Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Temporary Tattoos Are SO IN! - What is shappytats?

Hello my lovely readers :)

Today i wanna share with you all a new current obsession that i have. Lately I've been lovin' the look of tattoos. But you girls know how i feel about em' tats. I don't like the look of REAL tattoos. They look too hardcore and unlady-like to me. I know many people don't think that way, but that's what i feel towards tattoos. I don't even like tattoos on guys. So imagine it on girls? Nope, no thank you. I will never get a tattoo on myself. SOOOO for us people that don't want to get real tattoos but like the occasional tattoo-like design on ourselves, i have a found something nice for you guys! And they are called the shappytats! 

Shappytats send me this gorgeous henna-inspired design sticker. I must say, that i am really lovin' these tattoo stickers. They look so gorgoeus and you can use it for many occasions. You can also use it on any parts of your skins like your arms, hands, legs, chest, back etc. These tattoo stickers are also very versatile because you can actually cut them into smaller pieces to create your very own design. 

Below is how i did my baby sister's hands and legs. Isn't it the prettiest thing ever? :)

And this is how i did mine. I used my temporary tattoo sticker as an anklet and also did some on my wrists. Hehe. So cute, right? 

The shappytats are temporary tattoos stickers. They are obviously not permanent. They last about 3 to 5 days if you take care of it. However, it is not recommended to be used on sensitive skin. The picture below shows the instructions on how to use the shappytats temporary tattoo stickers.

As mentioned in the directions above, the shappytats stickers can be removed easily using baby oil or coconut oil. All you need to do is just gently scrub the tattoos off. And you're good to go. These temporary tattoo stickers are retailed at RM 20 per piece. You can purchase these stickers on their Facebook Page/Store - Shiny Happy People! Just send them a message telling them which design that you want (they have lots of amazing temporary tattoos designs to choose from). To select their designs, you can also check out their Instagram page, here. However, the store is currently closed for the holidays but they will be back online on the 5th of January. So keep that in mind.

I'm sure during this time of the year, you girls need some bling bling! I mean, come on, no New Years Eve look is complete without some glitz and glam. And what more way to glam up yourself for NYE parties by sticking some gorgeous shiny tats on yourselves? You'll be counting down to 2015 in style. Why not start your 2015 with some delicate bling bling :) <3 

And that's all for today, girls!

Enjoy getting your shappytats. Merry Christmas, darlings :)



  1. they are so cute ! im gonna get some for myself =)

    1. you should! They are really awesome :) Especially if you want some bling bling in your life xx