Thursday, April 23, 2015

Current Skincare Routine at Night - 2015

Hello girls!

Today seems like the most perfect day for some skincare update right? :) I love skincare as much as makeup. I always feel that you have to take care of your skin at all times. Especially if you wear makeup on a daily basis. You really need to remove all that makeup properly so that your pores are not clogged and you wont get pimples or acne. Nobody wants pimples and acne. Trust me, that's like my biggest phobia because i used to have pimples in university. Thank god it's gone. Roaccutane is my life saver, i tell you. People may say negative stuff about Roaccutane, but it is the only product that works to clear up your face. Anyways, we are not going to be talking about that today. Today, i am going to share with you girls my latest skincare routine at night.

Obviously your night time skincare regime is going to be different from your day time regime. Just because during the day you might be wearing makeup and at night is whereas you wanna heavily moisturize your face. So yeah. Let's jump right in! :)

1) L'Oreal White Perfect Purifying & Brightening Milky Foam

I start by washing my face with the L'Oreal White Perfect Purifying & Brightening Milky foam cleanser. Prior to that, of course i have already wiped off my makeup with the Simple Makeup Wipes. I like this cleanser because it removes any traces of makeup which was not removed by my makeup wipe. Plus, it forms up nicely and doesn't leave any residue on your face. 

2) Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Mulberry Foaming Scrub

Then i use my trusty Neutrogena scrub to exfoliate my face. I don't do this everyday. Maybe once in 2 days just to make sure my face is nice and smooth. Plus this scrub makes my face look more radiant and brighter. It really does. Even my dad likes this scrub. And usually he doesn't give a shit about skincare and stuff. Haha. 

3) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

After all that, i will dry my face with a face towel. Gently press your towel on your face. Don't rub as it will cause your skin to be inflamed. Then i put the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel on my face. Just a thin layer would do. This moisturizer is to prep your skin to absorb the next products that you are going to put on your face.

4) Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

After that, i apply a thin layer of the Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. This serum is the To me this is the best dark spot corrector that I've ever used. it significantly reduced all the dark spots on my face which i used to have after my Roaccutane treatment. It evened out my skin so nicely. My skintone is more even and just radiant. Seriously girls, if you have uneven skintone on your face, get this Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector and notice the great difference in your skin after 2 weeks. 

5) Clinique Even Better Brightening  Moisture Gel Cream

You may have guessed by now that i am a fan of the Clinique Even Better skincare line. I think all their products are awesome. So after using the corrector, i will use the Clinique Even Better Brightening Moisture Gel Cream. This cream is a moisturizer that will unsure that your skin doesn't get damaged or darkened by the sun again. It's a preventive measure to protect your skin. And plus, this cream gives an awesome moisturizing feel to your skin. 

6) Dermalogica Age Reversal Complex

So with that, my skin major products are done. During the night, the eye cream that i prefer to use is the Dermalogica Age Reversal Complex. This will lighten any dark circles around your eyes and to also diminish any fine lines around the eye area.

7) Benzac AC 5% Benzoyl Peroxide

After putting on my eye cream, i will apply the Benzac AC 5% Benzoyl Peroxide on any pimples that i have. IF i have any la. If i don't, then i'll skip this step. Hehe. Usually i only get one or two pimples during that time of the month. 

8) Nivea Pure & Natural Olive & Lemon lip balm

And to finish off my skincare routine at night, i'll apply the Nivea Pure & Natural Olive & Lemon lip balm generously on my lips to keep them hydrated all night long. Ain't nobody wants no crusty lips. Plus, i'll be wearing lipstick the next day for work. So i wouldn't want my lips to be dry. This Nivea lip balm is awesome as it hydrates your lips so well. 

So that's it. After all these steps, i'll lay on my bed and watch some YouTube videos before saying goodnight and calling it a day! GOODNIGHT peeps! :) Imma go and sleep now. 

Lots of love from me <3


Friday, April 17, 2015

25 Random Things About Me :) (Yay, It's My 200th Post!)

Hello my fellow beautiful people!

Can you believe it? I've already wrote like 199 posts here on my blog. My goodness. I feel like it was just yesterday since i wrote my 100th post on my blog. So like last time, i wanna do a different post on my blog whenever i reach these milestones. I know that i don't really reveal anything much about myself on my blog. So i thought maybe i will do a slightly more personal post every time reach these milestones just so that you guys can get to know me more as a person. Instead of just being known as that random girl that does beauty reviews. Therefore, today i am going to list down 25 random things about me. Hehe. 

1. I love sushi. Sushi is my guilty pleasure and it is also my comfort food. I just love that spiciness that the wasabi gives you. You feel me? :P My favourite sushi restaurant is Sushi King. It's inexpensive and tasty! 

2. I am a huge fan of Action Movies. Most people when they look at me, they always assumed that i like romantic chic lit movies. And i am like 'bitch, whaaaa'. Ain't nobody got time for all these mushy mushy romance. I wanna see Jason Statham kill bad guys and Tom Cruise solving a mission! 

3. I love to write short stories. I used to write loads of short stories during my school days for my baby sister, Baby Teetu, to read. I find that as a way to channel my thoughts and dreams. After all, anything is possible in a story that you are narrating. It's all in your hands. 

4. I love fashion as much as makeup. Most people just think that i am all about makeup and makeup and makeup. No, my friend. I LOVE clothes. I am that girl who always say that i have nothing to wear yet i don't have enough space in my cupboard to fit all my numerous dresses, skirts, leggings and t-shirts. Forever 21 is my favourite hangout spot :P

5. I am a self-proclaimed Daddy's Little Girl. I love my daddy :)

6. I practically memorized the entire dialogue of the movie Mean Girls. That is my Favourite movie of all time!

7. I like black hair. I know what you guys are thinking 'Errrr didn't you just dyed your hair?' Yes, i did. After SOOO long. Just coz i wanted a change. And guess what? I regretted it the minute i stepped out of the salon. So yeah. I'm just waiting for the right time to dye it black again.

8. I LOVE dogs! Dogs are my passion. Whenever i see a dog walking around in my residential area, i feel the urge to just kidnap them and make it my own dog just coz my daddy is against me to get a dog. He thinks it's too much work. Nevermind, one day i shall have my own dog :)

9. My close girlfriends and i formed this group called the 'Honey Bunnies'. And yup, that's a group's name. Shout out to my high school babes! They are the best friends any girl can ever have.

10. I hate durians. Other Malaysian people think i am weird because of this point.

11. I have a talent in baking cakes and cookies. My signature butter cake is the bomb. And i'm not kidding.

12. I was a geek in high school. I wore braces and glasses. Plus, i was really quiet.

13. I have a compulsive behaviour to always wash my hands. Sometimes at work, i'll go to the washroom just to wash my hands even though i hadn't touch anything dirty.

14. I still have my Barbie doll collection from when i was a kid. 

15. I love God. I know that God exist and it is such a nice feeling when you feel that God has got your back.

16. I can never straighten my hair. No matter what techniques i try, i don't know how to straighten and keep my hair straight for a day.

17. I am a hardcore Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor fan. Especially Arjun Rampal. He is like the most hottest guy in the whole wide universe *drools*

18. I am 164cm. So that makes me tall for a Malaysian girl.

19. My favourite ice cream is from Baskin Robbins and it's called Pralines and Cream. It used to be Hokey Pokey. But i haven't seen Hokey Pokey in ages. So i assumed it was discontinued :(

20. I named my pink coloured Hyundai i10 car, Cleo. Cleo Baby to be exact.

21. I dislike tattoos on men and women. It's just not something that i fancy. But my 3 best friends all have a tattoo. So i only like theirs! Hehe.

22. I love my long hair. It's always been long ever since i was 11 years old. I can't ever imagine myself with short hair. Though, sometimes i do feel that it might look nice. But -- i'll never cut my hair. I know myself too well.

23. I am a kindergarten dropout. Lol, apparently i didn't like my new class teacher during the second semester.

24. I've been in a car accident twice. Both are apparently my fault according to the police. Oh well. They decreased my summons anyways. Thank you, police guy!

25. I get cold very very easily. That's why i hate the cold environment. I sleep with my aircondition at 27 degrees. I even get cold in the mall. And mind you, Malaysia is a hot country. Most of the people here are always hot. So they appreciate the air cond. But not for me. Maybe it's coz i get frozen everyday at work. Seriously, my office is like an igloo.

Anyways, those were the few random things about me. I will do another post like this as soon as i hit my 300th post. So that's all for now. Thank you so much for supporting my blog and reading all the posts that i put out. Remember, you can always comment below or email me any blog post or product reviews that you wanna see. I always want to please you all.

I love you all.

Lots of love from me! <3


MAC Yash Lipstick Review - Awesome nude lipstick for Tanned Girls

Namaste girls :)

Today looks like a wonderful day to review a lipstick, don't you think? :P And guess what? That's exactly what i'm going to do! Woohoo. I am reviewing my newest MAC lipstick. It's MAC Yash. MAC Yash was only available in Malaysia starting this year. I had always longed for this lipstick since i started watching YouTube makeup videos. Anyways, let's jump right in! 

You girls would have know by now that i'm a nude lipstick kinda girl when it comes to my everyday makeup. Of course i do have those days where i'm like "i wanna rock bright pink lipstick today!" or "I feel like vampy lips today." That is for sure coz i do have like 60 lipsticks. And  i do wanna change it up everyday. But let's say you were to bump into me. 75% chances that i would be in a nude lipstick. I love doing up my eyes. That's why i gravitate towards nude lipsticks more. That's why i was so happy to get my hands on MAC Yash. One MAC lipstick is retailed at RM 74 now after GST.

MAC Yash is a beautiful nude peach coloured lipstick with a neutral undertone. It is not warm tone or cool tone. So i think it will look nice on most people. Girls that are around my skin tone will love this lipstick as a nude lipstick. Sometimes this lipstick does washes me out because it looks like my skintone. However, if i do a nice heavy eyeliner look for my eyes, it will look gorgeous. So girls, pick this baby up! It suits most of my Indian girls skintone for sure. Fair girls will like this lipstick as a nice sweet peachy lipstick. So yay! Everyone is happy. Below is a swatch of MAC Yash on my hand.

MAC Yash comes in a matte finish. But it isn't drying at all. But then again, my lips are always well moisturized. So for those of you with chapped lips, please use a lip balm beneath it. The pigmentation of this lipstick is opaque and smooth. It has the signature vanilla scent as all MAC lipsticks have. I get a solid 6 hour wear out of this lipstick if i'm not eating any oily food. But of course, if you are having super greasy food, MAC Yash will fade off your lips with a blink of an eye. So yeah. Here is a close up picture of MAC Yash on my lips. 

And that is all that i have to say about MAC Yash. It is one of my most used lipstick even though i just got it like a few months back. I give MAC Yash a 10/10 rating just because it is such a nice wearable lipstick for daily use. Here is a picture of me rockin' em MAC Yash! 

Thank you for reading, girls! :)


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sephora Haul !

Hey girls :)

Today i have another haul to share with you all. This time, it's a haul from Sephora. I've been doing a lot of shopping before the GST was implemented. So these are the stuff that i got in the last 2 months. I hope you girls like reading this kinda posts. However, i don't think there will be any haul posts for awhile because i'm trying to use up all my cosmetics before actually buying new ones. So yeah. Keeping it real, girls. Let's jump right in. 

1) NYX Shine Killer

I've tried this primer and it is supposed to mattify your face. However, this product makes my face even more oilier. Epic fail, man! And it's supposed to be the "Shine Killer". I even tested it by only using it on half of my face (the right side) and at the end of the day, the right side of my face was significantly oilier than my left side. So yeah. I would not recommend the product to anybody. Except maybe if you have super dry skin. You might like this. Otherwise, stay clear of this product. 

I heard a lot of good stuff being mentioned about this foundation. And i would say that this foundation will work amazingly on people with normal skin. Skin that is not dry or oily. It does photographs nicely since it doesn't have any spf. But of course if you are going to wear it during the day, use a sunscreen underneath it. The price of it is expensive. It's about RM 185. But they do have a wide colour selection so for my darker girls out there, you will be able to find your perfect shade there. 

3) Tarte Gifted Mascara

This mascara looks like the I LOVE Tarte's mascaras. Especially the Light, Camera & LASHES one. That is my holy grail mascara. It makes your eye lashes look naturally full. So, that is why i wanted to try out this new Tarte Gifted mascara. I still haven't tried it yet just because i'm trying to finish up my old mascara before opening a new one. After all, mascaras dries up very fast. But i definitely have some seriously high hopes for this mascara. 

4) Bare Minerals Loose Eyeshadows in Take Me and Celery

I've never actually tried using loose eyeshadows. So i'm really excited to try these eyeshadows. I mean, how hard can it be to use these? Plus it was like only RM 25 to RM 30 only. I think it was RM 30 though. The colours are GORGEOUS. I got Celery which looks like a beautiful olive green coloured shimmery eyeshadow. And Take Me is a beautiful iridescent light pink eyeshadow with purple reflects. It looks amazing. Can't wait to play with it. Expect a review of these eyeshadows soon. 

5) Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation in #65

I started using this foundation about 2 weeks ago and i thought that i had finally found the only foundation that keeps me looking matte for a long period of time. Until i noticed that my face was beginning to break out. I had pimples and of course i freaked out. At first, i thought that it was because it was THAT time of the month. But even then i wouldn't get more than 2 pimples. And then even after my period was over the pimples kept coming. That's when i realized that it was caused by this foundation. After stopping this foundation for about a week, my face has stopped breaking out. Thank god for that! SO yeah. Pretty much right now i don't know what to do with this foundation. I mean, it's still new. Full review will be coming up soon. But there will be no pictures of me using it coz ain't nobody gonna use this ish if it's giving me pimples. lol. 

6) Sephora Outrageous Rouge Extreme Liquid Lipstick in #01

This liquid lipstick looks promising. It is not under the Sephora Cream Lip Stain. The cream lip stains are all matte. But this liquid lipstick isn't. I've only tried it once. So i can't really make a conclusion on how i feel about these liquid lipsticks exactly. So i'll try it a few more times before i do a review on them. It is retailed at RM 50 i think. Definitely around the RM 50 ish price. I got the shade 01 which is the lightest shade available. Though it isn't a nude colour. It's more of a medium shade of lip colour.

7) Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

Since my MAC lip conditioner is about to finish, i thought i might as well pick up another lip balm to use underneath all my lipsticks. I thought this would make a great replacement for my MAC Lip conditioner. The Burt's Bees lip balm is way cheaper than the MAC one anyways. I'm pretty sure the quality will be the same as well. However, the MAC lip conditioner did smell like vanilla. But oh well. It's nice to change it up sometimes. I might do a post on my top favourite lip balms since i never really talk about my all-time favourite lip balms. And i do use lip balms everyday.

And that's a warp, everyone! :)

Hope you are all having an awesome day with your loved ones. 

I love you all <3 


Friday, April 10, 2015

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in #225 Rosewine

Hello my pretty readers! :)

Today i have a pleasant surprise for my drugstore brand lovers. I have found a drugstore lipstick range which is amazing! It's from the one and only Revlon. Hehe. I always thought that Revlon had nice foundations. Especially for darker skin girls. But apparently their lipsticks are the bomb too. I'm talking about their Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks. BUT i only like the creme formula lipsticks. I do not like the 'Shine' formula. Or the 'Pearl' formula or even their 'Matte' formula to be honest. The creme formula lipsticks feel amazing!

I bought the Revlon Rosewine lipstick a few weeks ago. The lipstick came to about RM 30 after a discount. I got mine from Parkson. Usually Revlon Lipsticks at the drugstores are always sold out. You need to visit your nearest Parkson to get your hands on these lipsticks. So anyways, the price of these lipsticks are so inexpensive. Obviously they don't have a large range or colours like MAC or Bobbi Brown but the limited shades that they have are all pretty. I have around 6 Revlon lipsticks all together. And yet i wanna buy more!

So Revlon Rosewine is a beautiful medium red lipstick. it's definitely not a bright red lipstick at all. It's a more wearable medium red lipstick. It is a gorgeous warm tone muted red lipstick which will look nice on all skintone. But it's gonna look different on everybody. For fair skin girls, this might actually look like a nice (sort of) medium bright red lipstick. The formula is amazing. It doesn't dry out the lips at all. I don't bother using a lip balm before i apply this lipstick. Since it's a creme formula, it does transfer if you were to drink from a glass or the straw of your drink.

The formula of the lipstick is opaque and very pigmented. It's not sheer. But of course if you don't want a super thick opaque colour pay off on your lips, you can just lightly dab the lipstick on your lips and then use your finger to spread the colour. Here is a close up of my lips with the Rosewine lipstick on.

It is also quite long lasting. I would say that it lasted 4 hours on my lips without any touch ups. You definitely need to touch up your lips after every meal though. Below is a swatch of the lipstick on my hands.

And here is a picture of me rocking Revlon Rosewine. How do you girls think it looked? Yay or Nay? Personally i love it! I give this lipstick a 9.5/10.

And that's all girls. Till the next post then.

Lots of love from me <3


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Victoria's Secret So SEXY Nourish Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask!

Ola girls :)

I dyed my hair early this year in January. I wanted a new look since last year didn't end so well for me. The beginning or the year and the middle part of the year were awesome but then stuff happened and you know, it just makes you stronger. So anyways, after all that, in the year 2015, i wanted a new look. You know just to feel new again. And plus I've always had my long black hair for so many years now. It's time for change now. That's how i decided to dye my hair light copper brown. Haha. 

Just like everybody else, whenever you dye your hair, it becomes dry. Not to say that the dye job was bad or anything. It was in fact good. But your hair just gets dry. You must use like really good shampoo and conditioner for your hair to make the hair become how it used to be before the dye job. So i went to Victoria's Secret the other day and to my surprise, i was hair products there. I did not know that VS sells hair care products. I think they are new. At least in Malaysia maybe. So obviously i picked up the VS So SEXY Nourish Shampoo, Conditioner and also Hair Mask for better measure. 

The VS So Sexy Nourish line is meant for dry or damaged hair. As i had just dyed my hair, my hair was pretty dry. I wouldn't call it damaged though. Lol. It is stated there on the bottle that it apparently quenches replenished hair for silky and super soft hairstyle. In other words, i guess it makes your hair soft and silky smooth. 

The VS So Sexy Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner is both retailed at RM 53. That is quite pricey for a shampoo. It does come in a sleek-looking slender bottle which is a dusty rose (shampoo) and white (conditioner) coloured packaging. The shampoo and conditioner does have quite a strong scent to it. It is nice to me but for those of you who can't stand very strong scented product, this isn't for you. Coz the scent lingers in your hair for a long time. And it's not like a floral or citrusy scent. It smells like a hair salon. Salons usually have that chemical scent right? So if you're weird like me and you like that scent? Then you wouldn't mind the scent of this shampoo and conditioner.

Below is the picture of the VS So Sexy Nourish Shampoo. It comes in a bottle of 300ml. That's an okay amount of product. So yeah. 

And this is the consistency of the shampoo. Normal thick liquid kinda form. I usually use about 2 times the product that is on my hand now for my hair.

Below is the VS So Sexy Nourish Conditioner. It comes in a bottle of 300ml as well. 

The consistency of the conditioner is very very dense and thick. It feels like a thick cream, instead of a liquid form. So squeezing out the conditioner from the bottle is actually quite hard.

Last but not least, is the VS So Sexy Nourish Hair Moisture Mask. It comes in a tube instead of a bottle. It has the same dusty rose coloured packaging as the shampoo. It has about 150ml of product in it and it retails at RM 61. You only need to use a hair mask like once a week. So that's why the product isn't a lot. This moisture mask is amazing. It is not as dense as the conditioner but it does feel like a cream. I only need one small dollop of product for my whole hair. It has the same scent as the shampoo and conditioner. But i don't mind the scent so i like it.

This hair mask is the reason why my hair is back to its normal soft healthy self. Even after dyeing my hair, it is back to its normal non-dry hair. So yeah. I used this once a week. But i do use it twice a week if my hair is feeling dry from all that blowdrying that i do. That's why i feel the price RM 61 is justified.

And that is all that i have to show you about my current hair routine. Thank you for reading, girls! 

Lot of love from me. 

So fast April came! :)