Friday, April 17, 2015

MAC Yash Lipstick Review - Awesome nude lipstick for Tanned Girls

Namaste girls :)

Today looks like a wonderful day to review a lipstick, don't you think? :P And guess what? That's exactly what i'm going to do! Woohoo. I am reviewing my newest MAC lipstick. It's MAC Yash. MAC Yash was only available in Malaysia starting this year. I had always longed for this lipstick since i started watching YouTube makeup videos. Anyways, let's jump right in! 

You girls would have know by now that i'm a nude lipstick kinda girl when it comes to my everyday makeup. Of course i do have those days where i'm like "i wanna rock bright pink lipstick today!" or "I feel like vampy lips today." That is for sure coz i do have like 60 lipsticks. And  i do wanna change it up everyday. But let's say you were to bump into me. 75% chances that i would be in a nude lipstick. I love doing up my eyes. That's why i gravitate towards nude lipsticks more. That's why i was so happy to get my hands on MAC Yash. One MAC lipstick is retailed at RM 74 now after GST.

MAC Yash is a beautiful nude peach coloured lipstick with a neutral undertone. It is not warm tone or cool tone. So i think it will look nice on most people. Girls that are around my skin tone will love this lipstick as a nude lipstick. Sometimes this lipstick does washes me out because it looks like my skintone. However, if i do a nice heavy eyeliner look for my eyes, it will look gorgeous. So girls, pick this baby up! It suits most of my Indian girls skintone for sure. Fair girls will like this lipstick as a nice sweet peachy lipstick. So yay! Everyone is happy. Below is a swatch of MAC Yash on my hand.

MAC Yash comes in a matte finish. But it isn't drying at all. But then again, my lips are always well moisturized. So for those of you with chapped lips, please use a lip balm beneath it. The pigmentation of this lipstick is opaque and smooth. It has the signature vanilla scent as all MAC lipsticks have. I get a solid 6 hour wear out of this lipstick if i'm not eating any oily food. But of course, if you are having super greasy food, MAC Yash will fade off your lips with a blink of an eye. So yeah. Here is a close up picture of MAC Yash on my lips. 

And that is all that i have to say about MAC Yash. It is one of my most used lipstick even though i just got it like a few months back. I give MAC Yash a 10/10 rating just because it is such a nice wearable lipstick for daily use. Here is a picture of me rockin' em MAC Yash! 

Thank you for reading, girls! :)



  1. The shade looks pretty on you. Does it dries up easily?

    1. Thank you :) Nope, it doesn't dry out your lips!