Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in #170

Namaste Girls! :)

I am currently stuck at home now because i have conjunctivitis today. Can you believe my luck? I woke up with the most crustiest left eye ever. I couldn't even opened it. Gosh. I literally freaked. I went to the doctor and the doctor gave me this special cream for my eyes that i was supposed to put like 4 times a day. Hopefully it gets better by tomorrow. Looks like i have to be wearing my glasses to work tomorrow. Omg, the nightmare. I hate wearing my glasses. I think it makes me look nerdy and geeky so yeah. I just try not to use my glasses most of the time. But obviously i have no choice but to wear them for work tomorrow. LOL, i probably sound like a vain pot right now.

Anyways, since i'm stuck at home, i decided to just do a review on my Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. This foundation is apparently Make Up For Ever's best selling foundation! Keep in mind that these pictures were taken during the weekend. That's why my eyes were normal at that time. So, let's jump right in! I'm in the shade #170. The MUFE HD  foundation comes in a large range of shades. This can be found at all Sephora Stores in Malaysia. So for my darker ladies out there, good news! You will be able to find your foundation shade for this foundation. YAY! You go, Make Up For Ever! 

The Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation is retailed at RM 185. This foundation is definitely in the higher price range. It's the same price as a Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation. So that's actually expensive. It comes in a plastic bottle of 30ml (like most foundations). It looks quite big too compared to other foundation bottles. What i like about this foundation is that it comes with a handy pump. As you all may know, MAC foundations and NARS foundations does not come with a pump. So i would say that the price of this foundation is justified. 

I seriously am in love with this foundation. It has a very beautiful satin/velvety finish. At first when you put it on, it looks sort of matte. Then throughout the day, it looks more velvety finish. It gives you the most gorgeous glow. And i have oily skin! Usually all foundations make me look oily and greasy as hell. But this foundation makes me look dewy. AT the end of the day, i look dewy. That's why this foundation will look amazing on girls with normal skin. Normal skin girls will probably make this foundation their holy grail item because it is the bomb.com. As for me, i personally prefer to use this foundation at night when the sun isn't shinning and the surrounding isn't so hot. I also love this foundation when i'm going to be taking flash photographs. The pictures just turns out soooo beautiful! 

The consistency of the MUFE HD Invisible Cover foundation is that is it quite on the watery side. It doesn't feel like a thick, creamy consistency. This is the first time that i'm using a sort of watery consistency foundation. My advice will be to use a beauty blender or the Sephora Pro Flawless Airbursh brush in #56. Do not use a stippling brush because it will make your foundation look streaky and not pretty. For girls with large pores, PLEASE do apply a pore minimizing primer on your face before applying this foundation or else your pores are gonna look so obvious. I dunno why but this foundation actually eventuate all the pores on your face. So definitely use a skin smoothing primer beforehand. For me, i'm using Benefit's POREfessional :) 

The coverage of this foundation is more of a light to medium coverage. I'm gonna be honest here. If you have a lot of acne or scars on your face, this foundation is definitely not for you. It does have the tendency to look cakey. And that is not a good look. Below is a picture of me using the foundation without setting it with any other powders or bronzers or blushes. My skin is bare except for the foundation, eye makeup and lipstick. As you can see in the picture, one or two pimple marks can still be seen after i applying this foundation. Hence, the whole conclusion on how it's a light to medium coverage foundation. 

And that's all about the Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I give it a rating of 9/10 because i love it. You girls know that i love discovering awesome foundations. Next i want to try the Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + foundation. Apparently that foundation is amazing for oily skin girls like me. Hehe. 

Thank you for reading! 

Much love from me <3 


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wet & Wild Cherry Bomb Lipstick (New Vampy Lipstick!)

How's all my beautiful readers doing today? :)

Ever since Wet & Wild cosmetics are available in Malaysia, I've been buying their products non-stop. It's cheap, has really good qualities and they aren't like the typical Malaysian drugstore cosmetics! They have bronzers and eyebrow kits! Which other brands at Watsons or Guardians have a bronzer? Or at least an eyebrow kit? NADA! This is why Wet & Wild is awesome. In Malaysia, their products are available in all Sasa Stores. I've so far reviewed the Wet & Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder. After this lipstick review, I'll probably review the 8 Colour Iconic Eyeshadow palette next. In a mean time, enjoy my review of the Wet & Wild Cherry Bomb Lipstick. 

I'm adventurous when it comes to my lip colours. You can totally see me rockin' a red lipstick at the mall, or a purple lipstick at work or even a super bright pink lipstick when i'm hanging out with my girls. So it wouldn't be a surprise when you see me rockin' a vampy lipstick. Wet & Wild Megalast Lipstick in Cherry Bomb is a very dark maroon shade lipstick. 

Some people say that Cherry Bomb is a dupe for MAC Diva lipstick. I personally don't agree because Cherry Bomb is significantly darker than MAC Diva. It looks more like MAC Sin lipstick. Below is a comparison picture of MAC Diva and Wet & Wild Cherry Bomb lipstick.

Wet & Wild Megalast lipsticks are more of a semi matte finish. They are more of a satin finish when compared to the MAC Lipstick Finishes. Cherry Bomb is not drying to your lips if you don't have chapped lips. If you do have chapped lips, it's better if you put some lip balm onto your lips before applying this lipstick. The pigmentation of Cherry Bomb is awesome. It gives you intense pigmentation in just one swipe. Of course if you like a more sheer look for you lips (Sheer? What's that? :P ) than just lightly dab the lipstick on your lips instead of swiping it on your lips. 

The packaging of these Wet & Wild lipsticks might be of a slight downer. The packaging is plastic and it does look cheap. The lipstick bullet always gets smashed onto the cover if you girls don't put on the cover of the lipstick properly. So when you're in a rush, don't use the Wet & Wild lipstick, You will smash it. I don't really find the packaging a big downer coz the lipstick is so cheap. For an RM 20.90 lipstick, i don't care if the packaging sucks. As long as the lipstick is amazing and the colour range is awesome, i will like it. Below is a lip swatch of the Wet & Wild Cherry Bomb on my lips. 

I personally think that this lipstick will look amazing on any skintone. My bff loves this lipstick so much. It's almost like her everyday lipstick. If i had to choose between MAC Diva and Cherry Bomb, i'll definitely choose MAC Diva coz it's not THAT vampy. But for those of you on a budget, Wet & Wild's Cherry Bomb will do the trick! They are almost similar and Cherry Bomb costs only a fraction of MAC Diva which is RM 70 now. So that's an idea. If you're crazy and wanna get 2 lipsticks like me just coz you insist that they are both very "different" go ahead and get both of them :)

Below is a picture of me trying to look all punk rock but failed miserably. What can i say? I'm definitely not a rocker chick. I don't even own one leather jacket :(

And this is me being me. Lol. What do you girls think of the Wet & Wild Cherry Bomb lipstick on me? is it a Yay or a Nay? Lemme know your thoughts, girls! 

Till the next post then! <3 


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wet & Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in Starlight Bronze

Ola sweets! :)

I have amazing news for you girls! For my makeup lovers out there, *drum rolls* Wet & Wild has finally come to Malaysia. I know, i'm screaming too. Omg, I've been waiting for this day ever since i started watching YouTube makeup videos! For those of you who don't know the brand Wet & Wild, it is actually an American Drugstore makeup brand. It's super affordable and the makeup products quality is amazeballs. All the products are less than RM 40 except for their 8 colour iconic eyeshadows. Wet & Wild products can be found at all Sasa stores in Malaysia. I first spotted them at the Sasa store in Johor Bahru.

I'm pretty sure you can guess what i did after spotting them. I bought a whole lot of makeup. Hehe. The first item that i'm gonna review is the Wet & Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in Starlight Bronze. This bronzer retails at RM 25.90. Isn't this such a steal? I mean, it's cheaper than Revlon, Simplysiti, Maybelline and L'Oreal. The prices are similar to SilkyGirl but of course the quality is like 17 million times better. And i'm not even exaggerating. The powder feels so finely milled.

The reason why i really love this bronzer is because it gives the most beautiful bronze glow on your cheeks! It makes you look healthy and glowing. I usually use it whenever i'm using my Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + foundation because this foundation makes your face matte like nobody's business. So yeah. This bronzer just gives you that sunkissed look. And it makes you look like Jennifer Lopez. No kidding. Seriously girl, you need this in your life. I've been using this bronzer like it's my job. Check out the glow on my cheek.

The Wet & Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder comes in 4 strips of shades. It has one sort of highlighting shade and 3 sort of darker shades. The 3 darker shades are unique because they have one taupe brown shade which is obviously cool tone. The other one is a very warm tone brown. And finally the third shade is just a neutral medium brown shade. I usually mix the 3 darker shades for my bronzer. And then i use the lightest shade to highlight my cheekbones.

The packaging of this Wet & Wild Mega Glo Illuminating Powder is in a metal pan container. It's really cute and is able to fit inside my travelling makeup bag. It doesn't come with any brush though. But that's not a problem to me because i have tonnes of makeup brushes anyways. I suggest that you girls should use the Real Techniques Multi Task brush for doing your bronzer. It is the perfect brush for your cheeks. Below is some swatches of the 4 shades on my hand.

I give this bronzer a rating of 9.5/10. Just coz it's super amazing and inexpensive. It's the best of both worlds! Yay :D So girls, quickly run over to your nearest Sasa store to pick up this awesome bronzer. Just a heads up, this bronzer is always sold out. So if you see it, just buy it! That's my advice.

Thank you for reading and Happy Chinese New Year, peeps! Hope you have a very prosperous celebration ahead. Till the next post then. Take care, everyone.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner @ Flavors, Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence

Hello my beautiful readers!

Today i have a whole different post for you. Yup, you guessed right. It isn't about any beauty or makeup product. It's about food! And Yee Sang to be more specific! Last Thursday, after work, me and my colleague Nicole, went to check out a CNY buffet dinner at Swiss Garden Hotel's Flavors. And since CNY is just around the corner, i figured this would be a good opportunity to review some Yee Sang for my Chinese readers :) 

My friends & I all ready to EAT! :)
I think the Flavors Restaurant at Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence would make the perfect place for you girls to have your family reunion dinner. These are the few reasons why :-

1) The ambiance of the restaurant is really nice and cozy. I like the yellow/orange-ish lighting. It gives a very calm and cozy feeling to the restaurant. 

Appetizers :)
The Salad Bar aka the healthy corner :P
The main course section
My Favourite corner! The dessert section :P
The Western food corner
Yes, they also have wine. You can choose whichever your heart desires. 
2) The Yee Sang here is the bomb.com. I've tasted Yee Sang before. By far, this is the most delicious one. We tried their salmon Yee Sang and omg, it is so tasty! The Salmon pieces where so big and juicy. The helping was really generous, i tell you. The Yee Sang here is suitable for like 8 to 10 people. 

Flavor Restaurant's specialty is the sauce of the Yee Sang. The cook apparently uses Ribena, Lemon Sauce, Apricot jam and some other secret ingredient to create the sauce. And boy, that sauce is DELISH! I tell you, i ate so much on that day. 

The waiter pouring the super tasty Ribena sauce on our Yee Sang
All ready to be MIXED :)
Us girls being girls decided to take a picture before we mix the Yee Sang! 
And the finish results :P Let's MAKAN!
3) There are so many variety of food and desserts. I kid you not. From the appetizers to main course to desserts! The food here is amazing. 

The Appetizers : The prawns and oysters were scrumptious ! 
Wok Fried Rice with Minced Chicken, Stir Fried Lamb Slice with Mix Capsicum, Sea Bass Fillet with Thai Three Taste sauce, Szechuan Braised Ma Po Tau Fu, Thai Deep Fried Duck
Double Boiled Chinese Herb with Black Chicken Soup
Cheesecakes, Chocolate Cakes, Red Velvet Cake, 

Apparently these yummy treats are actually Chinese snacks :) Love the kaya spread. Super delicious. It's not too sweet!

Good ol' Orange juice at the end of the day :) 
And then a random selfie of me. Don't judge my dark circles! I came to this restaurant straight after a long day at work. Half my makeup had already worn off at this point. But who cares! At least my tummy is happy and satisfied.

4) There is an awesome promotion currently going on now from now to the 18th February 2015. The Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner is available daily from now to the 18th Feb, from 6.30pm until 10.30pm at Flavors Restaurant. It is priced at RM 88 ++ per adult and RM 48++ per child from 5 to 12 years old. 

The Yee Sang is available daily from now to 5th March 2015, from 12pm to 9pm at Green Treats Deliccatessen. Half portion is priced at RM 48++ onwards while full portion is priced at RM 58++ onwards.

So these are the few reasons why i think you should try out this awesome restaurant to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year 2015. I really enjoyed the dinner with my friends. We only got home around 11pm if i'm not mistaken. Anyways, if you do wanna make reservations and bookings please contact Flavors Restaurant at 03-21413333 or log on to www.swissgarden.com to book online. 

Thank you girls for reading! :)

Lots of love from me <3


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Makeup Look #17 Shopping Day Out (Glam Version)

Hey Girls!

Enough with the reviews for awhile. Let's get into some makeup look for a change. I have a new makeup look to share with you girls. It's more of a neutral eyes with a bold red lips look. I actually wore this makeup when i went shopping with my family at the Johor Premium Outlets awhile back. So here goes nothing. I used the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette to create this look. As you girls know, i love this palette. So most of the time, i always reach for this palette. This is how the final makeup look looked like.

So anyways, firstly, i moisturized and primed my face as per usual. Then i used my Estee Lauder foundation. After that i quickly concealed the dark circles under my eyes with the MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer in NW 30. And then i set it all with the Inglot Mattifying powder. I did prime my eyelids with the concealer too. This concealer works amazingly as an eyeshadow primer. The eyeshadow will not crease! 

I then take the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I fill in my eyebrows with the shadow called Triple Fudge. Then i set my brows with the Essence clear gel. After that i highlight my browbone with the eyeshadow called Champagne Truffle. I applied the Salted Caramel on my eyelids. For my crease area, i used Semi Sweet to give it a more define look. I also blended all those shadows properly. I lined my eyes with the gel liner and then created my signature winged out look. And that's it. It's a pretty simple look. Of course i applied some of my favourite mascara on to my lashes. 

As a bronzer, i used my NYX Stay Matte but not Flat powder foundation. This gives my skin a more natural look. It's not a shimmery bronzer so it's suitable for a daytime makeup look. Plus, i wanted to keep everything else simple since my lips is gonna be va-va-voom! Hehee. I even skip blush for this look. I did not bother highlighting my face as well. 

As for my lips, i used a the MAC Lip Conditioner to prevent my lips from drying out since i'm gonna be using a matte lipstick after all. And you girls know how MAC Ruby Woo can be, right? I applied an even layer of MAC Ruby Woo on my lips and voila! My makeup look is done. 

Isn't it easy? Below is the full picture of my whole makeup look together with the eye makeup. 

What do you girls think? Will you ever rock a red lips when you're going shopping? Or is that too much glam for a daytime outing? Lemme know your thoughts, babes! :) For me personally, i wear whatever lipsticks i want. Be it bright red, pink or vampy! I wear them to work too in fact. That's how i am. I'm kinda adventurous went it comes to my makeup.

Things I Used to Create This Look :-

Benefit POREfessional
Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Light Makeup
NYX Stay Matte Not Flat powder Foundation in #12 Tawny
MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer in NW 30
Inglot Mattifying Powder in Banana
Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector in Deep Peach
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Maybelline Gel Liner
Silky Girl Precision Liquid Liner
Tarte Lights, Camera, LASHES mascara
MAC Lip Conditioner
MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick

Much love from me :)


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review : Tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Palette

It's already the month of February! :)

Whoa... this year is moving a lil too fast for my liking. But i like February because 2 of my bff's birthday is during this month. So it means a lot to me. Hehee. Anyways, today i'm going to review the Tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush palette. I know, this review has been majorly overdue. This palette came out in December i think for the holiday season. And i'm only doing the review now. Yikes! Sorry, girls. It won't happen again. I'll be more up to date in the future. 

Firstly, i want to take a minute to admire the super gorgeous packaging of this Tarte Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush Palette. I mean, it looks like a purse! I would totally rock this purse if it was a real purse. Maybe pair it with one of my red body con dress and a gold pair of heels! Done. Sex goddess in action. Lol. 

This palette comes with 2 beautiful barettes. One is encrusted with pearls the other one is encrusted with some shiny gemstones. And they are gold in colour. Omg, aren't they like the most beautiful hair pins you have ever seen? If that isn't pretty, i dunno what is! I am in LOVE!

This blush palette comes with 5 blushes all together. They are all new colours. None of the Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes were included in this palette. I like the fact that they didn't include any of the permanent blushes coz then the palette wouldn't really be "limited edition". And yes, girls. This palette is obviously limited edition as it is a part of their holiday collection. Below is the picture of all the blushes. 

The blushes are breathless, embraced, whimsy, bashful and irreplaceable. Damn, the names tho! Hahaa. Anyways, according to Tarte, Breathless is a pinky beige blush. Breathless is a matte blush. I personally like matte blushes. But i haven't tried out this blush though. It looks a lil little for my skintone though. But we shall see how it applies on my cheeks. Embraced is a plummy rose shade. This is a shimmery blush. It applies very smoothly on the cheeks. And the shimmer is nice. It's not too glittery on skin. Next is Whimsy. Whimsy is a light pink blush. I love this colour. On my skintone, it gives me such a pretty soft pink flushed to my cheeks. I wear this when i'm using any of my pink lipsticks. And it has a matte finish. 

Then, there is Bashful. It is a rosy peach blush. I am obsessed with this blush. It's perfect for tanned girls. It just gives you this healthy glow to your skin. Plus, it's a shimmery blush. So you can skip your highlighter when you're using this baby. This blush can easily be my everyday blush. It looks natural and pretty on the skin. I love pairing this blush with my peach lipsticks as well as all the other nude lippies that i have. Last but not least, Irreplaceable. This is a gorgeous mauve rose shade. It is the darkest blush in the palette (obviously). And it has a matte finish. You girls know me, i love me some red-ish blush! I like rockin' em peach and reddish tone blush. This blush, make you look like you're really blushing. Especially if you're tanned skin. This blush is to die for! Absolutely gorgeous and definitely a must-have in your makeup stash. 

Below is the swatches of these blushes on my arm. See how beautiful and pigmented these blushes are? I love them all! 

Left to Right : Breathless, Embraced, Whimsy, Bashful, Irreplaceable
So a lil bit about the blush. These blushes are super pigmented. So if you're using the darker shades, please be sure to use a light hand. They do stay on your cheeks for quite a few hours. Even after 8 hours, my blush is still on there. It doesn't fade throughout the day. I dunno if they last for 12 hours coz ain't nobody wearing makeup for that long. Lol. But yes, they definitely have the same lasting power as the permanent blushes. I bought this palette from Zalora. I tell you, buy your Sephora items through this website. The amount of discounts you get is amazing. Plus, they are always having some kinda promotions and all. 

Below is a picture of me using the Embraced blush. See how glowy my cheeks looked? Hehee. So have you girls tried this blush palette? I'm sure you have! Lemme know your thoughts on the blushes. 

Thank you for reading, my lovelies! :)

Much love from me <3