Friday, March 20, 2015

Get Ready With Me #7 Cousin Sister's Pre Wedding Ceremony

Hello everyone!

My cousin sister got married a few weeks ago. For Indian weddings, there are a lot of pre-wedding ceremonies. So i attended one of those pre wedding ceremony for my cousin sister which was held one day before the actual wedding day itself. I think it's a ceremony where relatives brings sarees for the bride and blesses her. So anyways, i was forced to wear a saree. My mum insisted that i had to tie one. I only brought one saree and it was the saree that i was going to wear for the wedding the very next day. I didn't even know about the pre wedding ceremony so i didn't bring any other sarees with me. All my other sarees are back home in the cupboard of my JB house. 

So my mum told me to wear one of her sarees. It was a beautiful red and purple simple saree. The saree wasn't sparkly or shiny or even grand. But it looked elegant and i have always seen my mum tying this saree when i was younger. So i agreed. I can't say no to my mummy, can i? Especially because she obviously just wanted me to look nice. Therefore, for the first time in my life, i tied a saree without the help of anyone. I didn't want to bother my mum since she was getting ready herself. So i tried to remember the steps and all those tips in the numerous YouTube videos that I've watched and the saree came out quite good. I'm proud of myself. Hehe. 

This is how i looked like after tying the saree. It was so easy to tie this saree because the material is so soft and comfy. It drapes your body nicely.

Now, on to the makeup look. I basically did all my usual foundation and undereye concealer routine first. I decided to go for a neutral but pinky eye makeup look. I wanted to keep it nice and matte since it was a morning event. So obviously i had to use my Urban Decay NAKED 3 palette. I primed my eyes with the Urban Decay Primer Potion. And then i placed the Limit (a nice soft pink matte eyeshadow) all over my eyelids. Then i took Nooner and placed it on my crease to make it look more defined. To highlight my browbone i used the Champagne Truffle (a beautiful iridescent white/pink eyeshadow) from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

I filled in my eyebrows using the Semi Sweet shadow from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Then i set that in place with my eyebrow gel. I lined my eyes as per usual and then put on some mascara for some va-va-voom effect! :) As for blush, i used my NYX mosaic blush in #06 Rosy. But before that, i bronzed my face with the RIRI loves MAC bronzing powder. Sorry girls. This is a limited edition bronzer by MAC. You can't find it in stores anymore. But you can always use any other bronzing powder that you like.

For my lips, at first i wanted to go for a natural pink lips. So i just applied MAC Twig lipstick and thought that i was done. But since my saree was more red and my makeup was already quite simple, i mix Bloom's Bella lipstick on my lips. And i was done! I just put on some red bangles on one hand. The other hand was my precious Michael Kors Blair Watch in rosegold. I didn't do anything to my hair. Ain't nobody got time for that. I'm very lazy when it comes to my hair. I usually just dry my hair with a hairdryer and i'm done :)

This is the close up picture of my face. Haha. Do you girls like the makeup? Lemme know your thoughts down below.

Products That I Use To Get This Look :-

LO'real Sunscreen SPF 50++
Benefit POREfessional 
MUFE Mat Velvet + foundation in #65
MAC Studio Finish Conceal & Correct Duo in Rich Yellow/Burnt Coral
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in #03
Essence Mattifying Powder in #09 Soft Tan
MAC Love, Rihanna Bronzing Powder
NYX Mosaic powder in #06 Rosy
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Maybelline Gel Liner
Victoria's Secret LASH Dare Mascara (Been using this mascara a lot because i want to finish it up lol)
MAC Lip Conditioner 

NYX Lip Pencil in Natural
MAC Twig Lipstick
Bloom Lipstick in Bella

Thank you for reading!

I love you all veryyyy much <3


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