Friday, December 26, 2014

SimplySiti Bejeweled Multicolor Eyeshadow Palette (Sapphire Edition)

Hi everyone!

Once again, it's the end of the year already. Time really flies huh? Hopefully 2015 will be much kinder to us all. Anyways, since it's almost New Years, i wanna share with you girls a new eyeshadow palette that i had just gotten from Watsons. Yes, it's a drugstore eyeshadow palette! I always love it when i find super good eyeshadow or even simply just any makeup items that are amazing from the drugstore. Because ain't nobody got so much money to spend on makeup. Hahaa. Anyways, the eyeshadow palette that i mentioned is the SimplySiti Bejeweled Multicolor Eyeshadow Palette (Sapphire Edition). 

Firstly, this Bejeweled Eyeshadow palette is retailed at RM 45.90. That is relatively inexpensive as you are getting 4 eyeshadows. With a mirror. And a tiny little brush. So that's good. Even the packaging is quite cute. It's a nice navy blue and silver packaging with some rhinestone on top of the cover. I like that. I think it's really cute. But if you ask me if the packaging looks expensive, the answer is no. It does not. But who cares right? It's the eyeshadows that matters.

The eyeshadows have relatively good pigments. They are not super pigmented but they are okay when used with an eyeshadow primer. The eyeshadows are all shimmery shades. I like shimmery eyeshadows but sometimes it's nice to have one eyeshadow in that palette to be matte. I would have preferred it if the brown-orange shade in the palette to be matte. That would have been such a gorgeous transition shade and also crease colour. My favourite eyeshadow in this palette has to be that khaki green/moss green shade. It is just so beautiful! I can totally foresee myself using this eyeshadow when i'm wearing any brown, earthy coloured clothes.

The eyeshadow texture is pretty good for drugstore quality. BUT it does have a slight fallout due to it's shimmery finish. That can be quite irritating when you're doing your makeup. So i suggest that you do your eye makeup first and then only do your face makeup. That way, you can wipe off any fallout from your eyeshadow on your face before doing your foundation, blush and bronzer. I like the face that this eyeshadow palette comes with a small brush too. I mean, we all know that those sponge applicators are useless. I always end up throwing them away anyways. So it's nice that they come with a tiny little brush. Hehee.

Below is the eye makeup that i came up with this palette. What do you girls think about the look? Lemme know your thoughts in the comment section :)

So that's all that i have to say about the SimplySiti Bejeweled Multicolor Eyeshadow Palette in Sapphire. If you haven't checked out my SimplySiti Absolute Matte lipstick in Cindai, click here.

That's all for today. Thank you for reading, my lovelies! <3



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    1. Hahaa :D That's the cutest thing i've ever heard! lol, thank you :) xx

  2. Hi hello Priya.

    I have this SimplySiti Bejeweled Multi Eye Color Sapphire Edition and SimplySiti Luscious Lip Color in Wild Rose LC 33.

    I got these items as free gifts from drugstore. Since I do not wear make up, I would like to sell it at RM30 (lipstick) and RM40 (eyeshadow palette) exclude postage. And of course without GST. Do Whatsapp me at 016-255 2045 if you are interested. Thank you. :)