Sunday, March 29, 2015

Makeup Look #19 Using The MAC Look In A Box - All About Nude!

Hello everyone!

So i just got back from JB tonight. Back in KL already. I went back home for the weekend to see my parents. They were so happy to see me, that it's so cute! I already miss them :( My mummy and daddy is the best in the world. I also got to catch up with my friend too. That was nice as well. Since i haven't seen her in ages. Anyways, as promised, i have done a makeup look using the MAC Look In A Box All About Nude set. The makeup look is definitely a more night time appropriate look as it is a dramatic look. 

Overall, this is how the whole look turned out. 

Firstly, my eye makeup. I used the green eyeshadow all over my eyelids. I tell you, this eyeshadows are soooo pigmented. I don't even need to use a primer to make the colour stand out. It's THAT awesome. Now i know why people always rave about MAC Eyeshadows. Then i take the matte black eyeshadow from the tiny palette and placed it on my crease to give the crease a very defined look. It looks almost like a cut crease look. Then i took the glittery white wash eyeshadow and placed it on the inner corners of my eyes. This just to brighten up that area and make my eyes look more nicer. 

I decided not to line my top eyelids. I used the Graphblack eyeliner from the MAC Look In A Box and lined my bottom waterline for that dramatic look. I also smoked out my bottom lash line with the black eyeshadow. This eyeliner is amazing. It really stayed put on my waterline. Usually, eyeliners always fades away or smudges whenever i apply it to my waterline. But this one does not. So yay! I found another gem :)

As for my lips, I skipped out on the lip balm because the MAC Soft Savour lipstick from the set is a lustre finish. And lustre finish lipsticks are super moisturizing and glossy. They almost feel like a lip gloss but they aren't sticky or tacky. So as predicted, MAC Soft Savour was kinda sheer. I applied that on my lips and then i top it off with the MAC Feeling Fine lip gloss. So the lip colour turned out to be a soft pink glossy look. I must say, i'm not really a fan of glossy lips, but it's nice to switch it up sometimes :D

So that is pretty much the makeup look that i had created using the MAC Look In A Box All About Nude set. These is another picture of the whole look. What do you girls think of this set? Yay or Nay? Have you tried any of the MAC Look In A Box?

That's all. Thank you for reading! :)


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