Monday, March 30, 2015

Review : Wet & Wild 907 Mauve Outta Here Lipstick

Ola girls!

So as you may all know by now, Wet & Wild cosmetics are now available in Malaysia. Read more about this in my recent post here. Today i'm gonna review the Wet & Wild lipstick called Mauve Outta Here. I personally love the Wet & Wild Megalast lipsticks. The formula of these lipsticks is amazing. They are super pigmented and inexpensive. I would say that they come in a semi matte finish. It is not drying on the lips at all. But of course if you have chapped lips, then please do use a lip balm before applying this lipstick.

Today i'm gonna review the Wet & Wild Mauve Outta Here lipstick. This lipstick is a beautiful pinky mauve lipstick colour. It is definitely a cool tone pink. It kinda reminds me of the MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick. Anyways, this lipstick retails for RM 20.90 in all Sasa Stores in Malaysia. You can also buy it online at Luxola or Colours Cosmetics Malaysia for a lot cheaper. That's where i bought the rest of my Wet & Wild Lipsticks.

The formula of these Wet & Wild lipsticks are amazing. They are so long lasting and the colour payoff is awesome! It's opaque and intense. It definitely not matte. More of a semi - matte. The lipstick does fades off if you're eating greasy food. And there is a bit of transfer when you drink from a glass. But i don't really care about that. You can't really help it anyways. All my lipstick girls will understand this. This lipstick also does not have any scent to it. Thank god for that. I hate scented lipstick unless it smells of Vanilla.

I do feel like this lipstick can get a lil too heavy-feeling especially when you layer your lipstick. Like the other day, i was wearing this lipstick and a reapplied it twice out of habit. But then at the end of the day, my lips looked so gunky and thick and just not nice at all. So don't layer this lipstick on too much. The colour of this lipstick is very bright. Definitely not for them natural, neutral girls. I like bright coloured lipsticks. I think its fun and it goes with my now-brown hair. I think my lighter hair looks better when i use darker, more brighter lipsticks. I dunno why but i feel that way. Hahaa. Here is a swatch of Mauve Outta Here on my hand. Isn't the colour gorgeous? :)

In the tube, the Wet & Wild Mauve Outta Here lipstick actually looked like a muted pinky mauve colour. However, it is actually way lighter than how it looks in the tube. It's pinker and brighter. I'm okay with this colour. But if the tube colour had should up exactly like it was in the tube, it would have been better. I feel like colour will only suit fair skin to medium skin. Like probably people darker than me would not be able to pull this off. Unless you wanna look like Nicki Minaj. If you do then, hey, by all means, please get this lipstick. Below is a close up picture of my lips with Mauve Outta Here on my lips.

And this is a picture of my overall look using the Wet & Wild Mauve Outta Here lipstick. What do you guys think of this lipstick?

Anyways, that's all for now. Thank you for reading, girls. Till the next post then :)

Lots of love from me <3



  1. Wow! Your makeup is so flawless. Im sure you have a perfect skin. Please do an updated skincare routine if you can. Thank you! And of course the lip colour suited you sooo well. ILYSM <3

    1. Of course i will do an updated skincare routine. The last one i did was like last year. So a new updated one will be up on my blog soon :) Thank you for your kind words ! xxx

    2. YAY!! Will be waiting for it. Thank you! :)