Monday, January 26, 2015

Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume Review

Hello everyone! :)

So today is a perfect day for a perfume review. I am going to review my latest favourite new perfume of all time. The Calvin Klein Euphoria for women. This perfume is the bomb. It is definitely not the usual type of perfume that i like coz it's not sweet smelling at all. It has a more of a sexy scent to it. I surprisingly like it soo much! Maybe it's coz i'm no longer a girl anymore. I'm a lady. Hopefully, a sexy one too :P hahaa! Below is a picture of the perfume.

Let's jump right in. I got this perfume as a birthday gift from my parents in October last year. I dont know the price of it exactly but it's around RM 350++ because they got me the biggest bottle which is the 160ml one. I know, i have the best parents in the whole world. Thank you, mummy and daddy. I tell you all, I cannot get enough of this perfume! Ever since i got it, i've been using it non stop. It has a very strong exotic floral scent. It's definitely under the sexy perfume category. 

Euphoria perfume is also a night perfume. I don't really care though, i use it even during the daytime and also for work. It's very strong and long lasting. You only need 3 pumps and you're good to go. That will last you the whole day. Until you take a shower, the scent will linger on your skin and clothes. That's what i love the most about this perfume. I put it on at 8.20am before i leave my housefor work and by 6pm, when i reach home, the scent is still there. Most perfumes don't last the whole day. They usually last like max 6 hours. 

Euphoria perfume comes in a pretty boat-like bottle which looks super unique and elegant. I like it. I always feel like some high class elegant lady when i use this perfume. You can't blame me. I mean, look at it. It's perfect! You girls that are looking for a classy scented perfume, go and get Euphoria. Trust me, you'll thank me later. And mind you, it doesn't have that whole "old lady, grandma scent". It's sexy smelling in fact. For my girls that love to go clubbing, you spray this perfume on and after your whole clubbing session is over, you'll still be able to smell this perfume. It's THAT good. 

So yeah. That's all i've got to say for this Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume. Below is a picture of me holding the Euphoria bottle excitedly. And yes, my hair isn't black anymore. This picture was taken BEFORE i had my hair makeover. 

Thank you for reading, babes! :)

I love you all <3 


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