Sunday, March 8, 2015

REVIEW : MAC Look In A Box All About Nude

Hey ya, girls !

So I've been getting loads of makeup from MAC lately. Obviously it's a known fact that i love MAC cosmetics a lot. I love their limited edition sets and their lipsticks, the blushes and of course the powders as well. MAC, to me, has everything! :) I recently picked up the MAC Look In A Box in All About Nude. This collection has been out since last month. It is basically a collection kit with a few MAC products thrown in. The best part about these MAC Look In A Box thing is that it only cost RM 168.

Wait, you girls may still thing that it is expensive. But that is the price for getting 1 full size lipstick, 1 full size lip glass, a small eyeshadow palette with 3 colours and 1 full size eyeliner. Like how amazing is that?? One lipstick in MAC costs RM 70. And one lip glass is RM 70 too. And the eyeliner is RM 68. All that is already more than RM 168 and i haven't even included the price of the eyeshadow. Therefore, this set is such a steal. I totally grabbed mine. Ain't nobody letting a deal like this go. Hehee.

Anyways, i bought the All About Nude box because i love a nude lips more than a bright lip. And the eyeshadow of the All About Nude box is SOOOOOO gorgeous! Perfect for a smokey eye look. Just coz the eyeshadows come in 3 colour - glittery white shadow, moss deep green and black! Isn't that like the most perfect combo? I don't know about you girls but i LOVE green eyeshadows! I think it looks amazing on tanned girls. Below is a picture of the small eyeshadow palette. It comes with a magnetic closure. Good for travelling purposes since it's not going to open up easily in your luggage.

The eyeshadow palette is called Cool Companions. And omg, the eyeshadows have amazing pigmentation. I mean, come on. It is MAC after all. They are known for their quality. I swatched these eyeshadows on my hand WITHOUT any eyeshadow primer. And look how amazingly opaque these shadows are showing up on my skin? The eyeshadows are also finely milled to perfection. It blends like a dream on the eyelids. I have a makeup look done using the MAC Look In A Box All About Nude. I'll have that post up soon in my blog k. Just stay tuned!

Below is the swatches of the eyeshadows on my arm.

Next is the lipstick and lip glass. The lipstick is called MAC Soft Savour and it is a soft pink nude colour. It looks a lot like MAC Faux except it has more pink in it. MAC Faux is a lil more mauve. MAC Soft Savour has a lustre finish. So it's quite sheer and not so opaque. You girls know me, i like my lipsticks to be pigmented and opaque. Ain't nobody got time for those sheer lipsticks! So what i like to do with this lipstick is to layer it on top of a matte lipstick. For those of you girls that like that whole natural sheer lipstick, you will love this lipstick. As for the lipglass, it is called MAC Feeling Fine. MAC Feeling Fine is a very very sheer light pink lip gloss with shimmers. It has a rose water + vanilla scent to it. The scent is awesome. I'm not really a lipgloss person, but i'll definitely try to use this lipglass more often coz it's really pretty!

Below is the swatch of the MAC Soft Savour lipstick and MAC Feeling Fine lipglass.

Last but not least is the Technakohl Liner Eyeliner Kajal in GraphBlack. This eyeliner comes in a mechanical form. This is the product that i'm most excited about. I am obsessed with eyeliner. I think it's the most used makeup product that i use. I use eyeliners all the time. I feel that it really makes or break a look. Some girls may thing that eyeliners are too intense for everyday. But i'm like NO. I like me some eyeliner everyday. HAHA. This eyeliner is super black and intense. It feels creamy and so smooth to apply. I really like that. I might be doing an individual review on this eyeliner since it is in the permanent line.

And here's a swatch of the Technakohl Liner on my hand.

Below is a picture of the lipstick, lipglass, eyeshadows and eyeliner swatched on my arm.

That's all for today. Make sure you guys remember catch my next post where i actually create a makeup look using all these products :)

Till the next post then! I love you all. Thank you for reading <3



  1. i love the lipstick colour!
    never tried mac eyeliner but it sure looks pigmented

    1. The eyeliner is amazing babe! I just used it properly on my eyes today and it did not smudge at the slightest bit :) xoxo

  2. You always gives the best reviews!! Thanks alot and the lipstick colour is just OH-SOME!!! x)

  3. Love the review Priya...the eyeliner is so the lipstick too :)

    1. Haha :D Glad you enjoyed it! And yes, i'm really impressed with the eyeliner.