personally feel that older ladies will love this lipstick too. I can totally imagine my mum wearing this lipstick as her everyday lipstick coz my mum likes darker lipsticks anyways. Even a 24 year old girl will like this lipstick on the days where she wants to look like a sex goddess. Lol. Pair it with a soft golden brown eye look and you're good to go to that wedding reception that you have to attend at the end of this month :)

And that's all for the review on the Cindai Lipstick. Let me know your thoughts on the SimplySiti lipsticks if you have tried them before. I seriously so glad that i discovered them because who doesn't like finding awesome quality makeup for an affordable price? :) I give the SimplySiti Absolute Matte lipstick in Cindai a rating of 9/10! :D

Happy December, peeps :)

Much love from me! <3


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