Sunday, February 1, 2015

Review : Marc Jacobs Lip Gel in #114 Understudy

Hey girls!

So time for another lipstick review. This time it's on the Marc Jacobs Lip Gel. I went to Sephora a few weeks back and they were having their Year End sale. It was like in January though. So technically not-so-end-of-the-year. Haha. Anyways, these Marc Jacobs Lip Gels used to be RM 98. But now they are going for only RM 66. That means these lipsticks are more cheaper than the MAC lipsticks. MAC lipsticks are retailed at RM 70 now. Yup, prices of makeup has increased. 

The Marc Jacobs Lip Gels comes in quite a large shade ranges. It has some nudes to reds and also some vampy shades. I didn't want anything vampy or bright. I wanted like an everyday lipstick shade so i choose the shade Understudy. It is a beautiful burnt orange colour. It kinda looks like MAC Mocha. But it's a lil more orange. And the finish of this lipstick is in between a MAC satin finish and an amplified finish. It has no glitter whatsoever in it. It's very hydrating and does not dry up my lips at all. You don't even need to use a lip balm before applying this lipstick. 

Marc Jacobs lip gels have a slight vanilla scent to them. So you girls know that that is a plus point for me. I love anything vanilla scented. I'm a junkie that way. Hehee. The lipstick does not come in a regular point shape. It is rounded at the top. I find that i kinda like it that way. I would have a problem with it only if it is a dark matte lipstick. Coz you all know how difficult it is to apply dark matte lipstick on your cupid's bow if the lipstick isn't pointed.

These Marc Jacobs Lip Gels comes in a sleek black packaging tube. It has a magnetic closure to it. Kinda like the Bare Minerals Lipsticks but they are totally not similar. The packaging definitely says "Classy" for sure. I think it's sleek and just elegant. It feels very luxurious too. Plus, it is quite heavy too. Heavier than all my MAC lipsticks, anyways. Since i'm so used to my normal MAC lipsticks. Hahaa.  

I love the shade Understudy. It makes the most prettiest everyday office lipstick. It's not a nude colour. At the same time, it's definitely not a dark/bright lipstick. Plus, it will look great on all asian skintone. Since we have that "warm" and "golden" undertone in our skin colour. So yeah. Here's a swatch of the Marc Jacobs Lip Gel in #114 Understudy on my hand. See how pigmented and opaque the lipstick is? It is definitely not one of those sheer lipsticks. 

This lipstick does transfer because it is not matte. It lasts on the lips for around 5 hours if you're not eating anything greasy. However, if you are, then you gotta apply that bad boy again. I personally don't mind that. Coz i always bring my lipstick with me everywhere. I'm not the kind of girl to bring powder, blush and concealer with me. But i do bring a lipstick to touch up throughout the day. Because your lip colour usually fades during the day. Below is a lip swatch of the Marc Jacobs Lip Gel in Understudy on my lips. 

I like how you can pretty much match this lipstick with a smokey eye as well as a neutral coloured eye look. I've used this lipstick for both occasion. I love this lipstick. I'm so glad the Sephora Sales Assistant actually recommended this lipstick to me. Or else i would not have even checked it out. Anyways, i give this lipstick an 9/10 rating. How do you think i look in this lipstick? Yay or Nay? :D

That's all for today. I love you all, my beautiful readers!




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