Sunday, March 22, 2015

MAC Toledo Collection ~ MAC Sin Lipstick

Good day, babes!

You girls would have probably heard about MAC's latest collection called the MAC Toledo Collection. I have to say that this collection is just so-so in my opinion. Nothing to shout about. The packaging is nice. But why are there so many red lipsticks in this collection? One can only have a certain amount of red lippies right? I really really wanted to get the Oxblood lipstick (is it a gorgeous peachy brown lipstick) but of course that sold out. So i picked up MAC Sin from the collection because i was planning on getting MAC Sin lipstick anyways. Btw, for those of you who don't know, MAC Sin lipstick is in the permanent line.

When it comes to vampy lipsticks, my favourite one is MAC Diva. It is one of my earliest MAC lipsticks. So it's very dear to me. MAC Diva is a beautiful maroon blood red lipstick. I like that look but one day i saw a beauty blogger using a vampy lipstick which looks much more deeper than MAC Diva. And it wasn't blood red. It was like a deeper brownish maroon vampy lipstick. And that was MAC Sin that she was wearing. I knew i had to get it at that point. I know not many people will actually like MAC Sin because it is very dark. 

Since it is from the MAC Toledo collection, this lipstick is retailed at RM 77. It comes in a rubbery lipstick packaging. Kinda like the NARS blush packaging feel. I think it's cute and one-of-a-kind.  Plus it's white and the design is fancy. MAC Sin has a matte finish. So if you have naturally dry lips, you need to put a lip balm on before wearing the lipstick. I always put a lip balm on before applying any lipsticks anyways. Here's a swatch of MAC Sin on my hands. Omg, the colour is gorgeous! Plus it is pigmented as per all MAC matte lipsticks. 

I personally think that MAC Sin looks nice on all skintone. On fair skin, it might look a lil gothic but hey, sometimes it's nice to try a different look right? Of course if you prefer something more wearable, then go for MAC Diva. That lipstick is a safer choice. Even my mum loves that lipstick. Haha. Apparently people say that Wet & Wild Cherry Bomb is a dupe for this lipstick. What are your thoughts on that?

Below is a picture of me rockin' em' MAC Sin lipstick. How do you think it looked? Yay or Nay? :)

Another picture of my forecasting MAC Sin ! lol. 

So that's all that i got from the MAC Toledo collection. I did not get anything from the MAC Cinderella collection because nothing looked impressive. If you have super fair skin, then the MAC Cinderella collection would have been nice to you. For me, nope. It doesn't do anything for girls with my skintone. 

Thank you for reading, girlies! 

I love you all soooo much <3