Monday, March 23, 2015

MAC Cosmetics Haul

Hello my beautiful readers! :)

I have been doing some damaged to my bank account lately. Lol. I've been doing some shopping at MAC. Since GST was going to be implemented, i thought i might as well just quickly get some stuff from MAC. Hehe. See how i'm looking for an excuse to go shopping? Anyways, i don't usually go crazy like this but i'm going to show you girls this collective haul from MAC that I've done this since last month and this month. Let's jump straight into this. 

1) MAC Look In A Box All About Nude

So i had no intention of buying this set even though it did looked tempting. But when one of the Sales Assistant at MAC (she is my friend already. I go there so often that i'm her regular customer already) told me to get it just because the price of this set is only RM 168. I know it might still be expensive to some of you but for that price, you're getting one lipstick, lip glass, eyeliner and a small eyeshadow palette. Like whaaaa. You girls know that MAC Lipsticks it self is already RM 70. Therefore, i think that this set is suitable for those girls that don't really have any cosmetics but wanna start somewhere. 

2) MAC Sin Lipstick (from the MAC Toledo Collection)

Then i picked up the MAC Sin lipstick from the MAC Toledo Collection. Don't worry this lipstick isn't limited edition. It is available in the permanent line as well. But since the collection had them, i might as well get it in the cute packaging right? This lipstick was retailed at RM 77. For the normal packaging MAC Sin Lipstick, it is RM 70.

3) MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer in NW 30

I love the Pro Long Wear concealers. But for the longest of time, i have been using it in the wrong shade which is NW 35. Whenever i put it undereye my eyes, it would look so red and visibly darker than the rest of my face. And that is a bad look. So today i picked up my right colour (NW 30) once and for all. Hahaa. The MAC Pro Long Wear Concealer is RM 80. 

4) MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick

I got another tube of my MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick since i'm almost out of it. MAC Kinda Sexy is my holy grail lipstick that makes me literally look more sexier. The lipstick is a sexy peachy pink lipstick that looks amazing on my skintone as a nude. Everybody compliments me whenever i use this lipstick. It is also my everyday lipstick. Whenever i don't know what lipstick to wear, i'll use my MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick. Just because it goes well with everything! I must always have MAC Kinda Sexy in my lipstick collection. I technically did not buy this lipstick. I just Back 2 MAC a few items and then got this lipstick for free! So yay. 

5) MAC Pro LongWear Lip Pencil in Nice 'n' Spicy

I was in search of a gorgeous nude-y peachy lip liner for all my nude lipsticks after my NYX Soft Brown Lip pencil finished. So i decided to try out MAC cosmetics. I went there swatched all the lip pencils and i fell in love with MAC Pro Long Wear Lip Pencil in Nice 'n' Spicy. I've used this lip pencil around 3 times already and it is wonderful. It is really really long lasting and the colour is just perfect for me! It's the perfect nude for my skintone. The price is quite hefty though (RM 85) but oh well, it's really good. 

6) MAC Select Moisturecover in NC 42

This concealer is apparently a very lightweight concealer so it doesn't work as an undereye concealer if you have very intense dark circles under the eyes. But the reason i bought it is to use it as an undereye brightener. You know, to use as a highlighter. I haven't tried it yet but i'll be doing an individual review for this concealer. I got the shade NC 42. And this was retailed at RM 75.

7) MAC Studio Conceal And Correct Duo in Rich Yellow/Burnt Coral

This is a new item in MAC cosmetics. It is a colour corrector. I've been waiting for MAC to come up with something like this for the longest of time. I have always been using Bobbi Brown's Color Corrector. However, Bobbi Brown Color Corrector is expensive and i use it up quite fast. The MAC Studio Conceal And Correct Duo is cheaper and i can also Back 2 MAC those items. So it's much more cost savvy if i actually buy it from MAC instead of Bobbi Brown. So yeah. This was retailed at RM 95. Hopefully it will be an awesome product. I already have high expectations for it. 

That concludes the post for today. Those are the few items that i got from MAC. I don't shop like this often. It's been awhile since i got new makeup items from MAC. So yeah. I just wanted to treat myself before GST was implemented. Hehee. 

Till the next post then. 

Thank you for reading :)



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