Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner @ Flavors, Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence

Hello my beautiful readers!

Today i have a whole different post for you. Yup, you guessed right. It isn't about any beauty or makeup product. It's about food! And Yee Sang to be more specific! Last Thursday, after work, me and my colleague Nicole, went to check out a CNY buffet dinner at Swiss Garden Hotel's Flavors. And since CNY is just around the corner, i figured this would be a good opportunity to review some Yee Sang for my Chinese readers :) 

My friends & I all ready to EAT! :)
I think the Flavors Restaurant at Swiss Garden Hotel & Residence would make the perfect place for you girls to have your family reunion dinner. These are the few reasons why :-

1) The ambiance of the restaurant is really nice and cozy. I like the yellow/orange-ish lighting. It gives a very calm and cozy feeling to the restaurant. 

Appetizers :)
The Salad Bar aka the healthy corner :P
The main course section
My Favourite corner! The dessert section :P
The Western food corner
Yes, they also have wine. You can choose whichever your heart desires. 
2) The Yee Sang here is the bomb.com. I've tasted Yee Sang before. By far, this is the most delicious one. We tried their salmon Yee Sang and omg, it is so tasty! The Salmon pieces where so big and juicy. The helping was really generous, i tell you. The Yee Sang here is suitable for like 8 to 10 people. 

Flavor Restaurant's specialty is the sauce of the Yee Sang. The cook apparently uses Ribena, Lemon Sauce, Apricot jam and some other secret ingredient to create the sauce. And boy, that sauce is DELISH! I tell you, i ate so much on that day. 

The waiter pouring the super tasty Ribena sauce on our Yee Sang
All ready to be MIXED :)
Us girls being girls decided to take a picture before we mix the Yee Sang! 
And the finish results :P Let's MAKAN!
3) There are so many variety of food and desserts. I kid you not. From the appetizers to main course to desserts! The food here is amazing. 

The Appetizers : The prawns and oysters were scrumptious ! 
Wok Fried Rice with Minced Chicken, Stir Fried Lamb Slice with Mix Capsicum, Sea Bass Fillet with Thai Three Taste sauce, Szechuan Braised Ma Po Tau Fu, Thai Deep Fried Duck
Double Boiled Chinese Herb with Black Chicken Soup
Cheesecakes, Chocolate Cakes, Red Velvet Cake, 

Apparently these yummy treats are actually Chinese snacks :) Love the kaya spread. Super delicious. It's not too sweet!

Good ol' Orange juice at the end of the day :) 
And then a random selfie of me. Don't judge my dark circles! I came to this restaurant straight after a long day at work. Half my makeup had already worn off at this point. But who cares! At least my tummy is happy and satisfied.

4) There is an awesome promotion currently going on now from now to the 18th February 2015. The Chinese New Year Buffet Dinner is available daily from now to the 18th Feb, from 6.30pm until 10.30pm at Flavors Restaurant. It is priced at RM 88 ++ per adult and RM 48++ per child from 5 to 12 years old. 

The Yee Sang is available daily from now to 5th March 2015, from 12pm to 9pm at Green Treats Deliccatessen. Half portion is priced at RM 48++ onwards while full portion is priced at RM 58++ onwards.

So these are the few reasons why i think you should try out this awesome restaurant to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year 2015. I really enjoyed the dinner with my friends. We only got home around 11pm if i'm not mistaken. Anyways, if you do wanna make reservations and bookings please contact Flavors Restaurant at 03-21413333 or log on to www.swissgarden.com to book online. 

Thank you girls for reading! :)

Lots of love from me <3


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