Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Foodie Food Food ~ LOHA Cafe :)

Hello everyone!

Last week, my colleagues and i went to this really nice cafe at Subang Jaya. This cafe is called Loha Cafe. It is a new place that sells Western and Japanese fusion food. That's so one-of-a-kind right? It is opened at 8am to 8pm. The ambience of this cafe is so relaxing and calm - perfect if you want to unwind after a long day at work. Isn't that cosy? Just look at the nice warm lighting!

Loha Cafe also has a nice little cozy corner where they provide sofas for you to seat and relax and be comfortable. There are some magazines that you can read too while waiting for you food to arrive.

Another thing about Loha Cafe that i like is that their prices of food is super reasonable. Nowadays, in KL and Selangor, food prices are so damn expensive. Especially if you are going to a cafe. Loha Cafe's Carbonara is RM 15.90. Usually in cafes, a pasta dish would be RM 20 ++. That's why if you are looking for an inexpensive place to go with your friends next time, Loha Cafe would be the perfect place to go.

These are the dishes that my colleagues and i ordered. We seriously had a pig out day, i tell you. I feel so fat just thinking of all the food that we ate that day. But what can i do? They were so delicious, i couldn't resist it. By the way, the drinks that are served in this cafe are one-of-a-kind. Where else can you get a Coffee Soda drink? :D Lol.

My favourite drink is the Soda Gembira and also the Iced Chocolate Mint. I didn't really fancy the Iced Coffee Soda because i don't drink coffee like at all. Even at Starbucks, i order the Green Tea frap or the Signature Hot Chocolate. Anyways, the prices of the drinks are listed down below. 

Iced Chocolate Mint - RM 12
Mocha - RM 11
Soda Gembira - (Sorry, i forgot the price! Yikes!)
Iced Coffee Soda - RM 10

Next is the food. We ordered some snacks to have as our appetizers. It is called Takoyaki. And boy, this was so delicious! Just looking at the picture makes me drool! Plus, the Takoyaki was cheap too. You get 6 pieces for only RM 7. 

We also ordered the Mushroom soup. This is one of the best mushroom soups that i have ever tasted. Wanna know why? Because it doesn't taste like that store-bought creamy mushroom soup in a can. It actually taste like real homemade mushroom soup. Plus, eating it with the garlic bread is just heavenly. This mushroom soup is RM 8.90. Don't worry, the portions at Loha Cafe are all huge.

The Loha Brunch Combo FX is so tasty and it comes with a lot of varieties. For those big eaters, this meal will be super satisfying for you guys. The pork bacon is so crispy and delicious. The hash brown is cooked to perfection and of course the eggs! The eggs are so soft and fluffy! They not only look good, but tastes good too. Loha Brunch Combo FX is RM 19.90. 

Onto the main courses. We only ordered 3 main course because one of my colleagues had the Loha Brunch Combo FX as her main course. So the rest of us got the Aglio Olio pasta, Pasta Carbonara and the Chicken Katsu Don. Details as below.

I particularly LOVE the pasta carbonara. It is so scrumptious. It's so hard to find a yummy carbonara that you won't get sick off  while eating it. And this carbonara won't make you feel like that. In fact, it makes you want more! :) For people who love rice, the Chicken Katsu Don is up your alley. The chicken portion comes in a good size and the rice is delicious.

For dessert, we decided to order the Banana Berries Pancake with Ice Cream. This is the the It is sooo sinfully yummy! It is fattening but no harm in pigging out once in awhile right? And technically bananas and strawberries are HEALTHY. Hehe. This dish is priced at RM 12.90. I like how they placed the ice cream cone on top of the ice cream. As though the ice cream was smashed into the plate. So creative! 

Anyways, this is a picture of me and my wonderful colleagues. I am leaving my current job by the way. Gonna miss them so much! 

Before i end this post, Loha Cafe has decided to give all my readers a discount of 10% off all their beverages! This discount is valid till the end of June. You just need to mention 'PrettyPinkPolly10' or 'PriyaM10' to enjoy the 10 % off all their drinks. What are you waiting for, peeps? Go enjoy yourself by getting their yummy signature drink called Soda Gembira! :) 

Till the next post then! I love you all :)


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