Monday, May 18, 2015

Review : Bare Minerals Loose Eyeshadows in Celery & Take Me

Namaste Girlies! <3

How are my babes doing? I am currently back in JB with my family. I got all my winter clothes ready as well. I can't wait to go to Melbourne! I'll surely do a winter clothes haul for you all to check out. Who knows you might be interested in getting some winter clothes for your holidays too, right? So look out for that post! For today, i will be reviewing my Bare Minerals Loose Eyeshadows in Celery and Take Me. I got these shadows 2 months ago i think. I've been using it for awhile and i love it! 

So Sephora was having a clearance sale when i spotted these Bare Minerals Eyeshadows. The prices of the eyeshadows were reduced to RM 29 if i'm not mistaken. Obviously i had to grab it. I mean, it's a steal! I grabbed 2 colours - Celery and Take Me. Celery is a beautiful shimmery olive green eyeshadow and Take Me is a baby pink with lilac shimmers in it. Both colours are up my alley. And plus i love these shimmery shades. I think it's so easy to wear them. All you need to do is just apply them all over your eyelids and you are done!

These Bare Minerals eyeshadows are so beautiful, that you would actually wear them on their own. They come in little tiny loose powder - like container. It looks like a loose powder packaging except that they are tiny. On the top lid, the words Bare Minerals are imprinted on. So i really like the packaging. You gotta use your own brushes though for these eyeshadows. They are still available in Sephora. Below is a swatch of both the eyeshadows on my hand.

The eyeshadow Celery looks very sheer. But trust me, it's not. I dunno why the camera didn't capture the true colour of the eyeshadow. It is a gorgeous eyesahdow. Between the 2 eyeshadows, i like Celery better. I can literally just apply it on my eyelids without any other eyeshadow and it will still look stunning. I used it for work one day, and my colleagues were all complimenting my eye look.

The Take Me eyeshadow is also very pretty if you're into those pinky colours. And if you are really fair, you will look really dainty with this eyeshadow. Even if you have medium skintone, it will look nice on you. If you have dark skin, the eyeshadow might look "white" on you since the pink colour is very pale. That's why. But if you like that look, then rock it girl! :)

I usually use the BH Cosmetics Polka Dots brush set when i'm using these eyeshadows. They do have a bit of fallouts because (DUH) they are loose eyeshadows. So they will have a little bit of fallout. nothing horrible though. All you need to do, is take a fluffy brush and sweep it off your face. Done :) The pigmentation of these Bare Minerals loose Eyeshadows are amazing. They are very pigmented. You don't even need an eyeshadow primer to make it look intense. They are that amazing. But of course, adding a primer will make the eyeshadows pop even more.

The Bare Minerals Loose Eyeshadow lasts a long time on my eyelids. But it did crease at the end of the day when i came back from work. But i think that happened because i wasn't using a primer whatsoever. So keep in mind that if you have oily eyelids and you want to prevent creasing of the eyeshadows, please use a primer. And the best primer to use is this Nars Pro Prime Eyeshadow base.

Anyways, this is the eye look that i wore at work the other day using the Bare Minerals Loose Eyeshadow in Celery. Look at how beautiful the eyeshadow looks! Gosh, i can't get over how nice and sparkly it looks :)

Andddd a full picture of my makeup that day. What are your thoughts on these Bare Minerals Loose Eyeshadows? Do let me know.

Till the next post then. Take care, girls!

I love you all <3


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