Saturday, December 20, 2014

Step by Step : My Signature Winged Eyeliner Look!

Ola girls!

So i want to start a new series on my blog called "Step By Step". In this series, i'll be showing you step by step how to achieve a certain look. It may be an eyeshadow look, or a new lip combination or even a hair tutorial. Pretty much anything. I'll show it to you step by step using pictures to illustrate what exactly i'm doing. I really hope these posts will be useful for you all. Today i'm gonna show you my Step by Step : My Signature Winged Eyeliner Look. As most of you would have known by now, i pretty much rock a winged out eyeliner everytime i wear makeup. That's just how i like it. I know most girls don't really like winged out eyeliner as their everyday look but i'm unicorn. I'm different. Hehe. Below are the steps to get my signature winged out eyeliner look. 

Step 1 : Start with a clean eye

What i mean by clean eyes are eyes with undereye dark circles that have been concealed. Or if you're one of those lucky people without any dark circles, just plain ol' clean eyes. 

Step 2 : Use a thin eyeliner brush to draw a very thin line in your inner corners 

Dip the eyeliner brush into the gel liner that you're using and draw a thin line. Stop at 1/3 of your eyes.

Step 3 : Take a normal gel liner brush (using my Maybelline Gel Liner brush) to line the rest of the top lash line 

Since i like my eyeliner to be rather thick, i take my eyeliner brush that comes together with my Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting drama gel liner, to line the rest of my eyelids. So this will make the eyeliner line look like it is gradually getting thicker.

Step 4 : Use pencil line to line half of the lower lash line

After that, that any pencil liner (i'm using my Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil liner in Zero) and draw a line on the lower lash line halfway from the outer corner of the eyes to the middle of your eyes.

Step 5 : Use a liquid liner to draw the wings

Lastly, use a liquid liner (i'm using the Silky Girl Precision) to create the winged out look. I always start from where my wing would normally end. And then connect it with my outer corners. Do you girls get what i mean? I wouldn't do the conventional way from drawing a wing starting from my outer corners. I'm weird like that :P

And that's it, you guys! It's very simple. Of course, you girls can opt for lesser products. Like for example, you can totally use the same product to create your wing as well as line your top eyelids! I just use this many products because i have them and also coz i can. So yeah. It's a matter of preference. 

Till the next post then! Byeee :)



  1. Winged out eyeliner is always the go-to look! However I think it's easier to achieve with only one type of eyeliner instead of using both gel and liquid. I personally like liquid eyeliner as it gives a perfect line at one go. Try Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner. The best liquid eyeliner I have tried thus far. Great staying power and you can easily do a thin or a bold ass line within seconds. Love your signature wing look with a neutral lip btw. xx

    1. Yes, as i had already mentioned in my post, you can use the same product to do this whole eyeliner look. I just have so many makeup items that i choose to use a few different product to do my winged eyeliner look. Nothing wrong in both ways. So yeah. Thanks anyways :) xoxo